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Dream Splash V!

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Welcome to...
Forgive my crappy editing skills...
This year's theme is the Middle Ages, also known as year 600 AD. You can do whatever you want, so long as it relates to Chrono Trigger's 600 AD era.

-For example, you can cover anything in the Mystic War. How about some fanart of our favorite villain trio, the Mystic Knights! Or a great battle on Zenan Bridge? Maybe even an alluring Naga-Ette? :oops:
-Music remixes are accepted too! "Courage and Pride" has always been a favorite of mine. Don't forget "Frog's Theme."
-Speaking of Frog, this is his home era! He deserves plenty of attention! How about some fanfiction depicting his past with his best buddy Cyrus?
-Other characters include Queen Leene, Fiona, Toma, and perhaps even Kasmir (from Crimson Echoes).
-And of course, I'm expecting gratuitous amounts of Magus.

:kamina So let's get this thing rolling! Remember...

Woo hoo! I now must put something together!

Schala Zeal:
As much as I'd like to contribute something and have an idea, I also have a massive, massive ego problem. *sweatdrop*

Manly Man:
I've already gotten something made, though I may submit more. What would you guys think of The Mystic Knights and Magus posed like the cover of Queen's album Sheer Heart Attack?  :D

As soon as my friend brings me back my flash drive, I'll have chapter 8 of Crono Returns ready, and it focuses on the Frog King quite a bit, I even provide a backstory for him since I always thought he would be a great fanfic fuel (Though it doesn't seem like anyone really cared to write about him...)
Not sure if that counts though, since it's only one chapter in a pretty long fanfic.


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