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Chrono Tarot -- Submission Guidelines
« on: November 26, 2011, 04:25:30 pm »
Welcome to the Chrono Compendium's Tarot-making factory! The current theme of the project is Chrono Trigger, and we're calling all artists, writers and gawkers awesome people on-board. Guidelines are subjected to change based on circumstances, so be prepared.  

Just remember: Be respectful! We're awesome folks at work here, doing extremely clever things that it'd help to have some people around looking impressed (or at least handing respectful criticisms).


The Tarot project will take references from the Rider-Waite deck, which is considered to be a standard, and the development of the cards will be based on the discussion and index decided unanimously. Each card signifies symbolically aesthetic quality and meaning behind the character / item that represents it, and also have a story behind it. As the discussion summarizes each card, it is an artist's job to visualize and craft that meaning into an image on the card.

Feel free to either participate in existing threads or create threads for the card of your choice that hasn't been touched upon, based on the discussed and agreed index. You may post WIP sketches and collaborate with other artists at the same time, but know the responsibility of updating your first posts in time. And because it's a collaborative project, other artists can feel free to poke fellow artists and help improve on their work, either via criticisms, opinions, or simply painting into their canvas with or without permission (or alternatively, drawing on their faces). It's all in good fun!

For artists: There is no restriction on the color palette, save to be true to the original. The art-style itself needs to be on par with the likes of Yuumei, Shilin and Laverinne. Don't worry if you can't, just start on with the best of your abilities; as a team, we'll help you get there. Take this as an opportunity to hone your skills.

But remember: NO STEALING! Be creative, don't be a thief. Just in case you want to protect your work, you may feel free to upload your artworks to either the Compendium database (ask either me or the mods to do so), Flickr, or DeviantArt with a CC license attached -- that way, you only give the Tarot project the ability to use and modify your work.

Guidelines For Submission

1) Title: This should consist of the name of the card in this format -- "Card No. Name of Tarot -- Name of Character"

For example: "II. High Priestess - Schala"

2) Always accompany the first post, first and foremost, with the image and description / attributes (in quotes) of the relevant Rider-Waite Card:
You can find the cards here:
Find the descriptions here:
And the attributes here:

3) Tell a story: When writing the Summary of the card at the beginning, it is important to have a short, poetic story describing the essence of the card and character itself. If you're unable to write the story on your own at the time, just place the tag "Reserved" and our writers will follow up with a story that can help fill the space up.

4) Paint! Paint! Paint! You read that right!  :D As mentioned, the art-style is required to be similar to Yuumei, Shilin and Laverinne.

Make sure to include the actual Arcana into the artwork as a symbolic representation. In the words of Manly Man, "For your example, have something actually with the sun in it, such as Lucca in the pose she makes to cast Flare, only instead of the waves of fire behind her, it's... well, a picture of the sun."

5) Quote: Add in a quote either said by the character / item or attributed towards them.

6) Pat yourself on the back: Congratulations for ascending to Awesome-hood!
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Re: Chrono Tarot -- Submission Guidelines
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2011, 04:26:48 pm »

Tarot Doctors:
Lady Marle

Writers & Poets:

Pencil Addicts:

The Voices:
Mr Bekkler
Manly Man

Forum Index:

Tarot Ideas Discussion Thread -- Discussing the combinations of Tarot, their representations and symbolic meanings.
General Tarot Discussion Thread -- Anything goes regarding Tarot or the project itself.

Trigger -- Card Designs and Templates -- Discuss the possible designs for front and back of the cards.

II. High Priestess - Schala
III. Empress - Queen Leene
VI. Lovers - Crono & Marle
VII. Chariot - Epoch
VIII. Strength - Ayla
X. Wheel of Fortune - Time Gate
XI. Justice - Frog (Masamune & Hero's Medal)
XIII. Death - Lavos
XIV. Temperance - Melchior
XV. Devil - Magus
XVI. Tower - Mammon Machine (Fall of Zeal)
Cups Suit: Page of Cups - Janus

Let us know of any suggestions towards the guidelines.
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