The Speed Freak

Full Name: Johnny

Symbolic Identity: John the Baptist

Johnny, the robotic racing bike/gang leader of Chrono Trigger is, in a number of ways, similar to John the Baptist, the prophet who baptized Jesus Christ. These similarities are brought to us by Nina, a contributor to this website.
John the Baptist was a prophet during the time of Jesus who had a considerable following and lived out in the wilderness, away from structured society. Similarly, Johnny has a considerably large following of robots in Chrono Trigger, and they all live out in the desolated, monster-infested, uninhabited wilderness that used to be Lab 32.
John the Baptist was the man who baptized Jesus through a ritual. Similarly, Johnny puts Crono (Jesus) under his standard ritual of racing with him before he accepts Crono (Jesus).
John the Baptist and Jesus were said to have been cousins, and Jesus was the one John the Baptist chose/indicated as the Messiah. Similarly, there is a peership between Crono and Johnny in that they are the only who who are able to race against one another, and Johnny chooses Crono (Jesus) as the only one worthy of racing him.
Of course, Johnny and John the Baptist both have the same name. Red flag? Perhaps!

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