Beyond Time: The Temporal Vortex


Standard Time: (The timeline of the Temporal Vortex exists in parallel with Home and Another.)


Serge arrives in the Temporal Vortex after acquiring Lynx's body and being cast off by Dark Serge. The scenery resembles famous painting styles, both Impressionist and M.C. Escher. The chapter subtitle refers to it as "The place where lost souls wander." Both the scenery and the enemies found there (TotalChaos) appear to be completely two-dimensional.

Analysis - The most prevalent theory about the Temporal Vortex is that it is the gap between Home and Another.

doulifee wrote:

"Could be a place between the 2 dimensions, that's why 2-dimensional foes live there and why you can gather all your characters in this place."

This raises the question of why the Temporal Vortex is 2-dimensional. If it's the space between Home and Another, one might expect it to have an additional dimensional element, rather than one fewer. One way this might occur is as follows: We know that Home and Another are connected at many points (Opassa Beach, the Dead Sea/Sea of Eden, the Bend of Time, Turnip, and possibly more). If a path is traced out around these points, it will form a polygon. Stretching this accross another dimension (to bridge Home and Another) will create a two dimensional surface that bridges the gap between the two dimensions. If we extend this idea, the Escher-inspired portion of the Temporal Vortex might represent a knot in the connections.

The fact that the Temporal Vortex is represented by artistic styles that are very recognizable to players is highly indicative that the Temporal Vortex is QC-like.


Sprigg - Little green woman capable of morphing into monsters. She doesn't say much about her past, but we know the following tidbits:

Leebot wrote:

"The Fortune Teller says"

......! It's been a long time, Lady Sprigg.
Have you been well?

Analysis - She's definitely been to Another before, even though the TV only connects to Home (at least, for us).

GreenGannon wrote:

"You say Sprigg has been to another, yet her TV connects to home. She probably last visited El Nido before the Time Split."

Leebot wrote:

"Sprigg's Frozen Flame line says"

This is power I can't make me own...
Hah! There ain't no use telling me to do anythin', chum! don't ave to tell me nothin'!
I know I might've led an easier life if I'da been kinder to otherz...

ZeaLitY wrote:

"Sprigg, Guile, and Sneff all belong to some esoteric, magic guild. Whether we can interpret these as leftovers from the time when Magus was Guile is unknown, but it does mean these guys are in some kind of cahoots."

ZeaLitY wrote:

"If you take Sneff to Guile, he begins ranting about Guile being the rising star in the guild. Sprigg is supposed to say something as well, but I'm not sure who I need to take to who. I'll try it later."

Analysis - We know so little about Sprigg that any theorizing is better left to fanfic writers. A few possibilities include:

1. She was a treasure hunter who tried to steal the Frozen Flame.

2. She's a reclusive magician.

3. She's a demon.

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