Interview with sephfire

Name: Daniel Floyd
Songs: Inciting Incident, Morning Sunlight, Confronting the Mystic

With four tracks under his belt for the project, sephfire has ensured a fair sized portion of the music will be in good hands.

1. Having the opening theme is an honor! How did you attack the task of making Inciting Incident?

I didn't have much of a strategy in mind starting out, as that was my first fully orchestral remix ever. I just tried to give it the kind of style I remembered enjoying in film scores. I tried to experiment a lot with the famous theme so the listener wouldn't be bored by hearing an exact reproduction of the same melody they'd been hearing for years. However, the last minute preserves the original melody, for those who put higher value in nostalgia. I'm particularly proud of the inclusion of "Premonition" in the opening seconds, with a hint of the main source material's melody woven in (but that's just a little "personal victory" thing).

2. When did you first play / why do you like Chrono Trigger?

It was the first Squaresoft game and the first turn-based RPG I'd ever played. Though it isn't necessarily my favorite of all that I've played since, I honor it as the game that introduced me to both the genre and the developer that I've continued to love since. I feel that particpation in this project is a way for me to pay my respect to Chrono Trigger and its creators.

3. What do you use to mix?

I currently use Reason 2.5. I also make occasional use of Felt Tip's Sound Studio when necessary. I also use the Oxygen8 midi controller. And I run all of it on a G3 iBook. I don't recommend this to anyone.

4. Have you learned anything from your experience in the project?

Given my VERY limited knowledge of the orchestra beforehand, I've learned a great deal about it since. One of the most prominent of these things is: I am not extremely well-suited to it and will likely not pursue mastery any further. :) However, it has been very enjoyable and educational.

5. How did you any SirRus divvy up Morning Sunlight?

We sorta just passed a song file back and forth a few times until we'd hit the time limit. If you can pick our styles apart, you'll be able to locate the points in the track where one had stopped and handed it to the other. No, this is not a great example of planning ahead, but I think it worked out very well for this track.

6. After the project's completed, what's next for you in remixing?

Nothing much planned for now. I'll be back to my regular, slow schedule creating individual remixes for OCR unless something else comes up, I suppose ...


7. Any special notes on Confronting the Mystic? Many fans are eager to hear the orchestral version of Magus's theme.

I can only hope that my rendition meets their expectations. The time limit for this particular track was two minutes in length, so it was difficult to squeeze in all of the source material, especially given the fact that the music must the dynamics written into Claado's script. Fortunately for the many fans of Magus's theme, several of our other musicians included Magus's theme into their own arrangements, so you'll get to hear the theme in several different flavors. Magus certainly receives the attention he is due in Chrono Symphonic.

8. Plan to work in another project?

Claado has mentioned plans for another remixing project similar to in nature to Chrono Symphonic. I won't say what the project was, but if he decides to pursue it, I will definitely be on board. There's also talk of another possible project brewing in the OCR forums involving music from Animal Crossing. If this concept should evolve into an actual project, I'll be there.

9. How's it feel being part of a Chrono OCR site project now that it's complete?

It's quite an honor to be involved in such a thing as this. Remix projects like Relics of the Chozo, Kong in Concert and Rise of the Star are some of our community's proudest achievements. To see my own name listed among other remixers whom I've admired for years is a real treat. I couldn't be more grateful to Claado for giving me this opprotunity.

10. Anything you'd like to say to Chrono fans?

Even though the Chrono franchise itself lingers on the edge of total retirement, you guys are STILL one of the most devoted fan bases out there. You're a dedicated bunch. It's a privilage to be able to reward you guys for your devotion. I hope that C. Symphonic is everything you Chrono fans have hoped for. Chrono fans ... I salute you.

Author Comments on Tracks

Inciting Incident - This arrangement stands as a kind of "opening credits" track for the project, but I personally thought of it more like music to a film trailer. It gives a wide variety of intensity and flavors in a short time, and the final fading notes leave the listener with an unspoken "coming soon" feel, preparing the listener for the many wonders to follow. And with Claado’s project trailer to come out and detail my vision so well…it was a pleasant surprise.

Morning Sunlight - This track follows Crono from the moment he wakes up in his home through his journey through town to the Millennial Fair. It begins peacefully as he rises and gets ready, then continues in tranquility as the listener is taken on a journey through Truce. Finally, as Crono draws near to the fair, he hears Leene's Bell…

Confronting the Mystic - In this track, Magus squares off with Crono and his team in epic battle. The foreboding opening leads to a crescendo and the first sword clash. For the next minute, the music is intense as the battle rages on. However, the fighting draws to a sudden halt as a low roar fills the room. Lavos' theme begins to play as the great beast awakens. Then the drums return, even more intense than before, as a great vortex opens and threatens to swallow the combatants.

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