1995 Gendai Plus Chrono Trigger Feature

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Download the episode here. It currently has not been transcribed and translated. There appears to be a section showing proposed game titles. Vehek and AcaciaSgt have attempted to transcribe some of them:

  • Dragon Fantasy (ドラゴン・ファンタジー)
  • Final Quest (ファイナル・クエスト
  • Earth Trial (アーストライアル)
  • Chronomancer (クロノマンサー)
  • Chrono Venture (クロノ・ベンチャー)
  • Prime Time (プライム・タイム)
  • Cardinal Point
  • Chronosphere
  • Gyadou!!
  • Black Nova!
  • Gaia Core
  • TIMEBUSTERS (Easy since it's in the Latin Alphabet)

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