April 19, 2018 - Masato Kato Another Eden Stream

General Information[edit]

Masato Kato discusses Chrono Break in this one; see here. Using OpenAI's Whisper and DeepL, it appears the team We haven't had an actual translation by a volunteer, but I've used the OpenAI Whisper transcription tool to get what I can out of it. The raw text is below; here are my conclusions from feeding it into DeepL:

  • There's some discussion of Chrono Trigger in the first half of the video, where (Kato?) discusses having writer's block for developing the story for roughly a year after the project was started, and resisting being fired from the project.
  • He started brainstorming ideas for a new Chrono game shortly after Cross's release around 2000, with the idea that it would be a PS2-era game.
  • It really is intended to be titled "Break", not "Brake", as he was imagining a story about time literally breaking somehow (DeepL says, "And the title was something like, 'That's when it all goes to shit.'")
  • Preproduction was in session around 2000/2001 (including the registration of the trademark).
  • Final Fantasy Dimensions II ended up recycling the main scenario of the story!

There's some mention of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross afterwards, but it seems mostly inconsequential. The raw transcription is below. We're hoping someone will translate this snippet fully; see this link.

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