Remix Spotlight I

by ZeaLitY 12:09, 29 Jan 2005 (CST)

Greetings this week, and welcome to the Chrono Compendium Remix Spotlight I (bet you're sick of reading that now). This is a new feature that will become a regular topic for the Editorials and Features section. With each Remix Spotlight, editorialists and contributors are asked to highlight two of their favorite remixes, and talk about why they like them and how they accurately reflect and expand upon the Chrono series. With the ever-increasing, huge lists on the Music pages, the Remix Spotlight will assist the casual listener and browser in finding high quality arrangements. Now, let's get to it! And if you'd like to voice your own picks, head to the Editorials forum and post in the Remix Spotlight II thread. All right! I'll get things started with none other than a Zeal remix.

Captain LiteraL - Passage to Zeal (Jimi Hendrix Mix)

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ZeaLitY: Before the advent of the Chrono Compendium's music section, this remix of Corridors of Time was an extremely rare find, probably only being heard by a handful of people who were extremely lucky to have been in #ocremix, the IRC channel of Overclocked ReMix, at the right time. Captain LiteraL's visitations to the channel were short-lived, but at his mention of a new Zeal remix, I jumped at the chance to listen and requested he send me the file. It was a work in progress then, and before he left the channel for good, he sent me the finished version, dubbed the Jimi Hendrix mix because the revolutionary guitarist inspired some of the synthwork in the song. Beyond this distribution, this remix has never appeared on OCReMix, its WIP forum, or VGMix, and sat in my collection until it was uploaded to the public.

Passage to Zeal deviates from the standard order of Zeal remixes right away; while most launch into the background instantly, Passage to Zeal uplifts the listener with airy auras that reach the clouds, and then taunts with a beat and the main melodic progression of the actual song. Pausing briefly, it then launches into the main course. This introduction exemplifies the title of the song, inspiring the imagery of being taken via Skyway or any type of flight to Zeal, and sailing the wild blue with those magical continents. Once the actual remix does begin, the background synth once again imparts the feeling of gliding high, and the other instrumentation in the song does not disappoint. Easy and soft on the ears, it is regardless clear and decisive in its ascent. The phasing in the middle of the song brings to the forefront this sense, and then reiterates the introductory melody, sealing this as a true interpretation, and not merely a rearrangement. Gradually, the song builds up from here, returning to further coverage of the main theme. And at last, it fades away in another bevy of flightful sounds.

Passage to Zeal is not a cryptic title; this remix takes place in the sapphire skies of Zeal, but is not planted on the continent, for it's always moving and riding the crests of fresh air. Captain LiteraL also has been found; he runs a livejournal here. I asked him about this remix, and he graciously responded:

holy shit, that was a while ago. I just "rediscovered" those songs a few weeks ago and I still do enjoy them. I'm glad you do as well, but #ocremix didn't think they we're up to snuff (/end bitter rant). Anyway, if you want commentary, here you go as I really don't have internet access at the moment. I wrote the original in fruityloops years ago. I dug it up and fixed up levels, samples etc. to make the new one. I then took the song, ran it through my DM2 and did some fun stuff on that. Then I took that, lined it up with the original, and mixed to make the jimi mix. I don't know what other kind of commentary I could give you. Drugs were involved. that's about it. It's good to hear that music I wrote years ago is still in people's harddrives and floating around on the net.

Captain LiteraL also noted that he still has a copy in his car. Download and check it out! This is a rare remix with a great history, certainly worth a listen.

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