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Interview with Ellywu2

Name: Chris Elliott
Songs: Frog's Intervention, The Masamune, Schala and the Queen

Ellywu2 is a familiar face in the remixing community, and is doing several moving pieces for the effort.

1. You've done a few songs; which stands out in your mind?

Well, of all the songs i've tackled on Chrono Symphonic, i'd have to say Schala and the Queen stands out for me. Its my first real collaboration, and i think it turned out really well.

2. What do you use to mix?

I use Fruityloops, EWQLSO and various samples and soundfonts i've picked up over the years.

3. When did you first play / why do you like Chrono Trigger?

Well, i may be wrong here, but i dont think Chrono Trigger ever made it to the sunny shores of Blighty :) So the first time i played it was on an emulator. What did i like about it? the same thing i like about all Square games. The music in Chrono Trigger stood out especially for me.

4. Have you always mixed orchestral music?

Not always, if you check out VGmix you can see some of my non orchestral music. However, it is a style i prefer, i'm a big fan of classical and film scores and i like to emulate it, even as badly as i do.

5. How was working with pixietricks? What did you do to sync and overlay her lyrics?

I was very detached from the whole process when working with Pixietricks. Basically Claado gave her a copy of the song, and she did her thing. Ask her about the process i suppose. All i can say is that it sounds really good!

6. The choral backing of The Masamune are powerful. Was taking on Frog's theme difficult?

To a certain extent yes. Frogs theme is one of my favorite VG themes, and i really wanted to do it justice. It needs a big powerful orchestral setting, and i hope i managed to pull it off!


7. Any special notes on your songs, or influences behind your treatment of the originals?

Well, i suppose i enjoyed making schala and the queen, trying to cram as many themes in as possible was fun! I was also glad to finally be able to create an orchestral remix of Frog's theme, even if many people could do better :)

8. Plan to work in another project?

No, I doubt I'll work on another project. University is really eating up my time at the moment unfortunately.

9. How's it feel being part of a Chrono OCR site project now that it's complete?

How does it feel? Awesome. It's been a year in the making, and from all the stuff i've heard its going to be awesome. I just hope people like what we've done :)

10. Anything you'd like to say to Chrono fans?

Sorry for bollocksing up Frogs theme!

Author Comments on Tracks

Frog's Intervention - Well, I had the battle music in the beginning to emphasize Frog’s fight with Zombor. I tried to make it sound semi-chaotic with the descending scales, etc., then heroic with the traditional Frog theme. The end product is a moving, very dramatic and fitting accent to the envisioned scene.

The Masamune - I went for a very mysterious/heroic feel for the granting of the mystic sword to the mystical warrior. Hence the choirs. The powerful strings are really just a way of showing that this is the turning point for the battle against Magus, the pinnacle of the storm, and I wanted to express Frog’s newfound strength with music.

Schala and the Queen - When I was making this I had several images in mind. At first you have the suspense of Schala’s Theme and the Zeal theme, which moves into Magus’ big bad guy theme. I wanted to really give Magus’ Theme some oomph as well. After that comes Lavos’ final battle music, except in a more heroic sense. Overall I’d say the song goes through several stages.

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