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CT - Opening - a sample of my writing :P
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Quote from: Jake-A-Roonie
If it was a "very, very long time ago," you may have read Piercing The Darkness or This Present Darkness, both of which are about spiritual warfare and are the specific books my writing is compared to.

Back when I was about 10 or so, I read some children's books he had written, but I have not read any of Peretti's work since, nor do I intend to.

That's actually part of the reason why I just don't read much anymore.  People tell you to read, read, read, so you can be influenced by all these writers...but you know, I tend to borrow too easily and too obviously, and so now that I have developed my style into my own unique "brand" of writing, I actually avoid reading others so that I don't end up coming off as a "Nora Roberts clone" or whatever...not that I'm interested in her books anyway. =P

Actually, it was the Door in the Dragon's Throat, I know that with certainty.

But that last paragraph of yours made me laugh, only in that it seems so familiar. I used to read like crazy, book after book, and be very quick at it, too (in my house, only my little sister is faster.) But then I read LOTR and the Silmarillion, and played Chrono Trigger, and begain writing. I became paranoid, if that is the right word, of my style being too gravely influenced by reading too many things not in keeping with the way I write, and so, in despite of my parents attempting to get me to read, have read very little in the last two or so years. I read the fifth Harry Potter when it came back a year or two back, but beyond that, I've only now begun reading the Iliad, which I think actually is aiding my style somewhat. But I know precisely what you mean: I'm constantly afraid as coming off as a Tolkien, or worse, typical fantasy, clone (I see myself now and again falling into cliches, and it bothers me immensely.) I think I've got my own writing style now as well (remember that Chrono bit, where Frog says that 'he will turn this curse crossways yet'? I don't think I've ever seen crossways used in that way, but that's the way I do things), but I think my plot writing still leaves some originality to be desired. But, come to think of it, what else can one do with a grand war tale? Tolkien did so well with it, it is hard not to emulate him, especially one for me whose memory is so keen on his work (I still remember the family tree of Finw, even though I never actually tried to memorize it.) I have neither Elves nor Dwarves, at least, only the Nephilim, so perhaps that is something. But anyway, once again, that comment made me laugh for the similarity it displayed.