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Chrono Cross[edit]

A blue blossom that only blooms in the Fossil Valley.

Bellflowers are flowers with blue and purple petals that grow in Fossil Valley and were a favorite of Dario and Riddel. Dario developed an affinity for them in his early years after Riddel presented him with one; this was observed by his friends and outsiders -- one woman in Termina speculated that since Bellflowers appear lonesome, they were a perfect match for Dario, who kept his sorrowful and regretful feelings to himself. From then on, Dario often stopped by Fossil Valley and picked them. Before the wedding with Riddel, Karsh jokingly noted that he would fill the space outside their old home with loads of the flowers. This was never realized, as Dario soon died after the evil Masamune overpowered him at the Isle of the Damned. After his death and veneration at the cemetery in Termina, Riddel commonly laid a Bellflower on his grave. Serge, on his first voyage to Termina in Another World, picked a specimen and gave it to Riddel and Glenn, who were praying for Dario at the time. Glenn later recognized Serge as the one who gave him the token.

The bellflower is also an ingredient of an elixir called the Galaxy Night, where it is added to soda (as told by Karsh in the A Career Change... ending).




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