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Bringing Back the Dead Sea Topic!
« on: December 24, 2012, 12:39:22 am »
Im sure this will be lost in the "dead sea" of comments here, and doubly so due to the inactivity,

but I had to create an account just to flesh out how the timelines occur in Chrono Cross, and more

specifically, to explain due to time-continuity how and why exactly the dead sea exists.

The first misconception that Im finding here is that everyone seems to think that Serge's survival

in "Home" is what leads to the Day of Lavos which leads to apocalypse. It was not only Serge's

survival that ensured the future destruction, it was his contact with the flame itself as well.

When Serge dies in "Another", the status as the arbiter of the flame is lost, and FATE is able to

regain control of the Flame. This is why FATE, and FATE alone wants Serge dead (and attempts to

murder him in both dimensions). It is the only way to ensure the survival of the timeline that

creates Chronopolis in the first place. FATE was in fact, originally tasked to monitor both "Home"

and "Another" as evidenced in the 4th floor observation room of Chronopolis. But why would this

be? Multiple things happened across several points in time simultaneously to set this in motion.

As Schala became the TD, she heard Serge's crying and made contact with his time period

(Presumably in an attempt to save him - which she technically did by creating the magnetic storm)

and sent her clone forward to act for her, and possibly even to try to save herself, given her

knowledge that she would eventually deteriorate. Belthasar, who came in contact with Kid, learned

of the TD, and set his own plan "Project Kid" into motion in order to spawn the events that would

eventually dis-join Schala from Lavos. This plan led to Chronopolis, which led to the Time Crash,

which led to the Chronopolis existing in the past. Belthasar references this when he says "You may

think I really blew it, but in fact it was my finest hour!" (when you encounter him in the

dimensional distortion in Terra Tower) Something overlooked in the posts Ive browsed through is

how the Time Crash landed Chronopolis -preciscely- in the point in time necessary to create the

events that it does. Divine Providence? Probably not. That crafty Belthasar had the whole thing

planned out. He planned the time crash to specifically land Chronopolis -exactly- where it needed

to be. So back to the original point, Belthasar developed FATE to monitor TWO dimensions, because

he had specifically planned to create a dimension where the Day of Lavos still occurs, so that

FATE would try to stop it, thus provoking the entire chain of events that leads through the game,

leading to the gaining of the Chrono Coss, being at Opassa beach at exactly the right time, IN

possession of a time egg, and with all of the knowledge AND motivation to not just wang the heck

out of the TD, but to try to free Schala. That is afterall what the entire plan was to bring

about. this again is supported by the dialogue between Serge and the cast of CT on Opassa beach

right before the final fight.

I would also like to refute the Armageddon branch theory, by pointing out that the dimensions are

less like separate dimensional spaces, and are more like fluctuating variations of the same

physical space. As Belthasar himself states, "Its merely a problem of possibilities, and is only

stabilized by the perspective of the observer" If Chrono Time travels from "Pre Distortion" to

"post Distortion", there will actually exist 2 Chronos. 1 in each dimension.(with the observer

being serge and co) They occupy exactly the same physical space, with exactly the same space time

coordinates relative to the linear timeline. This means that in the history of both worlds, Chrono

Time Travels, and in both Worlds he appears in the future as well as the past.

The Flame itself is actually a peice of Lavos, again referenced several times in the course of the

game. It is not so much that Serge is alive in "Home" that dooms the future, it is the connection

with the Flame (peice of Lavos) that dooms the future. Now that all the groundwork is laid, time

to explain the dead sea (this isnt confusing at all is it guys and gals?)

Lets look at it like this:

The Chronopolis exists in both timelines before the dimensional split (Obviously, since the Time

Crash landed it early enough for Serge to come into contact with the flame/lavos)

At the very moment FATE lost control of the future (By being permanantly robbed of the flame),

which is the very moment Kid saves Serge, the thread that is the timeline forks. The first fork

leads to HOME and the second fork to ANOTHER. To an individual observer, stabilizing the

perspective of their own timeline, nothing has changed at all. Time has simply gone on as normal.

The merchant in Arni has NO idea that another timeline exists, and because she cannot experience

it, that timeline, future and all is stabilized. The same happens in another. That same merchant,

now in the timeline for ANOTHER has no idea the "home" split occurs, and the future course is set.

This is why the dimensional split even occurs. Its not a separation of the physical space, its

merely a fluctuating variation of the same initial substructure. If Serge was the ONLY observer in

the timeline, there would have been no split in the first place (although this is pretty much

impossible, because pretty much any kind of matter in existence qualifies as an "observer" not

just sentient beings). Likewise, without Serge (or really any observer at all)  being able to

experience both splits independently, there would be no split either. As time forks, each new line

is created all the way to the end, with previous possibilites being discarded into the DBT. The

original line "another" is not altered in any way. Chronopolis still exists in the future, in

exactly the same capacity, and thus the future is preserved by FATE. In HOME however, something

occurs with the flame, and FATE's inability to access its power. More on the theories on how that

occurs in a bit. Since the dead sea IS the future in the current time coordinates (props to the

person that worded that all correctly. You were dead on with that), as soon as Chronopolis ceases

to exist in the future, it ceases to exist in the present, but more importantly, the time crash

cannot have occurred to have sent that future time-space into the present. (due to everything

being all Lavos-killed and such)The resulting paradox literally "broke" time, causing a snapshot

of the time period filling the time-space of the timecrash as the time periods realigned

themselves into their new futures. Everything isnt so much frozen in this point as it is

completely devoid of time. This is because time cant exist without a vector, and no vector can

exist with only a single point. Miguel I believe references that nothing ages in this place. How

can you age with no time? When the Flame is destroyed in Home by FATE, this is where I believe

people might have it wrong. Destroying the flame destroys the possibility of the Day of Lavos,

since contact with the flame is ultimately what leads to his appearance. However, with no flame,

no time crash occurs either, since no experiment on releasing it to lock level D happens. Now,

without the time crash as a point of reference in the continuum, and with the snapshot-ted future

being thrown in the garbage can beyond time, the future realigns itself AGAIN, eliminating not

only that space time represented in the space the time crash created, but also the time crash

space itself, leading to a full on NON-paradox (crisis averted), and a normal display of the sea

of eden as it would appear if Chronopolis never even existed in the first place. But why oh why

are the Fate distortions there? This is because of "Another"'s FATE. Since FATE was originally

designed to monitor 2 separate timelines at once, it obviously needed a way to interact with the

other timeline to gain information. Originally, FATE from "another" communicated directly with

FATE from "Home" and vise-versa through a hardwired connection. Look at it as a hardwire from one

timeline to the other, specifically engineered for the purpose of data collection. However, once

the HOME Chronopolis simply ceased to have ever even existed(or would ever exist by extension),

that line was severed. I believe there is a reference to this in the Flame's room before you

defeat FATE. Where DarkSerge/Lynx/FATE talks about how very very vexing it was to try to do it's

job and monitor the timeline when it lost all contact with the other dimension. Once the line was

severed,it was effectively a "live wire" and available for use for travel.

So lastly, why does the Flame/Lavos peice bring Lavos back around? There are lots of possibilities

here, but I think it is most likely that the reptites/dragonians have something to do with it. The

dragon god has taken the flame in Terra Tower, but not destroyed it already. After defeating the

Dragon God, Kid mentions that "I see we are all the same. Everything wants to be more powerful".

This leads to the thought that, the original timeline, leading to, but not including Chronopolis,

did not have Dinopolis OR the flame or even an El Nido and therefore ultimately achieved the state

of Chronopolis and the Time Crash. In the timeline leading up to and including the Timecrash, with

Chronopolis present, Dinopolis and the flame are present, but FATE keeps it all in check by not

having Serge around to free it up for the taking by the Dragons. In the timeline where Serge

inadvertently locks FATE out of the flame, and Dinopolis is present, AND the flame is present, the

Dragon god ultimately gains the flame, and through it, calls Lavos, likely in some kind of scene

similar to Zeal, and presto bingo-armageddon. Since Lavos is effectively called out of sequence

from the original CT, the actions of the original CT may not have occurred the same way. If the

Dragons wipe humans off the face of the planet (as they probably could and would with the flame)

there would be no Bangor dome in the future to warn our young adventurers of the apocalypse. Or

maybe there would be a Dino version of it, but Lucca doesnt have experience powering up biological

machines, only mechanical machines -_-. At any rate, that changes the timeline drastically enough

that Lavos may never get defeated. So why doesnt the space in the sea of eden change to reflect

doom and destruction after FATE is shut down, even though the dragon god gets ahold of the flame

and all the bad things happen? Easy. Serge. Just as Serge is the destroyer of the HOME dimension,

he is the savior of ANOTHER dimension. In the ANOTHER timeline, Serge defeats the dragon god and

stops all the badness from happening. Lavos still only exists in the DBT. There probably exists

another timeline where Serge FAILS to kill the dragon god, and Lavos comes out and eats everyone.

Since we dont have the perspective on that timeline however, we cant stabilize it into a reality

One final final thing to tie up. Why can only Serge travel the distortions. Its not brainwaves or

mysitcal power or anything crazy. The answer is Belthasar. Belthasar set up the entire plan with

Chronopolis, Set up FATE to create El Nido, and ultimately had El Nido created with a lot of

"deposits" of things around the archipelago. If all of the records of fate were distributed, why

not some fate distortions? Belthasar, simply put, set it all up so that exactly what would need to

happen, would happen. He is a master of time-ology(is that a word?) That is probably why he

traveled back to this time period in his little 1 seater epoch. He needed to monitor his

experiment. Chronopolis wasnt the experiment though. Serge was the experiment, and Belthasar

provided him specifically with all of the tools necessary to bring about the saving of Schala. On

Belthasar's orders, Kid uses her amulet to call Serge the first time (why he travels without the

amulet - she opens the gate from the other side) This is explained by Lucca on Opassa beach. Her

amulet is the "schala's pendant" from CT. The dreamstone that opens the first portal, and the rock

that resonates with lavos. (mammon machine anyone?) Since Serge has come into contact with Lavos,

stone resonates with him as well, and creates the wormhole and the point of least resistance. I

dont think its a matter of rescrambling DNA or brainwaves, but Lynx/Serge's venture into the dead

sea puts him in proximity to Lavos again. Odds are high that Miguel, as well as any party members

that are present at Leene's Bell, could now use the distortion as well with the amulet. The FATE

distortions in the sea of Eden are a different story however. Those are specifically created by

FATE and therefore directly controlled by FATE's programming, and by the time Serge gets his body

back, FATE needs him, because all other attempts to remove the lock have been unsuccessful. Once

FATE is out for the count, there is no block to free access to FATE's distortions, and of course

Serge is back in his own Lavos tainted body to use the Opassa beach gate. Notice how close the

Opassa beach gate is to the Lavos DBT gate? Coincidence? There are no coincidences when you are

playing the time and space game.

And now my brain hurts. Time for bed
(PS - Double Spaced to avoid extra damage from my lvl 7 tech WallOfText. Its black element in case you were wondering.)