The Kingdom

Full Name: Guardia Kingdom

Symbolic Identity: Rome

Guardia Kingdom, the region in which many vital elements of the game take place, is similar to Ancient Rome, both during its Golden Age and after its fall, when it adopted Christianity as its main religion. Being brief, yet point-for-point, I'd say the probability is high that this parallel was intended.
Let us consider Rome's attitude towards Christ throughout history. At first, they wanted nothing to do with him and refused to even acknowledge that he was a problem. This is similar to Guardia Kingdom wanting to have nothing to do with Crono (Jesus) early in the game, before the Millenial Fair. After the Pharisees pushed and pushed, Christ was indeed tried and sentenced to death by Pontious Pilate, the Roman senator. This is similar to Yakra (the Pharisees) bringing Crono (Jesus) to trial in Guardia, where he is sentenced to death regardless of what the outcome is. Many years after the death of Christ, Rome eventually adopted Christianity as its main religion, and in fact became the center of Chrisianity. This is similar to Guardia eventually accepting Crono (Jesus) as an honorary guest later in the game.

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