The Usurper

Full Name: Dalton

Symbolic Identity: Golem

Dalton, the irate and disgruntled Golem-weilding general of Zeal Empire who attempts to seize power after the temporary fall of Queen Zeal, is in fact himself parallel to Golem, a mythical creature of Jewish lore.
According to the Legend of Golem, a Rabbi living in the city of Prague once built a massive humanoid creature out of nonliving material, and brought it to live via a magical spell to do the local chores and housework for himself and the people of Prague. This the Golem did very well, but only when he was in the presence of the Rabbi. The Rabbi knew that Golem could not be entirely trusted when he was not around, so whenever he left, he would "turn off" the Golem by removing its magical spell temporarily. One day, however, the Rabbi went away, and forgot to turn off Golem. Golem, left by himself, went into a rage and began to murder people and destroy the city. This went on for some time, until Golem was finally destroyed, never to be brought back to life again. This is similar to Dalton being sort of the "handyman" of Queen Zeal, who does all of her dirty work that nobody else wants to do (thus, doing all of Zeal's "housework" and "chores", just as Golem did for Rabbi). Just like Golem, Dalton is someone who gradually gets very angry at his role as a "cleaning maid", but cannot actually do anything about it until Queen Zeal, who has ultimate power over him, disappears for a while (Just as Golem cannot go berserk until Rabbi, who has ultimate power over him, disappears for a while). When Queen Zeal is gone, Dalton attempts to seize the throne and create a tyrannical empire that plagues and oppresses the people (Just as Golem goes on a rampage and tyrannizes the people of Prague). Eventually, Dalton is stopped once and for all by the main group of heroes, and is never heard from again. Similarly, Golem is eventually destroyed, and never brought back to life again.
The red flag indicating that Dalton is Golem is, of course, the fact that he is always surrounded by creatures called Golem. He seems to have an almost unlimited supply of them. "Master Golem" indeed.

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