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In the back of my mind I have a Chrono game partly fleshed out with characters and tricky plot devices and story building and all those wonderful things. One day I might even write the bulk of these ideas out and make some progress. But I decided to at least where the middle ages are concerned share and enter some ideas into Dream Splash! (and the sprites I have for them)

Tata though not the main character of the tale is an important one. My original concept of him involved a more mature version than the character I view him as today.

 Tata heirs from 610 A.D. He's in his late teens and originally he had learned from his mistakes, was brave and was working to become a knight. The first is Tata pre-Knight than Tata as a Knight, than an older Tata as Knight Captain.

Unfortunately for Tata I realized he had a lot of growing up still to do.

Tata became what I like to call the 'Marle' of my story line. He has an innocent and maybe sometimes naive view of the world. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. When Marle found out Lavos destroyed the world she was the one who got the most upset and declared that they were going to be the ones to fix it. That's how Tata effects the story. He has a strong moral sense of right and wrong. He has that quality about him that everyone deserves a second chance, there's good in the world,  they can do the impossible etc.

 Unfortunately for Tata in my story he's also sort of a blundering idiot. He's clumsy, gets the party into trouble ('what does this button do') and can be quite cowardly. The adventure he goes through however may just mold him into the brave young man who will one day become knight captain.

Full Name: Tata
Age: Late Teens
Home Time: 610 A.D.
Home Area: Porre
Weapon Type: Shield
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 141 lbs.
Build: Average
Hand: Right-handed
Magical Element:Lightning

Tata doesn't deserve pants until he can lift his broadsword.

Tata fights with his shield though it took some experimentation (blundering idiot remember?):

He got it right the second time!

Yeah i'm too mean to poor Tata!

Storyline (or at least what im willing to share):

1005 A.D. The fall of Guardia. The main protagonist Pike is a soldier and one of many in the Porre army. The game starts out as Pike is assigned a small errand for his commanding officer giving the player a chance to explore 1005 A.D. prior to its fall. Once the task is completed you are given two other brief party members fellow soldiers and you storm Guardia Castle. Once you make your way to the throne room Dalton is already there fighting Crono and Marle. Your forced to join in the fight while Dalton fleas to retrieve the masamune no doubt. You and your fellow soldiers fail miserably to defeat Marle and Crono.  As the castle starts to shake and crumble around Pike and as he tries to stand up gates start to appear. Crono and Marle dissapear and another one swallows Pike up whole. When Pike wakes up he's in a very different Guardia. 610 A.D. One where Porre and Truce are completely united it only being ten years after the war with the mystics. He runs into Tata who's on his way to join the Guardia knights to become a squire who's been ambushed by mystics. Pike saves him and that's how the two join up.

The gist of the game again without spilling to many details is that the original cast from Chrono Trigger are painted as the bad guys. Due to Dalton's influence Pike believes the original cast destroyed millions of potential lives in there quest to re-write time. (which may be true). Tata in a way keeps Pike grounded. He's something that reminds Pike of his values when Pike ventures towards the deep end.

Also the gates aren't like the ones in Chrono Trigger. There more like the gate that appeared to Lucca. They don't lead to matching times (not like 600 AD to 1000 A.D 2300) More like 1005 A.D, 610 A.D. 2340 A.D. 15345 B.C. etc None of the years particularly match which is sporadic and unusual and for a good reason :) Another character worth mentioning since it's the middle ages is a character hailing from 585 A.D.

Teen Magus

I wanted him to look somewhere between Magus and Janus and I'm not entirely sure if I succeeded or not.

Pertaining to Tata and 610 A.D. I decided it would be winter. So not only do the gates transport the player to a rather random time it also transports them to different sections of the year. So I started working on a map:

Oh and just for fun an alternative version of teen Tata that I decided to go against:

*** this is not an actively worked on fangame to avoid confusion. Yes I have graphics but its more of what I do in my spare time. Like I said I haven't actually written any of the plot down- its all in my head :) Not saying it will never be made into a game just that right now its just some ideas I have and some pretty pictures.

Schala Zeal:
Excuse me while I change my underwear. I got too excited. :D

@Schala Zeal: That... was a strange response...

@TheMage: Having Tata as a playable character is actually pretty cool! And I see how the "coward-to-bravery" theme can develop along the lines of moral compass (though somehow, this reminds me of Jacuzzi Splot from Baccano). Perhaps Tata then becomes the "idealist" whom Pike admires eventually? In either case, his strong (yet naive) moral sense may still be his undoing, as the "second chance" may give the enemy enough opportunity to go in for the kill. Think about it -- battle against Mother Brain, but before delivering the last blow, Tata gives her the chance to apologize, which she does. Then she wipes him out.  :lol:

No, this is no criticism. I actually think this would be an interestingly dangerous dabble (which is really tempting): If Tata breaks due to his naivety he'd turn into a "darker" variation of Pike (something which often happens in real life with such people), but if Tata survives with his moral compass intact it leads him to be a brave Knight Captain. How, you ask? Well...

"Kill, or be killed" is something that the Knights of Guardia are taught ever since they are Squires (as Tata starts off). But Tata proves that those who can offer their enemies mercy and STILL survive their backlash are probably the strongest warriors to ever live -- not only do they have control over their swords and are ready to trust, but are capable of defending against the worst betrayals. And eventually, this holy faith over the people builds him great opportunities from the world itself, as people come from all directions just to help!
(And who is to say Tata didn't inspire them?)

At the same time, Tata offers plenty of contrasts to Pike, clashing idealism with realism, faithful vs cynicism, morality vs duty-bound, etc. Much like Suzaku and Lelouche from Code Geass! But would these differences, in some point in time, make them enemies at some point, only to join forces again to stop a common enemy?

Ooh, Crono and co as bad guys? I'm in!  8)


Schala Zeal:

--- Quote from: tushantin on January 02, 2013, 04:59:16 pm ---@Schala Zeal: That... was a strange response...

--- End quote ---

Just a clean way of saying I you-know-what from it.


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