Interview with Rellik

Name: Adam Lederer
Songs: Beneath the Surface

Rellik has a large reportoire of work and history in the remixing community, and jumped at the opportunity to get involved with Symphonic.

1. When did you first play Chrono Trigger?

I played it initially in about...2001.

2. Is this your first foray into mixing Chrono series music?

No; I've done 'Winds from Paradise' and 'Deep Under the Shadow'.

3. How'd you sign on to the project?

Claado asked me pretty early on.

4. Was it difficult conforming to the time limits set by the script?

Hah, I actually forgot to limit the song.

5. What do you use to remix?

I use FLStudio.

6. What was the hardest part of making 'Beneath the Surface'?

Realism; the instruments had to sound like the real thing.

7. Plan to work in another project?

Probably; we'll see.

8. How's it feel being part of a Chrono OCR site project now that it's complete?

It's wonderful.

9. Anything you'd like to say to Chrono fans?

To all CT fans out there: being a fan of something, holding something in high esteem, only increases what you get out of it - be a fan of as much as you can, and don't worry if what you like is in "good taste", because the more you appreciate something, the more you gain. Obviously this doesn't really apply to CT, since it's considered one of the best RPG's ever, but it's something to have in mind throughout your life. All too often, worrying about what other people think of things we enjoy, what's "better" or "worse" or "overrated", gets in the way of getting the most out of things.

Author Comments on Tracks

Beneath the Surface - I imagined a mysterious intro to the palace, lots of darkness and water – then an action-packed battle scene, progress through the palace, a dramatic discovery, some dialogue, lots of glinting stuff all around, and hey, a climactic battle!

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