The Wings of Time

Full Name: Epoch

Symbolic Identity: Select Revelations Concept

The Epoch, the vehicle used by Crono and his party to travel throughout time and space, is unusually similar to a certain passage that appears near the end of the Book of Revelations, after the Apocalypse.
In Revelations, it is said that after the Apocalypse commences, and the true followers of God are slain by the Antichrist, then they shall be given a second life, in which they will be given a new body that can travel boundlessly throughout time and space. This is symbolized by the Epoch (the new body that can travel through time and space) not appearing in the game until late in the phase of 12,000 B.C., which is parallel to the Apocalypse in numerous ways (as Crono, Queen Zeal, Zeal, and Schala's pages will indicate). This new body being in accordance with the second life of the Christian is also reinforced by the fact that it does not become fully functional until around the same time that Crono (Jesus) dies at the hands of Queen Zeal (the Antichrist) and is later resurrected into his second life, just as the "new, time-travelling body" will be given to those who are slain by the Antichrist for their faith.

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