1006 A.D.

Keystone T-2[edit]

*Van is born. 
-Serge is attacked by a panther demon. 
-Serge's father, Wazuki, and Leene's father, Miguel, set out for Marbule 
to seek medical help. 
-After hearing Serge's crying in 12000 B.C., Schala attempts to make contact 
with this time, causing a huge magnetic storm. 
-The storm blows Wazuki and Miguel off-course, and causes the sytems of 
Chronopolis to go offline. 
-Wazuki and Miguel lose consciousness and wake to find themselves in the Sea 
of Eden. 
-After landing at Chronopolis, Wazuki is instructed by the Flame to bring Serge 
to it.
-Contact with the Flame heals Serge and designates him as the Arbiter.
-Wazuki is corrupted by the Frozen Flame.
-Harle is created by the Dragons in the appearance of an 18 year old girl while
Chronopolis's power is down.
-Chronopolis's systems power back up, and will only grant access to the Flame 
to the Arbiter, Serge. This can be attributed to the Prometheus circuit. 
-Miguel is captured by FATE while Wazuki and Serge escape.

From: Chronology