General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

  • 0009.Japanese_and_end_combat_font.drp contains 31 subfiles (00-30). Most are TIM textures.
  • 0009.000.tana.drp is a nested drp with 28 subfiles (all timinfos). Name codes are given as niji, paus, ublu, uyel, ured, upur, ugr1, ugre, levu, sico, waku, viva, red, purp, osak, grey, gree, gg, curs, blue, 2bnu, arro, yell, win4, numf, stat, elef, unij, matching the textures in the main file.
  • 0009.001.2bnu.tim is the PC battle information display fonts (for HP, etc.)
  • 0009.002.gg.tim contains some very small green markings, possibly related to the in-battle PC element "charging" display
  • 0009.003.yels.tim: several iterations of a yellow box with a diagonal stripe across it. I think this is the ends of the bar on which element names are typically displayed.
  • 0009.004.win1.tim: four grey boxes.
  • 0009.005.whts.tim: like 03.yels, but white instead of yellow.
  • 0009.006.viv1.tim: An elaborate italic swash font containing only ~ADEPRSUacefiklmnoprstuwy and possibly d. That isn't a full alphabet even in Japanese, so it must be used for specific strings.
  • 0009.007.red1.tim: 003.yels in red
  • 0009.008.pla1.tim: grey quadrilaterals, possibly a border of some sort
  • 0009.009.osa1.tim: Japanese font, with romaji, katakana, hiragana, and ~100 kanji.
  • 0009.010.grns.tim: 003.yels in green
  • 0009.011.cur1.tim: 2 images of a small red triangle with trailing darker wedge—cursor?
  • 0009.012.blus.tim: 003.yels in blue
  • 0009.013.blks.tim: 003.yels in "black" (dk grey/purple)
  • 0009.014.arr1.tim: 4 down-pointing red triangles (selection cursor?)
  • 0009.015.base.tim: grey rectangle with one black corner. Mask? Shrug.
  • 0009.016.waku.tim: rectangle outline with 2 cut-off corners. Can't remember what it's used for.
  • 0009.017.colo.tim: extra glyphs for monster info(?) 2 kanji, male/female symbols, and Element-colour-dots.
  • 0009.018.numf.tim: font for the numbers that fall from above to indicate HP lost when an attack connects. Contains digits and enough letters to construct the string "miss!"
  • 0009.019.stat.tim: Little element-coloured dots and triangle pointers, probably for displaying status ailments.
  • 0009.020.levu.tim: "UP" on a coloured background
  • 0009.021.sico.tim: weapon/armour/accessory/other(material?) symbols
  • 0009.022.wind.tim: white lines, variously connected—possibly box bits
  • 0009.023.attr.tim: coloured triangular corner flags (for elements?)
  • 0009.024.butt.tim: the four main PSX buttons
  • 0009.025.used.tim: 008.pla1 in darker grey
  • 0009.026.elef.tim: More glyphs. +- and 1-7 in one font, x0-9 in a smaller font. First half probably has to do with element levels, second is for displaying quantity on consumables.
  • 0009.027.star.tim: level-up star
  • 0009.028.bg.tim: textured brown square, likely menu background
  • 0009.029.nijs.tim: 003.yels in ~Chrono-Cross-rainbow
  • 0009.030.gg2.tim: mirror-image of 002.gg

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