1017 A.D. to 1020 A.D.

Home Timeline[edit]

*FATE presumably plants the Masamune in Death's Door to prevent entrance to the 
Dead Sea. 
*Starky's UFO crashes in El Nido Triangle, and is destroyed. 
*Toma XIV becomes financially unstable and must garden for Radius in Arni. 
*Norris returns to investigate Viper Manor, finding evidence that the 
Dragoons sailed to the Dead Sea. 

Another Timeline[edit]

-Luccia begins using Dragonian robots from Fort Dragonia to guard Viper Manor.
*Starky's UFO crashes in El Nido Triangle. 
*Lynx approaches Porre about the Frozen Flame. 
-Norris becomes a spy inside Viper Manor. 
*Orcha goes to work for Viper Manor.
-The Dragon Tear is stolen from Guldove by Hell's Cook, Orcha. 
*An envoy from Porre arrives at Viper Manor about the Frozen Flame. 
*Belthasar arrives and takes up the position of researcher at Viper Manor.

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