Attack Types

By: Chickenlump

After a bit of tracing, I found out where the game decides which character has long range attacks (bows, guns) or has close up atatacks (swords,scythes). This data is surrounded by other data I haven't looked at just yet, but you can still make Ayla fire away from a distance, or Lucca run up to an enemy and smash them when you choose Attack.

  • CD4001 - Marle's Attack byte.
  • CD4002 - Lucca's Attack byte.
  • CD4003-06 - ???
  • CD4007 - Crono's Attack byte.
  • CD4008-09 - ???
  • CD400A - Robo's Attack byte.
  • CD400B - Frog's Attack byte.
  • CD400C - Ayla's Attack byte.
  • CD400D - Magus's Attack byte.
  • CD400E - 8th Char's Attack byte.

CCF63C determines if long range attacks are possible. A value of 00 allows both ranged and melee attacks.

Characters are always checked in the same order: Crono, Marle, Lucca, Robo, Frog, Ayla, Magus.

  • CD4000 - Ranged attack animations.
  • CD4007 - Melee attack animations.
  • CD400E - Critical attack animations.

You can change these bytes to other values for player techs as well, though not all work. Value 33 is fun to use. Smile

There are other factors, like Marle using a close up attack anyway when a monster is close to her, and the characters using a critical hit attack sometimes, so these are just their normal attack bytes. I'll expand more on this soon, I have no internet for the time being.

Choosing a value of 01 or 03 for Marle is hilarious! She runs up to an enemy, shoots them at close range, and then smacks them with the but of her gun right after.

Also, while I'm here, I found out how to change each of the character's menu Element graphic. Change Crono to Fire, or Shadow, etc..

  • 00 - Lightning
  • 02 - Shadow
  • 04 - Water
  • 06 - Fire
  • 08 - Blank
  • C2A2C6 - Crono
  • C2A2C7 - Marle
  • C2A2C8 - Lucca
  • C2A2C9 - Robo
  • C2A2CA - Frog
  • C2A2CB - Ayla
  • C2A2CC - Magus
  • C2A2CD - 8th Char
  • C2A2B0-C2A2CF - Bottom of the Magic Headers + Palette

I think the effect used for long distance attacks is dependant on the weapon you are holding, so swords would give sword slashes flying across the screen (a cool effect anyway).

From: Offsets (Chrono Trigger)