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Arcmyst, the Shadow Emperor


Radical Dreamers itself encompassed a Fantasy / Spiritual / Heist setting, and a pretty well written one too! Horror and uncertainty was a prevalent theme as our thieves infiltrate a haunted mansion for an unstealable treasure, and on their way they encounter Goblins and Monsters of all kinds. And Demons. Lots and lots of Demons!

Two Extra Scenarios, however, deepened the mystery with more questions. One of them (my favorite), where Kid opens the Book of Death, has passages of demon Lilith and Magil referring to the "Shadow Hunters", the "Shadow Realm" where she belonged to, a the "Shadow Emperor". Another scenario, "Kid and the Sunflower", had an event where the Mandora Monster unleashed the devastating Shadow spell called "Phantom Break". She called for "Arcmyst, the Fallen Angel", her King, to bestow upon her demonic, Shadow magic to allow her destroy everything.

Though the scenarios were meant to be different, there was a fascinating link I noticed. What if "The Shadow Emperor" was none other than Arcmyst himself? If so, was he the embodiment and ruler of all spirits and demons? Was he so powerful that, by invoking his name, creatures are capable of wielding destructive magic that can annihilate everything in sight?

I once wrote a passage dedicated to this enigmatic force, trying to explore the depths of his influence in the Chrono Universe. Now, I simply felt like drawing him (it was a fun, quick doodle). Behold! The Emperor of Forever Zero!

P.S.: I was actually inspired by the wretched Duryodhan, from Mahabharat:

Oh he looks sweet! I wouldn't want to pick a fight with him!


--- Quote from: TheMage on November 12, 2011, 12:54:12 pm ---Oh he looks sweet! I wouldn't want to pick a fight with him!
--- End quote ---
You wouldn't need to. If my Fanfic theory could be correct, he basically is the Black Wind!


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