CT II: The Brink of Time Interview

by Leebot 16:49, 6 Feb 2005 (CST)

The following is an interview with Brownman about his upcoming RPGMaker project, The Brink of Time. His site, Brown's Zone, is currently unready but will serve as the hub for this project.

1. What inspired you to make the Brink of Time?

The biggest inspiration was the Chrono Trigger: Remake Project. I love what they are doing at the moment, and I myself thought, why not make a 2d sequel to a classic that everyone loves.

2. Chrono Crisis also uses RPGMaker. Have you played the demo, and will it influence your own edits and processes as you make the Brink of Time?

I played the demo for about 30 seconds. Then, deleted it. The reason is because I don't want to see what Chains has done with the story, or I will be tempted to either copy, or coincedencily follow up on the same story. Another reason why I deleted it is because I don't want to be accused of stealing Chains hard work. Just reading the release information of the Chrono Crisis Demo has influenced me to make haste on the BoT project itself.

3. What's been the hardest challenge in creating BoT?

I have to say some of the coding is the hardest. Creating a system where your teammates follow you fairs harder than it looks. Things I have trouble with, I read about. So, I'm learning along the way of making the game. Another challenge was recovering after a total loss. The demo was finished, and almost ready to be compiled, but my computer was reformatted 2 days before the release. The only backups I had were of resources and pictures. The demo had not survived. So, now I am picking myself up and am starting from scratch, with my old resources.

4. The most fun part?

I just love making graphics and sprites and all sorts of artwork for this project. Designing the sprites, and making them as I choose gives me the greatest thrill in this project.

5. Who's on your team and has been supporting you?

There are a few people who are significant to the project. Chubi Chan is the story script writer. Along with him, Kaila has been helping in the story. Hovercraft was one of the first ones to support my project, and has done a ton of work researching sprites on the internet. Paulleejs and Azkirith had made some remix (and some new) music for the project. There are others too that support the project and visit the site.

6. Did the C&D order for CTR affect your plans in any way?

Definitely not. I don't expect my project to be too popular considering that it is a 2d fan game. There is no reason for SquareEnix to even consider looking in this direction.

7. Can we expect to see any new characters?

Some characters (non playable) will be new. Also, a couple of signficant characters might be new. We have decided on 3 new playable characters. Glenn (the human form of Frog), Schala and another person, who is a secret. Lets just say he's speeding for the demo.

8. Do you plan to expand upon Chrono Trigger's basic system? What new features might you implement?

We might add some new things into the basic. Although RPGmaker is a bit limited, we are trying our hardest to add new things, without getting away from the feel of the classic Chrono Trigger.

9. What's your greatest ambition for the project?

To complete it.

10. If all goes well, when can we expect a demo or release?

I am not releasing any release information at the moment. You can check the website (http://www.browns-zone.tk ) for new updates, including videos and the demo one day. The forums are a great place to check that out as well.

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