CTT:Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

The Time Egg

Full Name: Chrono Trigger

Symbolic Identity: Myrrh

The Chrono Trigger, the gift given to Crono's friends by Gaspar, Guru of Time, holds an interesting parallel to Myrrh, a gift to the infant Jesus from one of the Three Wisemen. This connection was brought to my attention by The Joiner (JonPBerger@aol.com).
Myrrh is a scented gum used to prepare bodies for burial, and was the one gift to the infant Jesus that is said to have foretold his death and resurrection. Similarly, the Chrono Trigger is the one gift to the party from the Three Gurus of Zeal (Three Wisemen) that is strongly tied in with Crono's (Jesus's) death and resurrection.
It has been brought to my attention by Nina that there is a connection between the Chrono Trigger and Easter, which is in honor of the death of Jesus. The Chrono Trigger is otherwise known as the Time Egg. Now, what is normally associated with Easter? Eggs! Considering that the Time Egg is an item that you get directly after Crono's (Jesus's) death, it's rather fitting.

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