Laruba Tribe

The Hidden

Full Name: Laruba Tribe

Symbolic Identity: Israelites of the Desert

The Laruba Tribe, the tribe of humans living in 65 million B.C. who hide away in the North Woods from the Reptites, is closely parallel to the Israelites of the Desert from the Book of Moses. This connection was thought up by Dark Magus (eatons@icybrian.zzn.com).
During the time when Moses led the Israelites to freedom from the grip of Ramses II, the Pharoah of Egypt, there existed a group of Israelites hidden in the desert, away from society, who shunned Moses's attempt to free them and go against the Egyptian Empire. They blamed Moses for all of their misfortunes. Similarly, the Laruba Tribe in Chrono Trigger lives hidden away in the North Woods to avoid the Reptites (Egyptians). When Ayla (Moses) confronts them, they blame her for all of their misfortunes and will have nothing to do with her attempts to free her imprisoned Ioka (Israelites) from the Reptites (Egyptians).

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