Another Timeline

General Information[edit]

Another Timeline is the continuation of Keystone T-2 into 1020 A.D.


*** by a point means that a footnote is provided at the end of the timeline.
'-' means that an event succeeds everything above it, while a series of
'*'s mean that it is unknown which event occurred before the other.
'-U-' means that this event is dated according to Ultimania, a flawed guide for
Chrono Cross written in Japan that may nonetheless have some credibility.

=>1010 A.D.

-Serge is killed by Wazuki.
*Mel is born.
*Kiki's father becomes an occultist, and places Mojo on a shrine in his room.
*Marge passes away.

=>1011 A.D.

-U-Fargo and Zelbess attempt to flee from General Viper.
-U-Luccia tries to help, but ends up helping the children only.
-U-Marcy is born.
-U-Zelbess dies.
-U-Fargo entrusts Nikki to a traveler.
-U-Fargo changes his ship to the S.S. Invincible and hides it as a ghost ship.
-U-Fargo begins attacking boats under General Viper's command.

=>1014 A.D.

-Leah is born.***

***There is common speculation that Leah came to Gaia's Navel by some warp in
time. This is not altogether out of the question, considering Gaia's Navel was
always present in the sea of El Nido, and not one of the terraformed islands
created by Chronopolis; also, two gates existed in 65000000 B.C. in Chrono
Trigger, and Kino was found atop Mystic Mountain as a baby. Perhaps Leah went
back to that era and then mothered Ayla; however, remember that this would
have had to happen before the actions of Crono as well, as they depend on
Ayla's existence, meaning if the theory is true, Leah had to return to
65000000 B.C. in the Lavos timeline or not visit Gaia's Navel at all.

=>1015 A.D.

-NeoFio is planted.
*It is believed that during 1015 A.D., Lynx attacks Lucca's orphanage and
abducts Lucca in a vain attempt to release the lock on the Frozen Flame.
-Kid becomes trapped in her memory of this experience in 1020 A.D.
-Serge's party comes here thanks to the power of Masa, Mune, Doreen, and Kid's
Astral Amulet.
-Serge's party saves children and assists Kid's escape.***
-Kid escapes, vowing to seek vengeance for Lucca.

***Note that Kid escaped originally, even before Serge intervened to bring Kid
out of this memory. Otherwise, this would be a causal loop - that is, Kid's
meeting Serge depends on his saving her, which depends on his meeting her, and
so on.

=>1016 A.D.

-Dario inherits the Einlanzer.
-Radius presumably retires from the Dragoons.
-Radius comes to live in Hermit's Hideaway.
-U-Lynx first approaches General Viper about the Frozen Flame.

=>1017 A.D.

*Luccia loses her brother in a freak accident in a Porre lab, prompting her
to come to El Nido. Note that this accident could be an explosion set by
Norris to destroy Grobyc's level seven tech, the StrongArm. However, this may
have taken place in either dimension as well, which would explain how an
intact arm resides at Chronopolis.
-Dario and Riddel pledge to marry.
-The Acacia Dragoons set out to explore the Isle of the Damned.
-Dario dies at the Isle of the Damned due to his corruption by the Masamune.

=>1017 A.D. to 1020 A.D.

-Luccia begins using Dragonian robots from Fort Dragonia to guard Viper Manor.
*Starky's UFO crashes in El Nido Triangle.
*Lynx approaches Porre about the Frozen Flame.
-Norris becomes a spy inside Viper Manor.
*Orcha goes to work for Viper Manor.
-The Dragon Tear is stolen from Guldove by Hell's Cook, Orcha.
*An envoy from Porre arrives at Viper Manor about the Frozen Flame.
*Belthasar arrives and takes up the position of researcher at Viper Manor.

=>1020 A.D.

-Lynx begins corrupting General Viper, and sends out Karsh, Solt, and Peppor
to intercept Serge (FATE calculated/predicted Serge would cross the
-Kid (apparently the version of her that saved him on the beach) calls Serge
into the Another World dimension.
-Serge arrives from the Home dimension.
-Learning of Another Serge's death in 1010 A.D., Serge visits his gravesite.
-Karsh, Solt, and Pepper attempt to apprehend Serge, but he is saved by Kid
(a younger version predating the involvement in Project Kid). FATE knew Home
Serge would likely cross the dimensions, and was prepared accordingly.
-Serge's party rests in Arni for the night.
-Serge's party reaches Termina, and acquires Kid, and either Guile, Nikki, or
-Serge's party infiltrates Viper Manor and speaks to Belthasar.
-The Dragon tear flickers as Serge nears it in Viper's quarters.
-Lynx refers to Serge as the Assassin of Time and Chrono Trigger, as Serge's
existence could make or break spacetime.***
-Lynx poisons Kid with Hydra Venom as Serge's party narrowly escapes to
-Korcha takes Serge's party to Guldove.
-Word arrives of Porre's interest in the Frozen Flame and El Nido.
-Lynx, General Viper, and the Acacia Dragoons occupy a position at Fort
Dragonia to defend the island from Porre.
-Glenn is charged to stay behind at the manor with Riddel.
-Serge's party decides either to look for Hydra Humour or give up. If the party
does not quest for it, Norris will stop by and administer some.
-Serge's party is advised by Glenn to visit Radius in Hermit's Hideaway.
-Harle burns Hermit's Hideaway down.
-Harle delays Serge's party, who speaks to Radius after a short fight.
-Serge's party departs for Fort Dragonia, but is captured by Fargo on the S.S.
-Serge's party defeats an onslaught of ghosts on Fargo's ship.
-Fargo instructs Serge to obtain the Water Dragon's Ice Breath in order to
cross Mount Pyre.
-Kid is saved either by Serge's extraction of Hydra Humour from Home World or
the administering of it to Kid by Norris in Another World.
-Serge uses Kid's Astral Amulet to return to the Home World.
-Serge comes back to Another World with the Water Dragon's breath.
-Serge's party crosses Mount Pyre, defeating the Devas along the way.
-Serge's party ascends Fort Dragonia, eventually battling with Lynx.
-Using the Dragon Tear, Lynx switches bodies with Serge so that he can gain
access to the Frozen Flame in Chronopolis.
-Serge is sent to the Temporal Vortex, where he meets Sprigg.
-Lynx brainwashes Kid to become his goon.
-Serge is guided back to reality by Harle and Sprigg.
*Porre successfully invades El Nido.
-Fargo is captured and the S.S. Invincible subdued.
-The three Devas go into hiding.
-Monsters somehow abound on the mainland.
-Arni residents begin hiding from 'Dark Serge' (it is arguable whether Lynx
actually terrorized the maindland as they claim).
-Serge's party comes in from Home World.
-Grobyc arrives from Porre.
-Serge's party, accompanied by a Deva, enters Viper Manor to save Riddel.
-Serge's party frees Riddel, and battles Guillot and Grobyc.
-Serge's party escapes from Viper Manor, and the Porre military decides to
withdraw from El Nido.
-Serge's party ventures to Burned Out-Hermit's Hideaway, where the Devas
are tending to General Viper.
-Lynx, using Kid, stages an attack on Hermit's Hideaway.
-Fargo rescues the Devas and Serge's party with S.S. Invincible.
-Lynx leaves for the Sea of Eden.
-Solt and Peppor confront Karsh at the Isle of the Damned.
-Serge's party leaves for Home World.
-Lynx and Kid enter Chronopolis.
-Serge's party arrives in the Sea of Eden.
-Serge's party enters Chronopolis.
-Lynx puts Kid to sleep.
-Serge's party accidentally discovers the Radical Dreamers - Le Trésor Interdit
dimension while fooling with an archival machine.
-Serge's party enters the Frozen Flame room.
-Having Serge where it wants him, FATE attempts to kill Serge.
-Serge destroys FATE.
-Now that nothing is guarding the Frozen Flame, the Dragon Gods unite and take
it from Chronopolis.
-Kid becomes overwhelmed by a past event, the burning of the orphanage, and
goes into a coma.
-Serge's party escapes from Chronopolis and meets at the S.S. Invincible.
-Masa and Mune "recognize" Kid as Princess Schala, and spirit Serge's party
into the past to help free her by using the Astral Amulet.
-Kid awakens from the coma.
-Serge's party goes to Viper Manor to receive a letter addressed to Kid from
-Serge's party retrieves a device that counters gravity from Starky's UFO.
-Serge's party enters Terra Tower.
-Belthasar uses illusory music to adjoin a section of Viper Manor to Terra
-Belthasar educates Serge's party.
-Serge's party forges ahead to the summit of Terra Tower.
-Serge approaches the Flame.
-Serge's party battles the Dragon God, named the TimeDevourer due to its
being long-since devoured by the real Time Devourer.
-Serge's party defeats the Dragon God; Terra Tower transforms.
-Serge's party is instructed by Belthasar to battle the Time Devourer.
-Serge's party heads to Opassa Beach in Home World.

*** There is an overarching plot line that did not totally make it into Chrono
Cross. It suggested that if Serge did not stop the Time Devourer, he would
inevitably merge with it too, and that this would complete the being and result
in the death of spacetime. Lynx's calling him the "Assassin of Time" is very
suited for describing this outcome. For more on this plot line, read:

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