Maiden of the Forest

Full Name: Fiona

Symbolic Identity: St. John the Dwarf

Fiona, the environmentalist who spends her entire life working to grow a forest in the desert, ironically holds a parallel to St. John the Dwarf, a Biblical character who lived a similar life. The following simlarity was brought to my attention by MegaJake. He deserves full credit for the following ideas.
St. John the Dwarf was sent out into the desert by a holy man, and told to bury a stick deep in the sand. St. John the Dwarf was then told to water the stick every day until it grew into a forest. This St. John the Dwarf did for the better portion of his life, and eventually, though it seemed fruitless, he succeeded in growing a forest where the giant desert once sat. Similarly, Fiona lives out in the desert where she spends most of her life fighting a desperate and losing battle at restoring the forest, something that is basically a hopeless plight for her alone. This is similar to St. John the Dwarf watering a walking stick. It's something that seems utterly hopeless. However, through a "miracle of God", the forest grows. Just as Fiona persists at trying to restore the forest, and succeeds when Crono (Jesus, the son of God) comes to her aid and helps her succeed in restoring the forest.

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