Beyond Time: Appendix 2

Lavos Article

I received the following article on Lavos from GrayLensman, and have used many of the theories in this FAQ:

Lavos displays some strange behavior. If the travelers defeat the shell and warp into the past, the shell is still defeated. A strange blue aura surrounds Lavos during the Ocean Palace disaster and the final battle. Lavos Core is able to open time warps to different eras. Lavos also appears to have knowledge of the future; during the final battle it emulate the fighting techniques of Guardian, which exists in 2300 AD. A possible explanation is that Lavos exists within a pocket dimension or "time bubble" which transcends time.

When Lavos arrived on earth in 65 million BC, it created a pocket dimension separate from normal space time. A wormhole connects the pocket dimension to every time period.

An observation made by chronotriggerfreak is that the wormhole connecting the pocket dimension to space-time would be governed by the same axiom governing Gates, namely: "Determining the Destination of Time Travel via Epoch and Time Gates". Because of this, the rate of time must be the same in the pocket dimension as the outside world.

Lavos' time axis would be perpendicular to the normal flow of time. Lavos ages within the pocket dimension at a normal rate, but it appears to be the same from any given time period. For example, if Lavos had existed within the pocket dimension for six million years, it would appear to be six million years old from every time period.

Anything done to Lavos from one time period, such as defeating the core, would be visible from all other time periods as well. Therefore, if the shell is defeated, Lavos appears to have no shell from each time period.

Lavos is not actually physically present within the earth. The wormhole aperture is located at the earth's core, giving Lavos access to the planet's energy and lifeforms. During the Day of Lavos or the Ocean Palace disaster, the wormhole ascends to the surface, causing a dimensional disturbance. The wormhole offers an uninterrupted view of the pocket dimension, creating the illusion of Lavos' presence.

If one approaches Lavos, and passes through the wormhole, the interior of the pocket dimension has the appearance of the blue aura which surrounds Lavos. During the Ocean Palace Disaster, Queen Zeal, Magus and the others warp into the pocket dimension. During the final battle, Crono battles Lavos in the pocket dimension.

Lavos' core is able to open time warps to different times, because it is connected to those eras through the wormhole. The aperture of the wormhole gives a distorted view of the time period being accessed. Lavos is also able to survey the entire timeline and would have knowledge of, for example, the Guardian's fighting style from 2300 AD.

After Lavos dies, the pocket dimension no longer connects to space-time, but the past Lavos exists on a separate timeline.

As before, the only problem with the Pocket Dimension is that Lavos' shell is always intact during the Ocean Palace disaster.


The following is a list of webpages I used as resources in writing this FAQ. This is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of applicable sites.

The front page of the Chrono Compendium, where almost all of the theories here were hammered out.

The Articles section of the Chrono Compendium. The Salt for the Dead Sea and On The Axioms And Corollaries Governing Temporal Transforms articles are particularly applicable to this FAQ.

The Chrono Compendium forums.

The GameFAQs Chrono Cross message board.

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