1000 A.D. (CTP)

General Information[edit]

Music: Memories of Green

The Prerelease 1000 A.D. contains many more trees, giving the land a cluttered look. The Choras Mayor's Manor appears with normal town dwelling architecture (instead of Melchior's Hut style house). In Medina, Melchior's Hut is absent, and the large town square has been replaced with desert tiles and a small fountain. An extra residence exists in the northeast corner of the town. Lastly, an eastward jut on Zenan is missing, and Truce and Choras's town squares are larger. A few shore junction tiles are also missing. It's been postulated that the extra residence in Medina was the mysterious Gobb's house. Truce's fountain design also seems to resemble the futuristic layout of Leene Square in the Dead Sea.



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