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If Toriyama had design them... Part 2

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Hello everyone
I really hope you enjoy the videos on my YouTube channel, but I will upload another video only when I finish the draws I am doing.
I can't draw them and paint them quickly...men, Dentistry is such a .... I also must study some more for tomorrow and I had only 2 hours sleeped  :picardno
Here's my little advance...
I want to make every character from Radical Dreamers as if Akira Toriyama would draw and design the characters.

I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned :wink:

I'll upload them as soon as they're finish.


lookin good from what I can tell! don't forget to do esmeld

In fact, he's there  8)

Nice and quite useful post. Keep up the good work!

Hey, did you ever finish these?


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