Betta Carotene

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Used by: Janice
Type: Carrots
Attack: 19-24 (20%)
Hit %: +4%
Materials: 1 Rainbow Shell, 4 Seed, 1 Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Ember,1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Salt, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Soot

How to obtain:

A very large carrot reinforced with some Rainbow Shell.

Name Origin[edit]

Betta could refer to two things: Beta, as in it's the second Carrot Weapon or Better, as in it's better then the "Carrot" Carrot Weapon. Beta Carotene is a deep yellow or red crystalline hydrocarbon, C40H56, found in carrots, etc., and changed in the body to vitamin A.

From: Weapons (Chrono Cross)