Author Topic: been thinkin about shit that aint right wit America yo  (Read 899 times)

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been thinkin about shit that aint right wit America yo
« on: October 18, 2012, 02:18:03 pm »
[quote\Religion has been a nasty vampire squid choking our government institutions for much too long, so let’s put a stop to that and purify our government institutions of this creepy religious infestation.

As President I wouldn’t meet with the Pope or pay him any special respects; I don’t think he deserves to be treated any differently than any other cult leader. If he wants to visit the USA, he’s free to do so on his own dime.

I’d point out that Islamic law is immature and self-destructive as well, and I’d openly admit that yes, it would be in the best interests of the USA and the world at large to see that kind of nonsense abolished from government and political institutions.

I believe in people’s individual rights to choose their own spiritual beliefs and to practice those beliefs communally if they so desire. However, our planet is becoming much too integrated and multi-cultural for us to allow goofy and childish religious ideology to infect our government institutions without serious negative consequences such as endless war.

You should be free to adopt whatever spiritual beliefs you desire. Worship whomever you like. Live by the values that resonate with you. Drink the wine, chew the wafer, light the Menorah, and bow in deference to your heart’s content. But don’t expect your government to financially support your personal practices… or to make public decisions based on your superstitions and stories.

Let’s end unfair subsidies to religious institutions. As President I’d work to kill the non-profit classification for religious institutions, meaning that all churches would need to start paying their fair share of taxes. Donating to a church in exchange for services is a financial transaction like any other. Such donations should not be tax-deductible. They should be counted and taxed as income for the recipient just like any other business transaction.

Some of these institutions would be eligible to reapply for non-profit status as educational or charitable institutions if they refactor themselves to perform more socially constructive work, but our government should deny non-profit status to organizations that are inherently bigoted in their beliefs and practices. It’s completely unfair to spend taxpayer dollars on such wasteful nonsense, such as groups that classify people into saved vs. unsaved categories. We can do better.

Otherwise we’re going to see more loony and socially destructive institutions like the Church of Scientology arising in the decades ahead as more people figure out that starting a fake religion is a legally valid path to wealth. We really shouldn’t be encouraging more people to follow the tax-dodging model the Catholic Church has been using with such great success. It’s time to pull the plug on such blatant abuse.

Again, I have no problem at all with people choosing and following their own spiritual path, both individually and communally. If that’s your thing, go do that. But our government — and by extension, we the taxpayers — should not be footing the bill for these pursuits.

Let’s require that religious institutions pay their fair share of taxes just like any other business. Then let’s use that money to get our country out of debt and to upgrade our other government systems, especially our secular educational institutions.

As Jesus supposedly said, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s,” which means, “Pay your taxes.”

Surely God can handle the IRS.

Additionally, I’d like to require all factory farms to host active 24/7 webcams of their operations, so people can see what’s really going on inside. People deserve to see what they’re actually consuming. More truth will inform better decisions.[/quote]

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