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Interview with Zas

Songs: Lucca's Arrival

Zas is a hard working remixer, and pledged to do Lucca's Arrival to help the project to completion.

1. When did you first play / why do you like Chrono Trigger?

First played it back in 98, I think? For real, that is... I had played it before, but 98 was when I actually started to go through the game seriously. Anyway, Chrono's just sort of the definition of an absolutley polished game. Superb everything, pretty much...everything it tries to do, it succeeds at. Yeah.

2. What do you use to mix?

Sibelius for the notes, Reason for Sequencing and some sampling, and Kontakt for more sampling.

3. Have anything in store for 'Lucca's Arrival'?

Only awesomeness.

4. Who's your favorite CT character?

I suppose Frog. He knows why.

5. Planning on getting involved with any other songs or projects in the future?

Fo sho'. My Zelda remixing project, which is just sorta me going through the whole damn Zelda storyline and arranging songs as they come along. Lots of fun, but it won't be done for another fifteen years.

6. When'd you first start mixing?

First one I realeased was 2003, Valentia in Piano at VGmix. I started before that in a sense, in that I'd expierement around with stuff, but I had no software back then, so yeah. I guess, my first mix then would be around December of 2002. It was also about then that I started making music in general.


7. How did Lucca's Arrival turn out?

Very good, for the time I wrote it that is. I don't have much of a conception for dates, really, but I think I finished writing it something like half a year ago, and finished producing it a month or two ago. I was constantly putting off producing the final version because I had gotten EWQLSO Silver very close to the deadline, and so I wanted to get to know it as well as I could before I released the final version to compyfox. But I'm fairly pleased with it.

8. Plan to work in another project?

Yes, I'm actually working on it as we speak - although it's not exactly affiliated with OCR or VGmix or what have you. It's a project I'm undertaking entirely on my own, and it's goal is to cover the entire story of the Zelda series musically - sort of a pseudo opera. The first installment should be posted on OCR by the time the projects done - or soon after.

9. How's it feel being part of a Chrono OCR site project now that it's complete?

Oh, very nice, very nice. I've been wanting to do a project for a while, but circumstance has kept me out of it. I was almost in the DKC one, but my computer was stolen shortly before deadline... but the remix wasn't that good anyway.

10. Anything you'd like to say to Chrono fans?

Nope, don't think so. Keep on truckin...

Author Comments on Tracks

Lucca's Arrival - When I was making this song, I wanted to convey the power that these strange surroundings are having on Crono and Marle. After the battle, they’re recuperating, and then battle strikes again, but Lucca has arrived to help them. And then, near the end, the truth is revealed…a new journey beginning.

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