2300 A.D. to 2400 A.D.

Keystone T-1[edit]

-Belthasar completes FATE by integrating the Mother Brain design with a more powerful
-Belthasar learns that Schala is trapped within the Time Devourer, and that the
resulting being can devour time itself.
-Belthasar plans a massive chain of events so that Serge is empowered to
defeat the Time Devourer and free Schala with the Chrono Cross.
-The Prometheus circuit is covertly installed in FATE, escaping detection.
The circuit embodies Robo, who volunteered for Project Kid.
-Belthasar builds the Neo-Epoch and erects the framework for the Time Crash.
-Belthasar permanently leaves for the eleventh century to watch his plan unfold.

From: Chronology