The Reptite King

Full Name: Azala

Symbolic Identity: Ramses II

Azala, the leader of the Reptites in 65,000,000 B.C., is somewhat similar to Ramses II, the Pharoah of Egypt during the time of the Exodus. Based on Ayla's strong Moses parallel, Azala fits into the role of Ramses II extremely well. His parallel is based on his position related to Ayla, and does not carry many traits of Ramses II alone.
Ramses II had enslaved the Israelites during the time of Moses. Moses ended up leading the Israelites to freedom from the Pharoah's opression. Similarly, Azala (Ramses II) captures and imprisoned most of the humans (Israelites), and Ayla (Moses) ended up storming the Tyrano Lair, Azala's castle, and freeing them.
According to the Bible, Moses and Ramses II were really brothers. Notice that Ayla (Moses) and Azala are the two main leaders in 65,000,000 B.C., thus creating a bit of a peership between them.
The story of the Exodus is very old in comparison to the rest of the Bible. Similarly, the story of Azala and 65,000,000 B.C. is extremely ancient in comparison to the rest of Chrono Trigger.
This next bit is rather uncertain, but there are faint hints of the Seven Plagues of Egypt surrounding the Tyrano Lair, the headquarters of Azala and the Reptites (Egyptians). First off, one of the plagues turned the Nile river, the main river in Egypt, red. Similarly, the Tyrano Lair is surrounded by a red river of lava. Another one of the plagues was that Ramses II's firstborn son would die, along with the rest of the firstborn sons in Egypt. Nizbel, Azala's righthand man, can be seen similar to his son in that he is really the only character in the game close to Azala, and dies during the storming of the Tyrano Lair. Yet another plague was that of locusts, who appeared in Egypt in mass quantities. Perhaps this is represented by the flying Dactyl who are used to breach the Tyrano Lair. Regyd (izmir236@hotmail.com) has suggested that yet another plague may be hinted to: the plague of fire falling from the sky. Notice that Lavos, the flaming red comet, falls directly on top of Azala and the Tyrano Lair. As Ayla refers to it, Lavos means "big fire". Lavos's opening attack consists of fire raining from the heavens, and even refers to it as "Fire rains down from the heavens".

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