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Interview with Reuben Kee

Name: Reuben Kee
Songs: To Far Away Times

Reuben Kee is a skilled piano player, and had the honor of wrapping up the project with pixietricks singing vocals to his ivories..

1. When did you first play Chrono Trigger?

Hrm..... when it was re-released on the playstation. I never had a chance to play it when it was first released.

2. What piano training have you received?

I studied under my grand aunt for awhile when I was really small. Then, unfortunately she had to migrate and I didn't like the new teacher so I stopped at about the first grade. It was years later that I picked it up on my own in an effort to reproduce tunes from final fantasy 7 on the school piano.

3. When did you guys decide to do a piece with pixietricks singing?

Beats me haha. I did the solo for 'To Far Away Times', then Claado got all excited and went on about how he wanted to get a singer and do some orchestration. Which I didn't think much of until I heard Pixietricks' addition to the piece, then I was like... "woah."

4. Were there any special areas that required your attention in playing the backing for 'To Far Away Times'?

I wasn't too familiar with the song at first, actually. In fact I had to listen to is over and over until I got familiar with the melody and had a rough idea as to what kind of emotions I wanted to portray in the arrangement.

5. What do you use to remix, specifically?

Currently, I play everything out on my Yamaha clarinova and run it through reason for instrumentation and tweaking.

6. Plan to work in another project?

I don't have any reversations not to :p

7. How's it feel being part of a Chrono OCR site project now that it's complete?

It feels like watching that fairy village in breath of fire 3... you add a little, then come back and get suprised at how much everyone else has added. It was really fun.

8. Anything you'd like to say to Chrono fans?

Author Comments on Tracks

To Far Away Times - The melody to “To Far Away Times” seemed like it was a sad, almost painful recollection to some distant memory. So instead of the upbeat tempo of the original, I decided to go with the more somber, more powerful route, and it turned out incredibly well.

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