Animation, Actor, and Static Checker

Author: Geiger
Download: Flux files

Geiger: This is a technology demo of self-modifying code (SMC). Assignment commands are capable of pointing into their own memory space and changing values. But be warned before you start trying to use SMC that its a pain to maintain. Every time you add, remove, or change a command, you'll need to check every SMC assignment and change its address. This becomes particularly burdensome if you are using several of these assignments, such as in this Flux file.

To use this Flux, import it to its default slot, which will attach it to Location 067. To attach it to a different location, you'll need to modify the ChangeLocation commands. Provided that you change nothing other than this, the SMC assignments should still work fine. Talk to Gaspar for instructions.

The other Flux file included is a slightly older version that is not as complete, but also does not use ChangeLocation. NPCs are loaded in real time, though this does create some minor issues we have not yet solved. This demonstrates some of the research that was done to achieve the real time loads. Without setting the proper values in memory, Chrono Trigger will typically crash after just a few NPC loads.

From: Modifications (Chrono Trigger)