Interview with mv

Name: Xavier Dang
Songs: Darkest Omen

mv is an accomplished remixer, and has done work with all major remixing organizations. He graciously contributed his Black Omen remix to Symphonic..

1. When did you first play Chrono Trigger?

I played Chrono Trigger shortly after it came out in Japan. One of my pals had bought it imported and I was fascinated with it. But I chose to play the whole game when the US version got released.

2. When did you hear about Chrono Symphonic?

When I was contacted about it! I wanted to redo Darkest Omen and eventually do another piece, but alas deadlines and issues prevented me to do so, and Darkest Omen was already posted on the site without me wanting it to be there so.. :)

3. Darkest Omen is one of many great remixes; did you have anything in mind when creating it?

Darkest Omen doesn't really expand so much on the song, but I think that it's a rather pleasant, alternative take on Black Omen. The original track is fantastic and uses a mysterious, absorbing mood. I just wanted to arrange this track for a more epic, action-packed final dungeon feel, which is what the Black Omen is, after all!

4. What do you use to remix?

Now? Brain, Hands, Computer, Sequencers, Edirol PCR-M50 keyboard, Yamaha 01x, M-audio Nova microphone, Steel String Acoustic Guitar, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold, Voice, Freeware sounds.. :)

5. Plan to work in another project?

I don't have much time to partake in projects anymore. I've been invited to lots of them but never managed to get my part done in time. I now work on commercial game music (worked on two GBA games being released this Christmas and many other handheld/console stuff for 2006) so I don't know... Maybe I'll organize one someday?

6. How's it feel being part of a Chrono OCR site project now that it's complete?

Darkest Omen is an old piece, I didn't get to redo it either, and it got 25,000 downloads on VGMix; so I can't say I really feel an accomplishment submitting this one to the project. However, we do have a very nice collection of tracks here and I want to congratulate all of the remixers for their submissions! Darkest Omen became a popular piece so I guess it makes a good addition to this, and I can only hope that some people not familiar with it will discover it here, specially since it was remastered by the project's engineer.

7. Anything you'd like to say to Chrono fans?

Keep at it Square junkies! Visit my website at http://xavier.hellven.org !! I'll hopefully update it before the new year :) Hire me for game music ;)

Author Comments on Tracks

Darkest Omen - This is my shot at transforming the Black Omen tune into an epic orchestral of sorts. The idea was to give an epic feel to the original piece, and though the team is not IN the Black Omen, the death of Cyrus at Magus’ hand and Frog’s rise to bravery do signal a sort of black omen on the horizon.

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