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Ultimate Techs

(Ultimate Techs can be considered a character's super move, like Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy, or Hi-Ohgis in the Tales series. They can only be used in the tail end of an Element Drive of that particular character's Innate color... with the exception of Schala, since she's omni-elemental and can thus use hers with any color.)

(All Ultimate Techs target all enemies and can exceed the damage limit.)


Flying Arrow (White) - A technique inspired by the one who saved her.


Megiddo (Red) - The Arbiter unleashes the terrible power of the Frozen Flame.


Firing Squad (Green) - Call in a favor from those who owe you.


Poseidon's Wrath (Blue) - The ocean's torrent tears enemies apart. (Heals all allies to full.)


Strongarm (Black) - The forbidden superweapon becomes unsealed.


Holy Dragon Sword (White) - The dreams of her ancestors forges a blade of righteousness.


Dragoon's Pride (Yellow) - Show your enemies the might of the Four Devas.


Seventh Moon Shadow (Black) - Transform into the Dark Moon Dragon to lay all to waste.

(Magil has no Ultimate Tech as he leaves the party permanently before Act 4.)
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Weapon List

(Weapons can only be forged, with the exception of Ultimate Weapons, which can be found or acquired through the storyline in a New Game+.)


1. Royal Keepsake - A dagger given to Schala by Roas. (Starting Weapon) (Cannot be discarded or sold)

2. Maiden's Kris (Copper) - A knife used in archaic rituals.

3. Sawtooth Dagger (Iron) - A knife with a jagged blade. (Hits: x2)

4. Silver Dagger (Mythril) - A dagger with unparalleled sharpness.

5. Masamune - Holy Sword of legend. Doreen forms the separate katana. (Aquired during Act 3)

6. Savior's Blades (Denadorite) - Twin Swords used primarily by gladiators. (Increases Magic Power)

7. Prismatic Blades (Rainbow Shell) - Twin Swords based on Roas' blades.

8. Dreamweavers (Ultimate) - The Masamune, supercharged by newfound will. (Acquired by completing the Zeal Ruins sidequest. Does not carry over to subsequent playthroughs, due to replacing Royal Keepsake.) (Critical Chance - All enemy types)

9. Grand-Lanzer (Ultimate+) - The Masamune and the Einlanzer, together at last. Represents a newfound understanding between the earth and mankind. (Aquired automatically upon completing the steps to unlock the True Ending. Can only be used during the True Ending path, and cannot carry over to subsequent playthroughs.) (Adds an extra point of Stamina) (Critical Chance - Parasites)


1. Justice and Vengeance - Spears reminding him of his tragedy. (Starting weapon) (Cannot be discarded or sold)

2. Heavy Lance (Copper) - It's difficult using one, but two...?

3. Steel Pike (Iron) - Try not to use them during a thunderstorm. (Critical Chance - Humans)

4. Mythril Spear (Mythril) - Whistles when spun. (Increases Magic Power)

5. Gungnir (Denadorite) - Used by an infamous horseman. (Critical Chance - Machines)

6. Longinus (Rainbow Shell) - Ride forth unto Valhalla!

7. Dreamseekers (Ultimate) - Spears empowered by the desire to accomplish the impossible. (Aquired by completing the 'A Crimson Echo' sidequest. Does not carry over into subsequent playthroughs due to replacing Justice and Vengeance.) (Adds an extra point of Stamina.) (Critical Chance - Parasites)


1. Sharpshooter (Copper) - Line them in your sights. (Starting Weapon)

2. 47 Colbert (Iron) - Do you feel lucky?

3. Silver Gun (Mythril) - The cost for bullets must be insane! (Increases Magic Defense)

4. Magnum 650 (Denadorite) - Standard Porrean issue - 2486 AD.

5. Prometheus (Rainbow Shell) - Named after the R-66Y Model. (Permanent Eagle Eye effect)

6. Absolution (Ultimate) - Lest ye be judged. (Critical Chance - Undead)


1. Mermaid's Arc (Copper) - Blessed by the seas. (Starting Weapon)

2. Fullmetal Bow (Iron) - Heavy, but accurate. (25% Critical Rate)

3. Silver Arrow (Mythril) - Sparkles in any light.

4. Sage's Arrow (Denadorite) - If you could install a scope, it would be perfect.

5. Angelus (Rainbow Shell) - Rain light from on high. (Increases Healing Effects)

6. Ocean's Embrace (Ultimate) - Mother's prized heirloom. (Blue Element Added to physical attacks)


1. Tin Claw - Old, but reliable. (Starting Weapon)

2. Machine Claw (Iron) - Standard-Issue Porrean Cyborg arm.

3. Silver Claw (Mythril) - Complete with new drill attachment. (Increases Evade)

4. Stone Fist (Denadorite) - Punch cracks into mountains.

5. Vajra (Rainbow Shell) - The ultimate Swiss Army weapon. (Chance of inflicting Curse status)

6. God's Fist (Ultimate) - And lo, he said, "Let there be devastation." - (Critical Chance - Machines)


1. Scarred Blade - This notched sword has seen better days. (Starting Weapon)

2. Nameless (Iron) - A blade created by an anonymous smith.

3. Ichimonji (Silver) - A sharper blade than most. (Critical Chance - Beasts)

4. Shiva (Denadorite) - Impossibly long nodachi. Can slice foes from a distance. (Can attack enemy groups.)

5. Rainbow (Rainbow Shell) - A hero's forgotten blade, reforged. (70% Critical Rate)

6. Dragon Sword (Ultimate) - Created from the dreams of Fate's Watchman. (Increases the power of Holy Dragon Sword.)


1. Woodsman's Axe - Messy, but gets the job done. (Starting Weapon)

2. Dragoon Axe (Silver) - Almost impossible for a normal human to lift.

3. Primitive Axe (Denadorite) - Get in touch with your wild side. (Increases Defense)

4. Diamond Axe (Rainbow Shell) - There is no weapon harder than this. (Critical Chance - Demons)

5. Tiger's Hammer (Ultimate) - Let the roar of the Tarvos Clan be heard! (Can attack enemy groups)


(All of Lavenda's weapons except Dominion hit three times per attack.)

1. Wire Whip - Worn, yet well-loved. (Starting Weapon)

2. Silk Lasher (Silver) - Hurts so good.

3. Wyvern's Tail (Denadorite) - Not actually made from a wyvern's tail... (Inflicts Seal status)

4. Dominion (Rainbow Shell) - Leaves deep gashes. (Inflicts a stacking Damage over Time effect)

5. Dragon's Flower (Ultimate) - Sword-whip used to slay the nightmare of her own dimension. (Critical Chance - Parasites)


1. Bladeless Scythe - Now little more than a walking stick. (Starting Weapon)

2. Magician's Rod (Iron) - A gift from the Magician's Guild.

3. Black Rod (Silver) - Casts orbs of shadow. (Can attack all enemies)

4. Staff of Mastery - Mark of a true sorcerer. (Can cast Elements twice in a row)

5. Dreamsever (Rainbow Shell) - Cutting the thread of life. (Black Element added to physical attacks) (Can only be forged during a New Game+)


Jade & Pearl - Twin katanas forged by Roas himself.


Machine Gun - Fills enemies full of holes.
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Armor List

(Armor can be bought in Equipment Shops after turning in Materials at the Forge.)

(There are four types of armor: Head, Body, Arms, and Legs.)

Starting Armor


Nomad's Gown (Body) - An attractive, yet functional garment.
Nomad's Bracelets (Arms) - Are those gypsie's tassels?
Nomad's Boots (Legs) - Worn, yet comfortable traveling boots.
Simple Hairband (Head) - Keeps ponytail secure.


Mercenary's Coat (Body) - Well-worn, yet stylish.
Mercenary's Gloves (Arms) - Keeps your hands warm.
Mercenary's Boots (Legs) - Weathered boots that have seen a lot of action.
Black Earring (Head) - Only a real man can pull this look off without getting punched.


Old Vest (Body) - Full of holes and tears.
Worn Gloves (Arms) - They didn't used to be fingerless.
Frayed Boots (Legs) - Five more miles and the treads'll be shot.
Torn Headband (Head) - Far more nicks than there should be.


Sexy Bustier (Body) - Accentuates Reika's more... prominent features. (heart)
Long Gloves (Arms) - Supple and surprisingly durable.
Simple Shorts (Legs) - One step above hot pants.
Mermaid Clip (Head) - An adorable fish motif.


Spy's Cloak (Body) - Staple covering for the Acacia Intelligence division.
Cyborg Bracer (Arms) - 200 years old and still works.
Plated Boots - (Legs) Give an extra 'oomph' to your kicks.
Tough Shades (Head) - Increases intimidation factor by 5%.


Brigandine (Body) - Simple steel armor. Nothing flashy.
Steel Buckler (Arms) - A small shield attatched to the gauntlet.
Steel Greaves (Legs) - Slightly dented, but still get the job done.
Bandanna (Head) - She'd prefer a helmet, but this just seems right...


Tarvos Pelt (Body) - They say he took it down with his bare hands...
Tiger's Bracers (Arms) - The stripes add character. They do!
Wild Boots (Legs) - Opened-toed for easy access to foot claws.
Beast Helm (Head) - The eye of the tiger is watching you.


Qipao (Body) - Form-fitting garment with a surprisingly oriental design.
Bandage Wraps (Arms) - Barely passable as protectors, but at least they're light.
Leather Sandals (Legs) - Attractive legwear, but that's all they are.
Circlet (Head) - Regal-looking headpiece signifying some importance.


Traveler's Mantle (Body) - Surprisingly protective for a magician's garb.
Magic Ring (Arms) - Boosts spell concentration.
Vagrant's Boots (Legs) - Staple of lone wanderers.
Gold Mask (Head) - Only really covers the eyes, but that's all that is needed.

Copper Armor

Schala: (Requires Silk)

Reinforced Gown (Body) - A durable dress made for traveling.
Reinforced Bracelets (Arms) - Copper bracelets tinged with a touch of magic.
Reinforced Boots (Legs) - Durable, yet light as a feather.
Silk Hairband (Head) - Will not unravel easily.

Lark: (Requires Leather)

Black Coat (Body) - Simple black never looked so tough.
Black Gloves (Arms) - Protects your hands during a bar brawl.
Black Boots (Legs) - Look cool while running.
Steel Earring (Head) - How you got steel from copper, we'll never know.

Glenn: (Requires Cloth)

Copper Vest (Body) - Lined with copper rivets. Decent enough protection.
Copper Bracers (Arms) Protects from overly violent forearm greetings.
Copper Boots (Legs) - Keeps you still from the kickback.
Rusted Headband (Head) - How can this be healthy...?

Reika: (Requires Cotton Down)

Cotton Robe (Body) - Something tells me she wears it loose on purpose...
Cotton Gloves (Arms) - Gloves soft enough that you want to pet them.
Cotton Shorts (Legs) - Breathable and easy to move in.
Cotton Ribbon (Head) - Perfect for that 'girl-next-door' look.

Iron Armor

Schala: (Requires Velvet Silk)

Velvet Gown (Body) - The dress you always wanted for prom.
Velvet Bracelets (Arms) - The tassels help with spell concentration... supposedly.
Velvet Boots (Legs) - Thigh-high, keeping the boys staring.
Velvet Hairband (Head) - Blessed by a fire spirit.

Lark: (Requires Chromed Leather)

Blazing Coat (Body) - Reinforced for extra protection.
Blazing Gloves (Arms) - The flame motif is just to look cool.
Blazing Boots (Legs) - Are those sparks coming from your heels?
Blood Earring (Head) - Forged from hardened Demon's Blood.

Glenn: (Requires Rigid Cloth)

Steel Vest (Body) - Lined with steel rivets. Can almost stop a sword slash.
Steel Bracers (Arms) - Help steady your aim.
Steel Boots (Legs) - A little too heavy for my taste...
Headband of Will (Head) - Never give up! Never surrender!

Reika: (Requires Rose Cotton Down)

Maiden's Bustier (Body) - Made of soft material perfect for supporting... soft... materials... *cough*
Maiden's Gloves (Arms) - Ironically, virgins never wear these.
Maiden's Shorts (Legs) - Wether these were meant to be cute or sexy, the tailor couldn't decide.
Maiden's Ribbon (Head) - Reminiscent of a butterfly.

Gilbert: (Requires Alloy)

Saboteur's Cloak (Body) - Helps you blend in with a crowd.
Saboteur's Bracer (Arms) - Comes with a built-in drill and other such mayhem inducing devices..
Saboteur's Boots (Legs) - Helps you make a clean getaway.
Demolitions Visor (Head) - Protects your head from the inevitable backblast.

Magil (Requires Animal Pelt)

Snowbeast Mantle (Body) - Always seems to be perpetually covered in snow.
Shadowed Ring (Arms) - You could almost swear there was a tiny Shade inside.
Heckran Boots (Legs) - No Heckrans were harmed during the fashioning of these boots.
Dark Mask (Head) - Boasts a frightening demon motif.

Laura: (Requires Enhanced Steel)

Heavy Plate (Body) - One has to be pretty strong to wear this.
Kite Shield (Arms) - Heavy shield bearing the Guardia coat of arms.
Heavy Greaves (Legs) - Used primerily for endurance training.
Steel Visor (Head) - Knightly visor gives a regal, yet slightly menacing appearance.

Mythril Armor

Schala: (Requires Fibresteel Silk)

Saint's Gown (Body) - Dress shining with purity. Or is that the sun's reflection? You can never tell.
Saint's Bracelets (Arms) - Bracelets enchanted by light spirits.
Saint's Boots (Legs) - You are a saint if you can walk 500 miles in these.
Silver Hairband (Head) - The most expensive hair accessory around.

Lark: (Requires Fibresteel Leather)

Fibresteel Coat (Body) - Are the glowing lines really necessary?
Fibresteel Gloves (Arms) - Tough enough to break someone's jaw.
Fibresteel Boots (Legs) - Boosts your jumping ability, but only by a bit.
Silver Earring (Head) - Making a statement for over 1000 years.

Glenn: (Requires Fibresteel Cloth)

Kevlar Vest (Body) - Strong enough to stop a bullet. Multiple bullets, on the other hand...
Cyber Bracers (Arms) - No. You can't summon a Jet Bike with these. Stop trying.
Cyber Boots (Legs) - Let's face it. You're just asking to be robbed.
Headband of Strength (Head) - Helps you lift mountains! ....Okay, maybe not.

Reika: (Requires Griffon Down)

Holy Bustier (Body) - Surprisingly sinful. Not that we're complaining.
Holy Gloves (Arms) - At least they don't have holes in them. Ha!
Holy Leggings (Legs) - Garter belt optional. (heart)
Holy Ribbon (Head) - You look just so cute in prayer.

Gilbert: (Requires Superalloy)

Stealth Cloak (Body) - State-of-the-art chameleon tech at its finest.
Stealth Bracer (Arms) - They'll never see your backhand coming.
Stealth Boots (Legs) - Absorbs sound waves as you step.
Black Shades (Head) - How you can see with those, I'll never know.

Magil: (Requires Silver Pelt)

Sorcerer's Mantle (Body) - Now all you need is a wizard hat.
Sorcerer's Ring (Arms) - The one to rule them all? Naaaah...
Sorcerer's Boots (Legs) - Does all the levitating for you.
White Mask (Head) - Be a hit at the opera house.

Laura: (Requires Platinum Steel)

Platinum Armor (Body) - The pauldrons alone would sell for a pretty penny.
Platinum Shield (Arms) - A shield of light to defend against the dark.
Platinum Greaves (Legs) - Their value gets lower the more you scuff them. So don't scuff them!!
Silver Bandanna (Head) - Blows dramatically in the wind.

Schwann: (Requires Pure Silver Ore)

Giant's Mail (Body) - Stolen from the treasure hoard of a Gigas.
Giant's Gauntlets (Arms) - But do they help you lift?
Giant's Boots (Legs) - You could fit two whole Dwarves inside one of these.
Giant's Helm (Head) - Taken from the body of a fallen Gigas.

Lavenda: (Requires Drake Scale)

Komodo Tunic (Body) - Clothing in the style of a Komodo Lizard.
Leather Ringbands (Arms) - The jewel in the center doubles as a magic focus.
Scaled Calligae (Legs) - Sandals with armored scales on the shins.
Jeweled Circlet (Head) - Regal and expensive. Only the best.

Denadorite Armor

Schala: (Requires Ancient Silk)

Battle Dress (Body) - Toughened dress specifically designed for combat.
Battle Bracelets (Arms) - Does not deflect projectiles. Disappointing.
Battle Boots (Legs) - Well-armored for such light footwear.
Ancient Tiara (Head) - Invokes a nostalgic feeling...

Lark: (Requires Reptite Leather)

Desert Coat (Body) - Nothing like quality dragonskin to beat the heat.
Desert Gloves (Arms) - Punch through sandcastles with ease.
Desert Boots (Legs) - Keeps the sand out... of your boots. Everything else is fair game.
Sand Earring (Head) - Earring blessed by earth spirits.

Glenn: (Requires Holy Cloth)

Porrean Vest (Body) - They say that High Command pays a fortune for these...
Officer's Bracers (Arms) - Five stars and counting.
Soldier's Boots (Legs) - Left! Left! Left! I can't hear you, Private!!
Headband of Determination (Head) - Makes you think you can. You think you can. You think you can...

Reika: (Requires Phoenix Feather)

Phoenix Robe (Body) - Form-fitting and fiery. Yowza!! (heart)
Phoenix Gloves (Arms) - Covered with fluffy fashion feathers.
Phoenix Leggings (Legs) - Try to look up the skirt. I dare you.
Phoenix Ribbon (Head) - Despite popular opinion, it won't bring you back to life.

Gilbert: (Requires Hyperalloy)

Alloy Cloak (Body) - Tough enough to break lesser forged weapons.
Alloy Bracer (Arms) - Bionic strength for bionic arms.
Alloy Boots (Legs) - They'd weigh you down if you weren't a cyborg.
Infrared Shades (Head) - See people's heat signatures. X-Ray optional.

Magil: (Requires Magic Pelt)

Mystic Mantle (Body) - A human wearing Fiend fashions? Scandalous!
Demon's Ring (Arms) - A cursed ring that bestows misfortune on your enemies.
Magic Boots (Legs) - They're not really magical. It's just a gimmick.
Black Mask (Head) - Now if it covered the rest of your face, you could be a ninja.

Laura: (Requires Moonmetal)

Valkyrie's Armor (Body) - Prepare yourself for the coming of Ragnarok.
Valkyrie's Shield (Arms) - Now with wings for extra stability.
Valkyrie's Greaves (Legs) - Dance among the stars above.
Valkyrie's Crown (Head) - I think the braided pigtails are unnecessary...

Schwann: (Requires Dragonshard Ore)

Dragoon's Plate (Body) - Specially-made war armor for the Acacia front lines.
Dragoon's Gauntlets (Arms) - The noise when crashed together can rally armies.
Dragoon's Boots (Legs) - Doesn't quite rival the speed of dragon mounts, but it's close.
Dragoon's Helm (Head) - Dragon's skull motif adds extra intimidation.

Lavenda: (Requires Wyrm Scale)

Dark Wyrm's Vestments (Body) - The standard garb for ancient Dragonian sorcerers.
Bejeweled Ringbands (Arms) - Expensive ringbands specifically created for the affluent and arrogant.
Plated Calligae (Legs) - One of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over your foes.
Horned Circlet (Head) - Traditional Daragonian headdress.

Rainbow Shell Armor

Schala: (Requires Purified Silk)

Mystic Gown (Body) - A magic dress fit for a queen.
Mystic Bracelets (Arms) - Forged by Fiend jewelers. They take their magecraft seriously.
Mystic Boots (Legs) - Magic boots that fit like a second skin.
Mystic Tiara (Head) - Made by the Royal Hall Smith. Shines with a prismatic light.

Lark: (Requires Blood Leather)

Devil's Coat (Body) - Long coat brimming with a demonic esscence.
Devil's Bracers (Arms) - Sets your fists aflame.
Devil's Boots (Legs) - Dash across the land with demonic speed.
Devil's Earring (Head) - Forged from the soul of a Demon God.

Glenn: (Requires Manly Cloth)

Delinquent's Vest (Body) - Complete with the symbol for 'bad' on the back.
Tough Gloves (Arms) - Middle finger exposure optional.
Badass Boots (Legs) - Dare to be badass.
Headband of GUTS (Head) - All you need now is a pompadour.

Reika: (Requires Angel's Down)

Angel's Robe (Body) - Heavenly clothing for a heavenly body.
Angel's Gloves (Arms) - Light radiates from these.
Angel's Shorts (Legs) - All that's needed are floppy socks, and the look is complete.
Angel's Ribbon (Head) - All you did was stick feathers in your hair...

Gilbert: (Requires Omega-alloy)

Assassin's Cloak (Body) - Used only by the professionals.
Dark Bracer (Arms) - Strike like the shadows.
Silent Boots (Legs) - Swift as the wind. Silent as the forest.
Sun Shades (Head) - An imitation of the real thing, but still surprisingly effective.

Magil: (Can only be forged during a New Game+) (Requires Forbidden Pelt)

Atoner's Mantle (Body) - You recognized your sins and lived to become a better person.
Shadow Ring (Arms) - Become one with the darkness.
Formless Boots (Legs) - Walk on air. literally.
Demon Mask (Head) - An heirloom from a darker time.

Laura: (Requires Starmetal)

Runic Plate (Body) - Armor blessed by the stars.
Runic Shield (Arms) - A shield and gauntlets shining with starlight.
Runic Greaves (Legs) - Your footsteps echo with the force of meteors.
Star Crown (Head) - Headgear emanating radiance rivaling that of the sun.

Schwann: (Requires Dreamstone Ore)

Dragonian Armor (Body) - Plate mail worn by a forgotten precourser race.
Dragonian Gauntlets (Arms) - Dragon's power runs through these arm guards.
Dragonian Boots (Legs) - Fly through the battlefields with the speed of a dragon.
Dragonian Helm (Head) - Horned headgear with a majestic aura.

Lavenda (Requires Dragon Scale)

Holy Dragon Qipao (Body) - Oriental gown blessed by the waters of the Divine Dragon Falls.
Prismatic Bands (Arms) - Helps channel magic faster.
Runic Sandals (Legs) - These Runic symbols keep you from tiring out.
Third Eye (Head) - A holy gem in the shape of a dragon's eye.

Ultimate Armor


(Can only be acquired on a New Game+. Equipping a complete set of armor will change that character's appearance.)

Schala: (Acquired by stealing from Queen Zeal in the Zeal Ruins and the Parasite Palace in Act 4.) (Permanent Strong-Minded effect.)

Prismatic Dress (Body) - A dress forged using long-forgotten Zealian arts. Meant for Schala's eventual coronation.
Prismatic Bracelets (Arms) - Bracelets forged using long-forgotten Zealian arts.
Prismatic Boots (Legs) - Boots forged using long-forgotten Zealian arts.
Prismatic Crown (Head) - A crown meant for the future queen of Zeal.

Lark: (Acquired by completing Medina Missions during Act 3) (50% Counter Rate)

Fiendlord's Armor (Body) - Custom-made armor for the 6th Fiendlord.
Fiendlord's Gauntlets (Arms) - Custom-made gauntlets for the 6th Fiendlord.
Fiendlord's Greaves (Legs) - Custom-made greaves for the 6th Fiendlord.
Fiendlord's Crown (Head) - Crown of the 6th Fiendlord.

Glenn: (Acquired by completing Missions throughout all Acts.) (Increases healing effects by %75.)

Commander's Coat (Body) - Even a captain of mercenaries can be considered a leader of men.
Commander's Bracers (Arms) - A captain must be able to put himself in harm's way for his men.
Commander's Boots (Legs) - A captain must be able to respond with haste to any situation.
Immaculate Headband (Head) - A captain must strive for perfection in all areas of life.

Reika: (Acquired by completing Missions throughout all Acts.) (Increases chance to inflict Frozen status to %100.)

Sage's Robe (Body) - Custom-made robe for one who was meant to be the next Sage of Marbule.
Sage's Gloves (Arms) - Gloves meant for the next Sage of Marbule.
Sage's Leggings (Legs) - Skirts and leggings meant for the next Sage of Marbule.
Sage's Ribbon (Head) - A ribbon meant to be given to Reika on her 18th birthday.

Gilbert: (Acquired by witnessing Gilbert's flashbacks throughout Act 3.) (Increases Dodge chance by %10)

Lutania's Cloak (Body) - Lutania's final project.
Jakob's Gauntlet (Arms) - The first cybernetics prototype.
Viper's Boots (Legs) - Boots forged on the order of Lord Viper.
Prismatic Shades (Head) - Eyewear forged by Karsh's father.

Laura: (Acquired by completing Guardia's story events in Act 4.) (Immunity from Status Ailments.)

Nova Armor (Body) - Armor transformed through time by the pendant's power...
Prismatic Shield (Arms) - A shield forged at the request of Guardia's last princess...
Sun Greaves (Legs) - Greaves forged from the Sun Stone by a genius scientist...
Hero's Bandanna (Head) - Bandanna worn by a legendary hero...

Schwann: (Acquired by competing in Medina's Arena during Acts 3 and 4.) (Permanent Hi-Res effect)

Deva's Armor (Body) - Armor specially crafted for Schwann's large frame.
Deva's Gauntlets (Arms) - Gauntlets specially crafted for Schwann.
Deva's Boots (Legs) - Boots specially crafted for Scwann.
Deva's Helm (Head) - Helmet specially crafted for Schwann.

Lavenda: (Aquired from treasure chests in Terra Tower, Fort Dragonia, the Abyssal Fissure, and the Precursor Ruins during Act 4.) (Increases Magic by 20.)

Dragon God's Vestments (Body) - Qipao blessed by the Black and White Dragons.
Dragon God's Ringbands (Arms) - Armbands blessed by the Red and Blue Dragons.
Dragon God's Tonban (Legs) - Sacred leggings blessed by the Green and Yellow Dragons.
Dragon God's Eye (Head) - Circlet blessed by the 7th Moon Dragon.

(Magil has no Ultimate Armor due to permanently leaving at the end of Act 3.)

Other Armor


Rebel's Coat (Body) - Futuristic coat for freedom fighters.
Rebel's Bracers (Arms) - Futuristic arm guards for rebel fighters.
Rebel's Greaves (Legs) - Futuristic plate boots for rebel leaders.


Rebel's Blazer (Body) - Stylish and sexy jacket for freedom fighters.
Rebel's Gloves (Arms) - Sleek gloves for rebel fighters.
Rebel's Boots (Legs) - Long boots for rebel mascots. (Don't call her that to her face, though.)

Elemental Armor:

Red Plate (Body) - Absorbs Red Elements and Magic.
Blue Plate (Body) - Absorbs Blue Elements and Magic.
Green Plate (Body) - Absorbs Green Elements and Magic.
Yellow Plate (Body) - Abosrbs Yellow Elements and Magic.
Black Plate (Body) - Abosrbs Black Elements and Magic.
White Plate (Body) - Absorbs White Elements and Magic.
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Potential Game Mechanics

(If only I had the patience and knowledge to create code so that these ideas could become reality. Oh well, a man can dream.)

(Chances are, I'll probably be repeating a lot of these points when I write up the Tutorial dialog, but I wanted to get these done.)

Damage Types

Party Members have the normal stats of defense and magic defense. Simple bread and butter. However...

There are four different damage types that enemies can be affected by.

Physical Attacks - Attacking an enemy with your equipped weapon. Basic.

Element Attacks - Your normal magic attacks. The way Elements would work in this is a bit different from Cross, but more on that later.

Physical Techs - Harder hitting than normal physicals. Some come with an affinity while others can hit multiple times. Uses MP, so they're more situational.

Magical Techs - Far more potent than Elements, but far more costly. Hit a foe's opposite Innate and watch the fireworks.

That's right. Four different damage types. Not only do enemies have defense and magic defense, they also have tech defense stats for physical and magical Techs.

In short, some enemies are resistant to Elements, some are resistant to Physical Techs, and so forth.

In my personal experience, Chrono Cross, and arguably Chrono Trigger before it, eventually fell into the trap of certain attacks eventually becoming obsolete. By the end of Cross, aside from the odd Tech or Summon for Shiny Material farming, did you really need to cast Elements anymore? Especially once Serge gets the Mastermune?

And how many Gold Studs did you equip in Trigger and spam that 20MP SINGLE TECH over and over? Why did Double and Triple Techs become left by the wayside? Though Trigger did have more going for it with at least a couple of different endgame strategies, with Frog Squash/Dino Tail and the Fury Band/Rainbow <- (guilty) combo.

This damage system (hopefully) would force one to think more strategically, with no one attack type ever becoming obsolete. And each one has it's own strengths and drawbacks, but I'll get to that later.

Element Drive

*rubs hands together*

To anybody who's been following this topic from the beginning, I've been alluding to this for some time.

The Element Drive system would replace the old circular Element Guage from Cross. Instead, there is a bar that fills whenever you use an attack with an elemental affinity with that particular color. Due to the new way that Elements work, this may be easier than it was in Cross. Fill up the bar with one color, and...

Hello, Element Drive! From here on, the bar will gradually decrease as you take actions, and the field will change slightly in appearance (wind dancing around during a Green Element Drive, for example). Not only that, all Elements of that color will be instantly charged after use, and will become stronger as well. There are other beneficial effects, too.

But wait! I haven't told you the best part! Having a character in the battle party with the same innate as the Drive will put them into a sort of Super Mode (in Lark's case, he even transforms into a different form during a Red Element Drive). Their stats increase during the duration and so do their battle options. This is the only way for a character to use their Personal Summon or their Ultimate Tech. Enemies with the opposite color innate will also be weakened.

However, it's not without it's downside. The above goes for enemies, as they can get supercharged as well. Allies with the opposite innate color will have their stats lowered.

In short, weigh your options. Do you power up an ally at the possible risk of weakening another? Do you fire volley after volley of supercharged Elements? Or do you go for the Big Guns?

One day, I'd love to see this reach fruition in an official Chrono game... Oh well.

Attacking and Stamina

Attacking would basically be the same as in Chrono Cross. Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks with increasing hit percentages per successful attack, expending stamina for each attack. No big deal, right?

Stamina, on the other hand, is a bit different this time around. In Chrono Cross, every character had 7 Stamina, and that was it. In this game, how much stamina you start with depends on the character. Then, every 10 levels, you gain an extra point of Stamina, up to 10 by level **. Certain accessories and equipment can increase this number further.

This means that you can attack more times in one turn, cast stronger elements, and still have stamina left over for a Tech. However, you can still go into negative stamina, and if you're not careful, you may use up more stamina than you can recover in one turn. With poor planning, it's possible for a character to miss up to three turns.

Certain items can restore lost stamina, as well as most healing-based Dual Techs.

Elements and the Element Grid

In Crono Cross, Elements could only be used once per turn, and could not be recharged until the end of battle, except by using certain rare consumables and Techs. And they would use up ALL of your stamina.

This would no longer be the case. As Elements are classified as magic attacks, as long as you have enough Element Power in your Grid and enough Stamina, you can cast multiple Elements in one turn. Say for instance you had 5 Element Power and 5 Stamina; You could cast five Fireballs, Photonrays, Aquabeams, etc. Of course, Element Power and Stamina are linked. A level 4 Element would cost 4 Stamina.

The next big change is that Elements automatically recharge because they're now attacks. Of course, how quickly they recharge depends on the Element's level; A Bushwhacker Element recharges instantly compared to an Aeroblaster, which would take a bit longer.

Expanding on Cross' system of attacking then using an Element, you can go back and forth between the two in a single turn. This is called a Cross Combo, which I'll point out in more detail later.

Due to Items and Techs making a return, I figured Healing And Consumable Elements were no longer necessary.

Support Elements (HiRes, Strengthen, etc.) make a return. Because Elements and Techs are separate attack types, Support Elements stack with Support Techs (Strengthen and Lark's War Cry, for example).

As for the Element Grid, it's mostly the same as in Cross, with a max Element Level of 8, except that every character's grid is unique.

Cross Combo

Cross Combos are basically switching between physical attacks and Element attacks in one turn. Certain enemies will have barriers that will reduce ALL damage to single-digits. Cross Combos can disrupt these barriers so you can attack them normally.

Another aspect of Cross Combos is Chaining. Every hit you make during a Cross Combo increases the Chain count. The higher it goes, the more damage you do. You can even switch to an ally mid-attack and have them continue the chain.

Enemies will not take this abuse lying down and will interrupt your chain sooner or later. If they are with other enemies, it's a guarantee. Certain Elements and accessories will lower the chance of interruption, but once you get to a higher count, it's best to end the combo either by defending or using a Tech.


There are a total of 12 equippable Summon Elements, just as there were in Cross. Some have been added, others removed. Level 7 Summons can be used when the Element Guage is 50% full, Level 8 Summons can be used at 75%.

And then there are Personal Summons.

Each character has a patron Summon that can be unleashed during an Element Drive. The other two members will leave the battle once a Personal Summon has been called. The summon will fight alongside their charge, and you can input commands for them. They can take damage and must be healed to keep them in the fight. Since all of their attacks have their Element Affinity, the Drive takes longer to empty.

If your character is incapacitated, they will revive you and immediately disappear from battle. They will immediately disappear if their HP falls to 0. In either case, the character loses concentration and cannot act for the next few turns, leaving them at the enemies' mercy until your party members return to battle.

Recalling a Personal Summon at a certain point in the Element Drive will cause that Summon to use a super-powerful Dual Tech with your character.

Enemies killed by any Summon drop Shiny Materials used in forging Rainbow Shell equipment.

Techs, Tech Points, and the Growth Tree

Techs make a return to the forefront. When an enemy is too fast to hit with physical attacks, or when an enemy deploys a barrier to absorb Elements, or if you just want to lay waste to a group bunched up in the corner of the battlefield, that's when you bring these out.

Single Techs you'll probably use most often, but Dual and Triple Techs are now more powerful, with some inflicting multiple hits or even exceeding the Damage Limit of 9999. This actually makes them remotely viable. What a concept!

Of course, like all good things, there are drawbacks. Techs cost both MP and Stamina, and using a Tech will end your turn, regardless of how much Stamina you have remaining. Not only that, but even the most basic of Techs costs at least 7 Stamina. So weigh your options.

Moving on...

Tech points are not gained at the end of battle, but collected during battle as soon as you defeat an enemy. Of course most enemies usually give only one or two, but some give you five or ten. Some Techs, because of this, can be learned and used immediately in the middle of battle!

The Growth Tree is where you can actually learn your Techs, among other things. Just choose a node, and that node will receive Tech Points until the skill is learned.

Now, characters gain a natural stat progression as they level up. There are nodes on the Growth Tree with personal skills and stat boosts related to that character type. (Reika has mage-related boosts and skills, Glenn has skills that boost healing, etc.)

Ultimate Techs

An Ultimate Tech is a special attack unique to only that character. Immensely powerful, they are usually used as a last resort. You can activate a character's Ultimate Tech during an Element Drive, but only when the last 15% of the Element Guage remains.

You can even activate it during your Personal Summon. This counts as a recall. Think about that for a moment.

Using an Ultimate Tech leaves you entirely without Stamina for a few turns, so be careful.

Items make a comeback. Every restorative Consumable Element from Cross is reimagined as items, as well as some brand new ones and a few classics. Tablets, Capsules, and Nostrums restore HP, items such as Ambrosias restore MP, Braces cure Yellow Status Ailments, etc.

Using an item in battle costs no Stamina, but your turn is used up.

Weapons, Armor, Shops, Materials, and Forging

There are Element Shops and Item Shops around, which are self-explanatory, as well as Equipment Shops, which sell accessories. Equipment Shops are also where you can buy armor, but there's a trick to it.

You have to visit the Forge in each town, and you must have both a base material (Copper, Iron, etc.) and a secondary material based on the character's armor type. (Silks for Schala's gowns, for example.) Once you have the materials, speak to the NPC Zappa (no, not that Zappa) and he'll get to work. Just head to the World Map and come back. He'll be done and you can buy the finished product at the Equipment Shop for a reasonable fee since you provided the materials. Each secondary material will net you all four armors for that set.

The Forge is also where you'll get your weapons. Just speak to Zappa with the necessary materials and Gold, and he'll forge your weapons on the spot.

Characters can equip a weapon, armor for the head, body, arms, and legs, and up to three accessories.

New Game and New Game+

There are certain things one should know about a New Game. The level cap is 50. Once you reach that level, an entire mass of nodes appears on each character's Growth Tree, starting with Exceed HP/MP Limit. Yet you can't put any Tech Points into it. Why? Why are the HP/MP limits? Why can the damage limit be exceeded? Why are there so many ways to make your characters stronger than they should be for a main game?

The answer is that New Game+ is a lot harder. Enemies receive massive level boosts, and bosses have revamped AI scripts. Every skill and power-up you get will be needed. Thankfully, as with every New Game+ before it, you get to carry over your levels, Elements, Techs, and equipment. And each character can aquire a set of brand new Ultimate equipment to help take on even the hardest of superbosses. Of course, the level cap is removed, as well as the growth tree cap.

You also receive the mighty Time Shifter Key Item. Anyone who's played Chrono Cross will rejoice.

Of course there are multiple endings to this game. However, the Bad Ending is mandatory for the initial playthrough for storyline reasons. And you can't get the extra endings until you get the Normal Ending, also for storyline reasons. There's got to be a Golden Ending somewhere around here, right? And why is everything so much more difficult?

Well, let's just say that there's a reason the Trope is called Earn Your Happy Ending.

Command Sequence

Chrono Saga: To the Sea of Dreams is not just a story about Schala. It's also a story about war, and there will be times during the game where you will be suddenly thrust into command of various groups opposing the militaristic nation of Porre.

Command Sequences are a bit of a genre-shift from RPG to RTS. One of the characters will end up taking the role of Commander and will be responsible for leading your allies to victory. The commander is fixed for each sequence due to storyline purposes.

Your other characters and certain NPCs lead specialized units which must be given commands throughout the battle.

The Commander can move freely over the map, and can engage enemies at any time. They can also choose from specialized units to aid them during combat.

Initiating combat leads to a separate battle screen. Depending on how many turns it takes to win, the enemy could gain ground. Use your allied units to hold them off.

Allied units can be moved to certain locations, useful for ambushing the enemy. Depending on the type of unit they lead and the enemy they fight, your allies can either take the enemy down themselves or struggle. If they struggle, it is up to the Commander to save them.

If an ally is defeated, they start back at the Home Base minus one of their units. If an ally is defeated when they have no units left, the battle will be lost. If an enemy unit reaches Home Base, the battle will be lost. If the Commander is defeated, the battle will be lost.

Thankfully, you can restart the battle with all previous normal enemy units defeated.

The Commander and certain allies will also have access to Area Effect techniques unique to their character type. However, there is a sizable recharge period after use, so know when to use them.

Some battles will have scripted events such as reinforcements or enemy ambushes. Make sure you know how to deal with changing battle conditions.

The battle will be won when you defeat the enemy General or achieve a certain condition. Generals are powerful foes and should be swarmed by your main character allies before initiating combat.

Combat in Command Sequences takes place on a separate screen, with the Commander and four other units (or allies if you're aiding them). Main characters have access to all of the techs they've currently learned. Your units or battle allies have no HP bars, as only the Commander's health matters.

Victory will net you Gold, Experience, Materials, and Tech Points.


The Zweibreicht Company are, needless to say, mercenaries. As such, they need regular work in order to continue operations... or at least keep themselves fed.

In the towns of San Dorino, Truce, and Termina, there are liaisons from the Mercenaries' Guild with available jobs to undertake in-between major story events. Some missions are simple search or fetch quests, while others offer deeper insight into certain characters, while others are bounty hunts, and some actually tie into the story.

All missions must be completed before you can move on to the next story event, and unlike other games with mission mechanics, they cannot be failed nor are they ranked.

Completing missions will net you money, Tech Points, valuable Elements, and Materials for forging.

World Map

Upon leaving the initial dungeons, you will have access to the world map. Taking cues from Trigger and Cross, there are Towns, Dungeons, and Transition Areas.

With Transition Areas, you must enter through it before you can go anywhere else. After completing a Transition Area once, you can pass through it on the world map safely without entering.

You can save your game anywhere on the world map.


Taking a cue from Namco's Tales Series, Skits are optional mini-scenes that offer insight to the world, to characters, and generally show the bonds between them.

(Some of them can just be entertaining.)

Skits can be seen at Save Points and by standing near certain landmarks or events.

The Codex

Basically an in-game encyclopedia. One can look through story synopsis by event; mission synopsis; bestiary; tech, element, and summon info; location info; character bios... etc.

Later in the game, you can help Techno reconstruct the original timeline from before it was ruined. Doing so is required for the True Ending. You also get other rewards for completing various sections of the Codex.

The Developer's Office

There is no Developer's Ending this time. *Dodges pitchforks.* Instead, the Developer's Office counts as the game's Extras Menu. You can listen to music, watch in-game FMVs, basically anything you can do in the CTDS Extras Menu.

You can also go into the Developer's Office itself, but at the beginning of the game, you may find it to be woefully empty.

Going through the game, you can aquire new tunes and movies, and with every ending you get, more of the Office fills up with people and things. You can bring along up to three of the 7 main characters. Different combinations will react to different things, all in the name of entertainment and relaxation.

Just be sure to avoid the guy who does the 'Reset Gag'. He just may have a nasty surprise waiting. :P


(*phew!* So what do you all think? Would this work? Anyway, I think that's all of it. Let me know if there's something I'm missing.)
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One day, I'd love to see this reach fruition in an official Chrono game... Oh well.
I still have to catch up on your script, skylark, but this struck me. Official Chrono game or otherwise, your best characters and most mature writing will live on as long as you keep at your art -- I guarantee it. Huzzah!


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World Map Locations

1227 AD:

South Zenan Continent - Porre: The largest, most powerful nation on the planet, and the de-facto ruler of the world. Rose up from humble beginnings as a vassal state of Guardia. However, due to the great distance between them, among other factors, they generally received little to no support from the monarchy. This eventually led to an air of discontent after the millennia.

It was at this time that the nation was approached by a certain man. Offering his knowledge of advanced machines and the promises of liberation, the seeds of rebellion were sewn. With resources from a regrown forest, the backing of a powerful family from the El Nido archipelago,  and the discovery of artifacts known as Elements, the newly-militarized nation would attack Guardia in 1005 AD, leading to a decisive and devastating victory.

Their luck would not last, as their benefactor would disappear during a sudden attack only one year later, and from then on would be caught in a military stalemate until 1115 AD. Their fortunes would change again in the year 1220 AD, as their benefactor would appear before them again. With an even greater show of might, they would wipe the nation of Medina off the map. The rest of the world would soon surrender shortly afterwards...


Dorino Research Labs (Dungeon): One of many research facilities around the world, funded and headed by Porre's Chief Scientist Yarlen Shald. While not the most advanced of laboratories, the Dorino Research Labs had made a few breakthroughs in the matters of Element sciences. Of course, like may of Porre's labs, these breakthroughs are considered mostly for military purposes instead of civilian. There is an underground passageway that connects to the deeper layers of the Dorino Mines.

This facility was destroyed by Lark in an attempt to end a renegade warmech's rampage.


San Dorino Village (Town): A sleepy hamlet at the foot of the Denadorite Mountains. Run by a man named Rogek, the town makes its trade in the mining business; More specifically in raw Element deposits and Denadorite ore. These deposites are then refined and sold to Guardia in the north and Porre to the south.

Although the villagers are wanting for little, many share most of the world's disgust with Porre's expansionist policies and the self-entitlement of it's citizens, who almost seem to go out of their way to stomp over their pride. Regardless, Dorinans are a tough breed who see each other as family, and will repay any debt they owe to those who look out for them.


Porrean Prison District (Dungeon): Located in the furthest corner of the city of Porre, it is a state-of-the-art detention center housing an equal number of criminals and political prisoners. The cell blocks are a maze of interconnected tunnels, though the wardens of the prisons are granted a method of rapid transit to various sectors.

Situated near the Ark is an arena where prisoners are forced to compete in blood sport for the entertainment and gambling of the nobility. It is also used for private public executions. All in all, nobody has ever been able to escape once incarcerated...

At least, not until a wandering thief and a mercenary assassin were sentenced, anyway.


Fiona's Forest (Transition Area): A forest that sprouted from a desolate wasteland thanks to a woman named Fiona and a group of time travelers. Although it provides an abundance of lumber and other resources, because it had been laid to waste once before, citizens of Southern Zenan are careful not to abuse them.

However, a major roadway was constructed in the middle of it to provide easy access to and from Porre, Dorino, and Zenan Bridge.


Denadoro Mountains (Transition Area): A mountain towering above the village of San Dorino. It is home to the Dorino Mines, a branch of the Zweibreicht Company, and was once the resting place of the legendary sword Masamune.

Near the top of the mountain, there is a Kilwala that comes here every few years to take in the sights. As funny as it would be, it would be wise not to kick it off the ledge.


Zweibreicht Company HQ - Dorino (Town): A mountain cabin owned by Glenn Zweibreicht a short ways up into the Denadorite Mountains. The Zweibreicht Company uses this cabin as a base when their work brings them to Southern Zenan.

Lark tends to think the place is too quiet and out of the way though, and prefers to have a room at Dorino's inn/tavern. If only some people could appreciate the simpler things in life...


Dorino Mines (Dungeon): A series of tunnels and shafts within the Denadoro Mountains. Denadorite is its main resource. It is also home to one of the planet's 'Power Spots', making it rich in Elements, so a refinery was constructed inside.

Stories say that the tunnels beneath the mines run far deeper than what's been discovered, perhaps even beneath Porre itself. What other mysteries could be hidden within...?


East Cape (Transition Area): A lookout point over the ocean. Nearby lies what was known in the Middle Ages as the Magic Cave.

There was once a Porrean colony in this area, but it was destroyed three years ago. Burned to ashes, and there were no survivors. It would be the first of many colonies attacked by a murderer known as the Bloody Flame...


Magic Cave (Dungeon): A cavern that once concealed the path to an ominous tower during the Fiend's War in the Middle Ages. Nowadays, it serves as a hiding place for surviving Mystics after the Purge of Medina.


Zenan Bridge (Transition Area): A large bridge spanning the Zenan River, connecting the north and south landmasses of the continent. Security across the bridge is strict, with up to three different checkpoints active at one time.

Recent events at the homeland have forced Porre to lock down the bridge. Travel and trade between Porre and Guardia have been discontinued until the crisis is resolved. Now, things are even worse due to the destruction of the bridge itself...


North Zenan Continent - Guardia: Founded by Cedric Guardia in 1 AD, it has stood for more than a millennia as the world's largest kingdom until it was invaded by the then-restructured nation of Porre in 1005 AD. From then, Guardia's fortunes waxed and waned as it struggled to keep up with the times and the loss of its Royal Family.

In the year 1010 AD, Guardia made a shocking counter-attack and sent Porre retreating, rebounding its fortunes. However, the damage had already been done and its sudden influx of prosperity was fleeting at best. In the year 1115 AD, Guardia was finally forced to surrender to Porre completely, becoming a provincial state of the military superpower...


Zenan Plains (Transition Area): A large firtile area within the center of the northern Zenan landmass. The roadway continuing from Porre cuts straight across the plains and leads straight to Truce, although the plains also connect to Manoria and Guardia Forest.

There are various carrier cab 'rest stops' along the central road if one simply wishes to cut through quickly to Truce or the North Zenan Checkpoint. Of course walking the plains, although more dangerous due to various beasts, is an experience of its own.


City of Truce (Town): Capital city of northern Zenan and second largest city in the world, it was spared the fate of the rest of Guardia when Porre officially annexed it in 1115 AD. Since becoming a province of the Empire, it has flourished in prosperity. At least this is how it looks on the outside. The truth of the matter is that although the native Guardia-born outnumber the Porrean settlers 5 to 1, they are considered the minority opinion, even if it looks as if the two are considered equals.

It is a subtle prejudice, a constant reminder that Guardia was the one who lost the war.


Zweibreicht Company HQ - Guardia (Town): A house just off the road near the city of Truce owned by Glenn Zweibreicht. This place could generally be considered the Company's central base of operations, as aside from Porre, Guardia is a central hub to the rest of the world.

Close enough to the city that Lark doesn't mind taking his downtime here. He tends to leave quite a mess when he does, however. Of course, Reika's always more than willing to clean up after him. It's almost sad to watch. Almost.


Vastor Estate (Dungeon): The central seat of power of Guardia's Porrean-born Provincial Governess. The Vastor family ruled as governors since Guardia's annexation in 1115 AD. The large estate was built over was was once Leene Square, in order to erase the last remaining symbol of Guardia's former sovereignity.

Houses a great number of butlers and maids, giving others the impression that the current governess does nothing for herself. Every now and then, the astute observer will occasionally discover a cloaked person on the premises, causing one to wonder if the governess has become involved in something suspect...


Guardia Forest (Transition Area): A wooded area surrounding what was once Guardia Castle. Various monsters make their home the forest, so travelers are wary of stepping foot here. The only ones willing are mercenaries looking for quick coin.


Guardia Castle Ruins (Dungeon): Guardia Castle, once the pride of the kingdom, was laid siege to during the Fall of Guardia. Once boasting a height of multiple stories, housing the headquarters of its military, and an impressive prison complex reserved for the most heinous of criminals, it has now been reduced to its mere foundations and basements.

What's more, word has it that the remains of this once-magnificent castle are haunted by the souls of those slain in the Fall and the subsequent takeover years after, unable to find peace due to their broken dreams. Rumor also tells of a hidden passage in the depths of the castle that connects to Truce's underground waterways. However, no such passage has ever been found, so the stories are treated as mere heresay.


Manoria Village (Town): A rather poor village (at least compared to Truce) situated on the outskirts of the Manoria Forest. It would seem that at first glance, there is nothing interesting or suspect about this little hovel. However, every citizen of this community is either a member of, or is involved with, the Radical Dreamers. The village itself is more or less a ruse to keep Porrean soldiers from discovering the whereabouts of the Dreamer's central headquarters.


Manoria Forest (Dungeon): A gladed path surrounding Manoria Cathedral. The main road is fraught with monsters... however, this serves a purpose. As the Cathedral is the Radical Dreamer's central base of operations, the members take carefully crafted hidden side paths to go to and from the nearby village, leaving overly curious or investigative Porreans to risk monster attack.


Manoria Cathedral (Town): Constructed in 400 AD, this building was constructed for the masses to practice their faith, receive holy blessings, and even to hold marriage ceremonies. However, things changed in 600 AD when the Fiend general Yakra would wipe out the clergy under cover of darkness, his forces impersonating its staff. After Yakra's machinations were discovered and he was slain by a cursed knight, many people were wary of even approaching the building.

Eventually, it was abandoned completely, ironically making it the perfect base of operations for the Radical Dreamers in 1227 AD.


Aquarius Labs (Dungeon): A Porrean laboratory in the middle of the ocean at the center of the world. Strange warmechs and other such things are seemingly created there. At first glance, it seems to be like any normal off-shore lab, but then when one goes deeper...

Connected to the lab above is an underwater facility built around a decayed and ancient structure. Within it are the results of some of Porre's darker experiments, not to mention a feeling of a lingering grudge born from some sort of tragedy...


Underground Channel/Truce Sewerways (Dungeon): Sewers beneath the city of Truce. Within are a surprising amount of secret passages, including one that supposedly leads to Guardia Castle.

Rumors say that the last child of Guardia's Royal Family was spirited away through these passages during the Fall of Guardia, but there is no tangible proof of these claims.


Continent of Choras: Located to the west of Southern Zenan, Choras is it's own sovereign state, but is staunchly allied with Porre. In olden times, it produced carpenters of great skill. Nowadays, it has become a mighty merchant nation, responsible for distributing most of the world's wealth. Enough so that it is whispered that whoever gains control of Choras gains control of the world.

Within the last twenty years however, a strange and deadly epidemic has befallen the continent...


Village of Soran (Town):

City of Choras (Town):

Port of Zaineheim Ruins (Dungeon):

Galbanni Mansion (Dungeon):

Ghost Ship (Dungeon):


El Nido Archipelago: A nation of islands somewhere among the Zenan Seas formed around 10,000 BC. In 1005 AD, the regional lord of the time was asked by a fledgling Porre to join them in conquering Guardia. Seeing this as his best chance to flex his army's muscle, he sent his best men to aid in their endeavor.

In 1020 AD, the Dragoon's service to Porre was repaid with betrayal. Porre invaded the city of Termina and Viper Manor, and nearly subjected the General's daughter Riddel to torture. Thanks to the efforts of Norris and Serge, Porre was forced to pull out of the manor.

To this very day, even though relations with Porre seem smooth on the surface, the Viper Clan and the Acacia Dragoons have never forgotten or forgiven Porre's treachery...


City of Termina (Town): A bustling port city under the watchful eye of the Viper Clan. Its citizens hold complete loyalty towards the Acacia Dragoons. It is the only city in the archipelago that holds vessels large enough to withstand the rough currents to and from the island nations, and regularly holds trade with Choras. It is also the home of the blacksmith Zappa and his family's famous forge.


Zweibreicht Company HQ - El Nido (Town): A seaside dwelling overlooking the ocean owned by Reika Onin. Recently purchased, it has become the Zweibreicht Company's newest branch, although Reika had hoped it would eventually become a quiet home for her and Lark.

The only problem is that one would have to clear the Nus off with a broom on a regulars basis. For some reason, Schala actually seems to like the damn things. Who knew?


Shadow Forest (Dungeon):

Viper Manor (Town):

Fossil Valley (Transition Area):

Arni Village (Town):

Hydra Marshes (Dungeon):

Guldove (Town):

Terra Tower (Dungeon):

Water Dragon Isle (Dungeon):

Earth Dragon Isle (Dungeon):

Gaia's Navel (Dungeon):

Isle of the Damned (Dungeon):

Mount Pyre (Dungeon):

Fort Dragonia (Dungeon):

Marbule (Town):


Medinan Continent: Founded an unspecified number of years ago, the Medinan continent was home to a race of demons, known to common people as Fiends or Mystics. After the wars of 600 AD and the deposing of Ozzie by a group of time travelers, the remaining Mystics had vowed to abolish their more barbaric traits. By 1000 AD, trade had begun with the kingdom of Guardia, and it looked as though the future of Medina would be a bright one.

Everything changed after the Fall of Guardia. Realizing the society Porre would create had no place for non-humans, the Mystics slowly built up their defenses, eventually becoming a nation that would rival Porre. During the years after Guardia's counter-attack on Porre, they would discover large chambers and hidden passages beneath the northern ruins. They would find ancient magic armaments, among them being a large Rune Cannon, which they would reconstruct within their capital by 1120 AD.

The initial test-firing was a disaster, as the power of the ancient weapon was too much for their spellcasters. The majority of the continent was transformed into a desert in the space of a single night. However, the Mystics were a strong, resilient people, and would soon adapt quickly to the change in conditions. In the following years, they would succeed in holding off Porre many times... but in the year 1220 AD, the gates of their capital would be opened from within, granting access to the Immortal Emperor and his waiting armies. With this, the nation of Medina was swallowed up by the times...


Medina Desert Wastes: (Transition Area)

City of Medina: (Town)

Medina North Oasis: (Town)

Porrean Military Outpost: (Dungeon)

Northern Ruins: (Dungeon)

Fortress Ruins: (Dungeon)

Heckran Cave: (Dungeon)

Abandoned Hut: (Town)

Abyssal Fissure: (Transition Area)


Other Areas of the World:

Precursor Ruins: (Dungeon)

Zeal Ruins: (Dungeon)

Sun Palace: (Dungeon)

Dark Palace Ruins: (Dungeon)


2486 AD:

Braugnwein Residence: (Town)

Chronopolis: (Town)

Termina Dome: (Town)

El Nido Highway: (Transition Area)

Geno Dome: (Dungeon)

Balthesar's Lab: (Dungeon)


End of Time: (Dungeon)

Gaspar's Space: (Town)


12,001 BC:

Kajar: (Town)

Zeal Palace: (Town)

Underneath Zeal: (Dungeon)

Zeal Core: (Dungeon)


1025 AD:

Kid's Villa (Town):


Final Areas:

Porre: (Dungeon)

Ark of the Black Lion: (Dungeon)

Corrupted Zeal/Parasite Palace: (Dungeon)

Angra Mainyu (Final Dungeon): It is an old Zealian legend, first told upon discovering the Dreamscape. Within the Tessaract, at the very center of the Dead Sea, lies the terminus station of Angra Mainyu. All of the flotsam of discarded timelines winds up inside the eye of the storm. It is a blighted hellscape where logic and reason have no place. Only dreamers dare enter, as for mortals to wander its halls would mean to stare into the very face of madness. For the living, for the corporeal... it is the only path to the shores of Zurvan.

Gate of Ahura Mazda: (Final Battlefield 1)

Zurvan Shores: (Final Battlefield 2)

(To be modified later)
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Summon List

(Note: All attack Summons and Personal Summons attack all enemies and can exceed the Damage Limit)

Summon Elements


Red Wolf - The Red Wolf summons a tidal wave of flame.

Bishamon - Avatar of war boosts attack attributes. (Permanent Genius, Strengthen, and Eagle Eye effect)


Blue Whale - The Blue Whale emerges from glacial waters.

Frog Prince - The Frog Prince summons powerful geysers.


Golem - Earth spirit flattens foes.

Thunder Snake - Flying snake electrifies foes.


Sonja - Forest Dryad attacks foes with poison spores. (Chance to inflict Poison status)

Quetzal - Bird-god of wind blows foes away.


Mothership - UFO cremates enemies.

Grim Reaper - Avatar of Death destroys foes. (Chance of Instant Death)


Unicorn - Unicorn casts a protective light. (Permanent Hi Res, Nimble, and Strong Minded effect)

Souleon - Light-being of the sun annihilates foes.

Personal Summons

Schala - Masamune (Aquired in Act 3)

Dream spirits that inhabit Schala's sword. Dual Tech: Grand Dream

Lark - Salamandine (Aquired in Act 2)

An unidentifiable being made of living flame. Dual Tech: Lance Blazer

Glenn - Djinn Sisters (Aquired in Act 2)

Twin genies with mastery over the winds. Dual Tech: Perfect Shot

Reika - Leviathan (Aquired in Act 2)

A giant serpentine being made entirely of water. Dual Tech: Absolute Zero

Gilbert - Enforcer (Aquired in Act 3)

An assassin encased in deepest shadows. Dual Tech: Black Dream

Laura - Seraphs (Starts with it)

An army of Heaven serving out a birth contract. Dual Tech: Final Charge

Scwann - Wukong (Starts with it)

A gigantic ape made of stone. Dual Tech: Earth God Cleaver

Lavenda - Dragon Shadow (Acquired in Act 3.)

An eidolon of the Dragon God summoned through a dark ritual. Dual Tech: Dragon's Curse
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Status Effects

(Note: Special Thanks to Alfadorredeux for helping me out with this one.)
Positive Status

(Note: The stat buffs such as Attack Up are Element Status effects. Techs such as Lark's War Cry are Tech Status effects. Since they are different attack types, they stack.)

Attack Up - Increases Attack and Physical Tech power.
Defense Up - Increases Defense power.
Magic Up - Increases Element and Magical Tech power.
Resistance Up - Increases Magic Defense power.
Evade Up - Increases chance to dodge attacks.
Accuracy Up - Increases Hit%.

Regen - Gradually restore HP every turn.
Auto-Revive - Revives when HP reaches 0.
Vigor - Temporarily stop Stamina consumption.
Permanence - All stat buffs become permanent.
Shield - Physical Attacks are negated.
Barrier - Magical Attacks are negated.

Status Ailments

(Note: Most status effects will fade with time. Others persist after battle.)

Confuse (Green) - No control over actions. May attack allies.
Poison (Green) - Gradually lose HP with each turn. Moving decreases HP outside of battle.
Anti-Green (Green) - Unable to use Green Elements or Techs.
Accuracy Down (Green) - Lowers Hit%.

Fear (Red) - Become more susceptible to Critical Hits.
Burn (Red) - Defense power is halved. (Stacks with Defense Down) Take more damage from Traps outside of battle.
Anti-Red (Red) - Unable to use Red Elements or Techs.
Strength Down (Red) - Lowers Attack and Physical Tech power.

Frozen (Blue) - Cannot act for 1 turn. Attacks made against you will become Criticals for 3 turns afterward.
Flu (Blue) - Gradually lose MP with each turn. Controls are switched outside of battle.
Anti-Blue (Blue) - Unable to use Blue Elements or Techs.
Evade Down (Blue) - Lowers chance to dodge attacks.

Stop (Yellow) - Cannot act for a certain number of turns.
Sprain (Yellow) - Attack power is halved. (Stacks with Strength Down) Running is impossible outside of battle.
Anti-Yellow (Yellow) - Unable to use Yellow Elements or Techs.
Defense Down (Yellow) - Lowers Defense power.

Blind (Black) - Hit% lowers after each attack, regardless of success.
Curse (Black) - Stamina is lowered when hit.
Anti-Black (Black) - Unable to use Black Elements or Techs.
Magic Down (Black) - Lowers Element and Magical Tech power.

Sleep (White) - Cannot act at all until awoken by a physical attack or item.
Fatigue (White) - Consume more stamina than normal.
Anti-White (White) - Unable to use White Elements and Techs.
Resistance Down (White) - Lowers Magic Defense power.

Unique Status

Seal - Unable to use Elements or Magical Techs for a certain number of turns. Affects allies and enemies both.
Magnify - Magic power is increased by 1.5.
Diminish - Magic power is decreased by 1.5.

Demon State - Stats are doubled. Every attack becomes a Critical Hit. Capable of absorbing Red Elements. Lasts until the end of a Red Element Drive. Unique to Lark.

Provoke - Enemy attacks and magic are drawn towards the caster for a certain number of turns.  Past level 50, boost to Defense and Magic Defense is aquired. Unique to Laura.

Shut Down - Cannot act for 3 turns. Regen status bestowed, but all defense is lowered by x3. After 3 turns, Reboot status bestowed. Unique to Gilbert.

Reboot - All HP, MP, Stamina, and Element Power is recovered. Regen, Permanence, Vigor, and Auto-Revive status bestowed. Attack Up, Defense Up, Magic Up, Resistance Up, Evade Up, and Accuracy Up are bestowed. Unique to Gilbert.

Peerless - All stats maxed. Permanent Auto-Revive. Immune to Status Ailments. Unique only to Roas during Schala's prologue.
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Blind (Black) - Physical attacks will always miss, regardless of Hit%.

This seems like an unusually severe penalty—in most RPGs, blind status halves to-hit. If you think that's too wimpy, a 90% reduction might be appropriate (even in Real Life, if you flail around randomly while blindfolded you will occasionally hit something). No chance of hitting at all might result in a sudden-death situation for no good reason if the party can't flee and can't cure the status.

Fear (Red) -
Burn (Red) -
Sprain (Yellow) -

Am I to understand that you're not quite sure what to do for these? How about:

Fear (Red) - The character will not take any aggressive action (attacks, attack spells, elements, or items, aggressive techs), but will still perform healing or defensive actions. Or, alternatively, the character tries to flee the battle.

Burn (Red) - The character takes damage if they perform an action (but not if they just defend).

Sprain (Yellow) - Character takes twice as long to perform actions, AKA slow.

Alternatively, move Confuse to red, and ditch 1-3 of the other effects, resulting in only one status for each colour (or 1 for R/G/Y/Blue and two for Black and White, or one for each colour plus one that's considered either pure physical or "multicoloured").


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This seems like an unusually severe penalty—in most RPGs, blind status halves to-hit. If you think that's too wimpy, a 90% reduction might be appropriate (even in Real Life, if you flail around randomly while blindfolded you will occasionally hit something). No chance of hitting at all might result in a sudden-death situation for no good reason if the party can't flee and can't cure the status.


Am I to understand that you're not quite sure what to do for these? How about:

Fear (Red) - The character will not take any aggressive action (attacks, attack spells, elements, or items, aggressive techs), but will still perform healing or defensive actions. Or, alternatively, the character tries to flee the battle.

Burn (Red) - The character takes damage if they perform an action (but not if they just defend).

Sprain (Yellow) - Character takes twice as long to perform actions, AKA slow.

Alternatively, move Confuse to red, and ditch 1-3 of the other effects, resulting in only one status for each colour (or 1 for R/G/Y/Blue and two for Black and White, or one for each colour plus one that's considered either pure physical or "multicoloured").

Well, I was just going to go with the Chrono Cross versions of the effects, but didn't have enough time to get them put down. Looks like they worked out pretty well.

And yeah, I wanted blind to be different from Accuracy Down, but I think the compromise I came up with fits even better, so thanks. :)


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Item List


Tablet - Restores 50 HP.
Capsule - Restores 200 HP.
Nostrum - Restores 500 HP.
Vitamin - Restores 1200 HP.
Health Potion - Restores all HP.

Honey Pill - Restores 10 MP.
Passion Fruit - Restores 30 MP.
Nectar - Restores 80 MP.
Ambrosia - Restores 150 MP.
Ether - Restores all MP.

Stamina Drop - Restores 3 Stamina.
Stamina Pill - Restores 5 Stamina.
Stamina Bar - Restores 7 Stamina.
Stamina Drought - Restores 10 Stamina.

Nature Salve - Restore 4 levels of Element Power.

Recharger - Instantly recharges a single Element.

Life Powder - Revives a fallen ally.

Elixir - Restores all HP, MP, and Stamina.
Megalixer - Restores all HP, MP, Stamina, and Element Power for all allies.

Shelter - Restores party's HP and MP at Save Points or the World Map.

Brace - Heal Yellow Status Ailments.
Medicine - Heal Blue Status ailments.
Ointment - Heal Red Status Ailments.
Antidote - Heal Green Status Ailments.
Black-Out - Heal Black Status Ailments.
White-Out - Heal White Status Ailments.
Panacea - Heal all Status Ailments.


Fear Gas - Inflicts Fear status.
Molotov - Inflicts Burn Status.
Quaffid Seeds - Inflicts Confusion Status.
Poison Bomb - Inflicts Poison Status.
Sleep Grenade - Inflicts Sleep Status.
Draining Circle - Inflicts Fatigue Status.
Frost Bomb - Inflicts Frozen Status.
Syringe - Inflicts Flu Status.
Shock Grenade - Inflicts Stop Status
Bolas - Inflicts Sprain Status.
Ink Bomb - Inflicts Blind Status.
Mojoy Doll - Inflicts Curse Status.

Stat Gain Items

Power Tab - Permanently increases Strength by 1.
Magic Tab - Permanently increases Magic by 1.
Speed Tab - Permanently increases Agility by 1.
Guard Tab - Permanently increases Constitution by 1.
Hit Tab - Permanently increases Accuracy by 1.
Mystic Tab - Permanently increases Resistance by 1.
Lucky Tab - Permanently increases Luck by 1.
Stamina Tab - Permanently increases maximum Stamina by 1.
Life Tab - Permanently increases maximum HP by 50.
Arcane Tab - Permanently increases maximum MP by 10.

Key Items/Other Items

Schala's Pendant - A pendant found alongside Schala. Seems to have a strange power.

Lark's Amulet - A keepsake passed down through Lark's family for generations.

Codex - A futuristic information and communication device given to Schala for her mission.

Mercenary's Badge - Proof of membership of the Zweibreicht Company.

Bronze Voucher - Turn into the nearest NuMamonja's for a year's supply of free toilet paper!!

Silver Voucher - Turn into the nearest NuMamaonja's for your very own singing Gato!!

Gold Voucher - Turn into the nearest NuMamaonja's for a free Jet Bike!! (Offer not accountable until 2300 AD.)

Platinum Voucher - Half off all Accessories at your nearest NuMamonja's!! (Offer good only for our 'valued' customers.)

Race Log - Records your best race times against Johnny.

Safety Gear - A set of clothing that keeps one safe from natural hazards. (Prevents poison, flu, burns, and sprains from being inflicted by traps.)

Runestone Key - An artifact required to pass through sealed gates in the Northern Ruins.

Mop - A gift from a Nu. The mightiest of all weapons.

Schala's Favor - A trinket given to Lark symbolizing a promise to stay alive.

Time Shifter - Special device used to speed up time.

Black Fragment - A fragment of the Chrono Cross. Aquired from a reality where the future refused to change...

White Fragment - A fragment of the Chrono Cross. Aquired from a reality where the world was saved, but at a great sacrifice...

Red Fragment - A fragment of the Chrono Cross. Aquired from a reality where the wicked flame burned all in its path...

Yellow Fragment - A fragment of the Chrono Cross. Aquired from a reality where a magic kingdom continued to flourish...

Green Fragment - A fragment of the Chrono Cross. Aquired from a reality where machines came to rule the world, led by a mighty colossus...

Blue Fragment - A fragment of the Chrono Cross. Aquired from a reality where an immortal queen rules the world with fear...

Unstable Dragon Tear - The powers within can cause great harm if not used cautiously.

Chrono Cross - A 'seventh' Element capable of unifying thoughts and feelings into harmony.



Copper - A simple lump of copper. Not the best, but better than bone.

Iron - A lump of iron ore. Used in just about everything these days.

Mythril - A lump of mythril silver. It doesn't get shiny until it gets refined.

Denadorite - An ancient stone harder than any known metal. Gives a weird prehistoric vibe.

Rainbow Shell - A strange, almost otherworldly material. Weapons and armor made from this are without peer.

Secondary: Silk

Silk - Soft and smooth. Unsurprisingly expensive.

Velvet Silk - A red-hued fabric. Soft enough to want to sleep in.

Fibresteel Silk - Futuristic techniques weave metal alloy into a soft and surprisingly sturdy material.

Ancient Silk - Magic fabric from a lost civilization. Makes a certain party member feel homesick.

Purified Silk - Fabric washed in holy water and blessed by sacred power.

Secondary: Leather

Leather - Rough animal hide. Smells just a bit funny.

Chromed Leather - Double-stitched hide. Makes it more durable.

Fibresteel Leather - Alloy weaved into a tough hide. Hate to imagine what the cow would look like...

Reptite Leather - Sure, just defile an extinct precourser race. They won't mind. Really!

Blood Leather - Something tells me we shouldn't ask where they got the blood...

Secondary: Cloth

Cloth - Simple stitched fabric. Kind of itchy.

Rigid Cloth - Reinforced cloth. It's about as effective as the average grunt.

Fibresteel Cloth - Alloy weaved into clothing. Surprisingly durable.

Holy Cloth - Used by the priesthood. Smells like church.

Manly Cloth - Created BY men, FOR men. Let your manliness flow!!

Secondary: Feathers

Cotton: Simple cotton bolls, found in any field or beginning adventuring area.

Rose Cotton Down - The best cotton available. Just be sure to pick out the thorns.

Griffon Down - Moltings from growing Griffon chicks. Softer than most pillows.

Phoenix Feather - Well, not feathers, but the other thing. We don't want to get sued.

Angel's Down - The softest material on the planet. Somewhere, there's a Seraph with paper bags over its wings...

Secondary: Alloy

Alloy - A mysterious malleable metal. Can take a variety of shapes.

Superalloy - Futuristic supermetal. Malleable enough to weave into fabric.

Hyperalloy - A refined supermetal. Can be molded into anything.

Omega-alloy - A supermetal with regenerative properties.

Secondary: Pelt

Animal Pelt - Just a regular pelt from a wild beast. Pretty ho-hum.

Silver Pelt - Pelt from a shining beast. Try not to catch holy hell.

Magic Pelt - Pelt from a mystic beast. It was probably some Fiend's pet. For shame.

Forbidden Pelt - Pelt from a demonic beast. Pray that the remains don't walk around on their own...

Secondary: Metal

Enhanced Steel - Simple steel twice-refined by metallurgy.

Platinum Steel - More expensive than gold, weaker than silver. Odd...

Moonmetal - A metal said to have fallen from the moon. Has a tendency to attract rabbits...

Starmetal - Metal found within a meteor. Beware of small blue spacemen when handling.

Secondary: Ore

Pure Silver Ore - A nugget of the highest quality Mythril known to man.

Dragonshard Ore - A fossilized stone found deep within ancient Dragovian ruins. Smells like forgotten aspirations.

Dreamstone Ore - A prehistoric material predating... just about everything. How you managed to find some is beyond me.

Secondary: Ancient Scales

Drake Scale - Fossilized scale removed from an ancient dragon mount.

Wyrm Scale - Large scale broken off from a mighty serpent.

Dragon Scale - Runic-infused scale from a giant dragon.

Common Materials

Bone - Monster's bone. Why was this considered a base material again?

Humour - Monster's bodily fluids. As disgusting as it sounds.

Carapace - Monster's carapace shell. The cause of many a stubbed toe.

Scale - Monster's scale. No, they do not make a pretty necklace.

Eyeball - Monster's eyeball. A big hit at the parties.

Feather - Monster's feather. Never was there a more popular clothing decoration.

Screw - Machine's screw. If only these fell off during battle...

Seed - Plant's seed. It will either grow fruit or death.

Fur - Monster's fur. You'd have to be insane to make a coat out of this.

Fang - Monster's fang. For all your tribal accessories.

Shiny Materials

Shiny Sand - Legendary material of the Yellow element.

Shiny Soot - Legendary material of the Black element.

Shiny Ember - Legendary material of the Red element.

Shiny Leaf - Legendary material of the Green element.

Shiny Salt - Legendary material of the White element.

Shiny Dew - Legendary material of the Blue element.
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Accessory List

General Stat Boosters

Power Glove - Raises Attack by 1. (Lark joins equipped with one.)
Dragoon's Gauntlet - Raises Attack by 3. (Schwann joins equipped with one.)
Power Seal - Raises Attack by 5.

Sky Djinn's Ring - Raises Magic by 1.
Magician's Contract - Raises Magic by 3. (Magil joins equipped with one.)
Magic Seal - Raises Magic by 5.

Shin Guard - Raises Defense by 1.
Pauldron - Raises Defense by 3. (Laura joins equipped with one.)
Chest Protector - Raises Defense by 5.

Saint's Armlet - Raises Magic Defense by 1. (Reika joins equipped with one.)
Angel's Armlet - Raises Magic Defense by 3.
Heaven's Armlet - Raises Magic Defense by 5.

Dancing Shoes - Raises Evade by 1.
Kung-Fu Shoes - Raises Evade by 3.
Running Shoes - Raises Evade by 5.

Silver Loupe - Increases Hit by 1. (Glenn joins equipped with one.)
Sight Scope - Increases Hit by 3.
Sniper's Eye - Increases Hit by 5.

Dragoon's Honor - Increases Attack, Hit, and Magic by 3. (Schwann joins equipped with one.)
Dragoon's Glory - Increases Attack, Hit, and Magic by 5.
Dragoon's Strength - Increases Attack, Hit, and Magic by 7.

Defender - Increases Defense, Magic Defense, and Evade by 3.
Protector - Increases Defense, Magic Defense, and Evade by 5.
Guardian - Increases Defense, Magic Defense, and Evade by 7.

Bronze Earring - Increases maximum HP by 50. (Laura joins equipped with this.)
Gold Earring - Increases maximum HP by 200.
Earring of Light - Increases maximum HP by 500.
Earring of Hope - Increases maximum HP by 1000.

Silver Chain - Increases maximum MP by 15.
Gold Chain - Increases maximum MP by 30. (Lavenda joins equipped with this)
Platinum Chain - Increases maximum MP by 50.
Magus' Chain - Increases maximum MP by 100.

Status Resistance

Anti-Toxin Cap - Prevents Poison.
Clarity Cap - Prevents Confusion.
Forest Charm - Prevents Anti-Green.
Green Brooch - Prevents Green status effects.

Medicinal Cap - Prevents Flu.
Anti-Freezing Cap - Prevents Frozen.
Sea Charm - Prevents Anti-Blue.
Blue Brooch - Prevents Blue status effects.

Poultice Cap - Prevents Burns.
Courage Cap - Prevents Fear.
Flame Charm - Prevents Anti-Red.
Red Brooch - Prevents Red status effects.

Plaster Cap - Prevents Sprain.
Tingly Cap - Prevents Stop.
Earth Charm - Prevents Anti-Yellow.
Yellow Brooch - Prevents Yellow status effects.

Sight Cap - Prevents Blind.
Anti-Curse Cap - Prevents Curse.
Daemon Charm - Prevents Anti-Black.
Black Brooch - Prevents Black status effects.

Alarm Cap - Prevents Sleep.
Refreshing Cap - Prevents Fatigue.
Angel Charm - Prevents Anti-White.
White Brooch - Prevents White status effects.

Vigil Cap - Prevents all basic status effects.
Rainbow Charm - Prevents all 'Anti' status effects.

Special Effect

Silver Stud - Decrease MP consumption by 1/4.
Gold Stud - Decrease MP consumption by 1/2.
Platinum Stud - Decrease MP consumption by 3/4.

Priest's Oath - Increases healing effects by 25%. (Glenn joins equipped with one.)
Doctor's Oath - Increases healing effects by 50%.
Healer's Oath - Doubles the power of healing effects.

Keen Sight - Decreases chances of an enemy interrupting your Cross Combo chain.

Dreamer's Scarf - Begin battle with 1 Element Power.
Dreamer's Sash - Begin battle with 3 Element Power.
Dreamer's Sarong - Begin battle with full Element Power.

Resistance Ring - Decreases the duration of status effects.
Resistance Belt - Decreases the duration of debuffs.

Stamina Ring - Increases Stamina recovery by 1.5.
Stamina Belt - Doubles Stamina recovery.

Element Ring - Increases Element Guage fill rate.
Drive Ring - Element Drives will last longer.

Strike Ring - Adds an extra hit to every physical attack.

Rage Band - 50% counterattack rate.
Frenzy Band - 80% counterattack rate.

Ocean Circle - Physical attacks imbued with Blue Element.
Wind Circle - Physical attacks imbued with Green Element.
Rock Circle - Physical attacks imbued with Yellow Element.
Dark Circle - Physical attacks imbued with Black Element.
Flame Circle - Physical attacks imbued with Red Element.
Holy Circle - Physical Attacks imbued with White Element.

Ozzie Pants - Increases Attack and Defense by 15, but start battle with Blind, Fatigue, Poison, and Fear.
Flea Vest - Increase Magic by 10. (Female only)
Slasher Sash - Increase Evade by 10. (Male only)

Thief's Ring - Increases the success of Pilfer. (Schala only)
Kitty Bell - Increases the success of Charm and Twin Charm. (Reika only)
Thug's Ring - Increases the success of Swipe and Smash & Grab. (Glenn only)
Chivalric Musk - Take damage in place of a female. (Lark only)
Wyvern's Gem - Cast two DoT-based Techs in one turn. (Lavenda only)

Profiteer's Purse - Increase Gold aquired after battle.
Skill Book - Increase Tech Points aquired.
Font of Growth - Increase Experience aquired after battle.

Sunglasses - 25% increase to the power of all attacks.
Moonglasses - 25% resistance to all damage types.
Prismspecs - 50% increase to the power of all attacks and 50% resistance to all damage types.

Character Specific - One of a Kind

(Note: These accessories cannot be discarded.)



Janus' Amulet - Prevents all status effects. Adds 1 extra point of Stamina.
Astral Amulet - Increases critical power of the Masamune, the Dreamweavers, and the Grand-Lanzer.
Lark's Amulet - Increases Attack, Defense, Magic, and Magic Defense by 10.


Deveritus Seal - Increases the power of Magical Techs, Elements, and Salamandine.
Schala's Favor - Increases Attack, Defense, and Hit by 10. Adds 1 extra point of Stamina.


Hope's Pendant - Doubles effect of healing items. Adds 1 extra point of Stamina.


Sage's Charm - Increases Magic, Magic Defense, and Evade by 10. Adds 1 extra point of Stamina.


Viper's Seal - Increases Critical Chance by 10%. Adds 1 extra point of Stamina.


Guardia's Tear - Increases the power of White and Blue Elements and Techs. Adds 1 extra point of Stamina.


Annette's Charm - Prevents status debuffs. Adds 1 extra point of Stamina.


Reptite's Soul - Increases Agility, Hit, and Magic by 10. Increases MP by 50. Increases the Damage over Time of DoT-based Techs. Adds 1 extra point of Stamina.


Schala's Amulet - Prevents all status effects. (Cannot remove.)


Alphard's Amulet - Grants Peerless status. (Cannot remove.)
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Element List



Fireball - Hurls spheres of flame at an enemy. (Target: Single Enemy)
Magma Bomb - Launches a volley of magma balls at foes. (Target: Enemy Group)
Flame Pillar - Burns enemy in a pillar of flames. (Target: Single Enemy)
Magma Burst - Makes lava gush out from beneath foes. (Target: Enemy Group)
Inferno - Heats air to a burning-hot temperature. (Target: All Enemies)
Volcano - Induces an enormous volcanic eruption. (Target: All Enemies)


Aqua Beam - Blasts foes with a high-pressure water stream. (Target: Enemy Line)
Ice Lance - Hurls an icicle spear at an unsuspecting foe. (Target: Single Enemy)
Aqua Ball - Hurls a large sphere of water at your opponents. (Target: Enemy Group)
Ice Blast - Freezes your foe in a cage of ice. (Target: Single Enemy)
Deluge - Inundates foes in icy-cold floodwaters. (Target: All Enemies)
Iceberg - Hails large chunks of ice down on foes. (Target: All Enemies)


Bush Whacker - Slices foe with a cloud of whirling leaves. (Target: Single Enemy)
Aero Saucer - Throws blades of razor-sharp air to slice foe. (Target: Single Enemy)
Bush Basher - Encases foes in a cage of thorny bushes. (Target: Enemy Group)
Aero Blaster - Shoots a sonic blast at your foes. (Target: Enemy Line)
Carnivore - A humongous Venus Flytrap devours foes. (Target: All Enemies)
Tornado - Causes a cyclone that batters foes to bits. (Target: All Enemies)


Uplift - Cuts out and drops a block of stone at a foe. (Target: Single Enemy)
Electro Jolt - Shocks a foe with an electrical discharge. (Target: Single Enemy)
Upheaval - Spears foes with shards of shattered earth. (Target: Enemy Group)
Electro Bolt - Hurls a lightning bolt down on your opponent. (Target: Single Enemy)
Earthquake - Crushes foes beneath giant stone pillars. (Target: All Enemies)
Thunder Storm - Causes a series of thunderbolts to appear. (Target: All Enemies)


Gravity Blow - Blows away a foe with a ball of pure gravity. (Target: Single Enemy)
Hell Soul - Attempts to remove the soul from a foe's body. (Target: Single Enemy)
Gravitonne - Crushes foes with a supergravity field. (Target: All Enemies)
Hellbound - Sends your enemy on a trip to Hell. (Target: Single Enemy)
Freefall - Drops a foe from the sky at supersonic speed. (Target: Single Enemy)
Black Hole - Sucks everything in the area into a super-vacuum. (Target: All Enemies)


Photon Ray - Shoots a bright laser beam at your opponents. (Target: Enemy Line)
Meteorite - Drops a comet down on an unsuspecting foe's head. (Target: Single Enemy)
Photon Beam - Bombards enemies with an extra-powerful laser. (Target: Enemy Line)
Meteor Shower - Hurls several large asteroids at foes. (Target: All Enemies)
Holy Light - Casts a holy circle. (Target: All Enemies) (Instant Death to Undead)
Big Bang - Causes an explosion of high-density energy. (Target: All Enemies)



Strengthen - Bestows Attack Up status. (Target: Single Ally)
Weaken - Inflicts Attack Down status. (Target: Single Enemy)
Interrupt Sight - Temporarily stops an enemy from interrupting your Cross Combo Chain. (Target: Single Enemy)


Nimble - Bestows Evade Up status. (Target: Single Ally)
Numble - Inflicts Evade Down status. (Target: Single Enemy)
Vigora - Temporarily stop an ally's Stamina consumption. (Target: Single Ally)


Eagle Eye - Bestows Accuracy Up status. (Target: Single Ally)
Bat Eye - Inflicts Accuracy Down status. (Target: Single Enemy)
Info Scope - View HP and weaknesses of the enemy. (Target: Single Enemy)


Hi Res - Bestows Defense Up status. (Target: Single Ally)
Low Res - Inflicts Defense Down status. (Target: Single Enemy)
Phys-Negate - Bestows Shield status. (Target: Single Ally)


Genius - Bestows Magic Up status. (Target: Single Ally)
Imbecile - Inflicts Magic Down status. (Target: Single Enemy)
Lock - Bestows Permanence status. (Target: Single Ally)


Strong Minded - Bestows Resistance Up status. (Target: Single Ally)
Weak Minded - Inflicts Resistance Down status. (Target: Single Enemy)
Mag-Negate - Bestows Barrier status. (Target: Single Ally)



Seal All - Inflicts Seal status.
Diminish - Lowers Magic effectiveness.
Black Field - Fills 50% of the Element Guage with Black.


Magnify - Raises Magic effectiveness.
White Field - Fills 50% of the Element Guage with White.


Red Field - Fills 50% of the Element Guage with Red.


Blue Field - Fills 50% of the Element Guage with Blue.


Green Field - Fills 50% of the Element Guage with Green.


Yellow Field - Fills 50% of the Element Guage with Yellow.
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For those who don't check the front page often... Um...

Check the front page. Chances are that I've updated my to-do list and such.

Just thought I'd throw it out there. :oops:

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Three themes per character is overkill, or it would be if you intended to develop your project. The whole point of having a theme is that there's one that fits a given character, place, or moment.

Instead of each character having a "somber" theme and an "action" theme, maybe you should choose a single song for those moments that would play regardless of who's on screen.

I'm not saying it would be impossible to have so many different music tracks, but there's a reason games don't do that. As an example, think of any character in CT and tell me what plays in your head. Their theme plays, obviously, but why? Because it is iconic and singular, it both embodies and defines the character, and the repetition of the one track makes it contextually memorable. If each character had several un-related pieces of music associated with them, the audience might not remember any of it at all.

I guess my suggestion only matters depending on your intentions moving forward. What are you going to do, keep posting on the Compendium just to be done with it, or are you going to make a game? I fear the latter option scares too many people away who are convinced they will never learn something new, that they know everything they were meant to know, and that making something like a game requires years of study or some other great expense. It's simply not true. All it takes is asking the right people to help with specific tasks that push the workflow forward to completion. And patience.

Well, I've said my piece(my peace? Whatever, you get it). Good luck!