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Quick Lost Sanctum Question


Duke Serkol:
Hey guys, I'm playing the DS Re-release for the first time and just got my winged Epoch.

Now I'd love to go check out the Lost Sanctum, but there's something I'd like to ask first.

I have been told, that at the end of all quests within Lost Sanctum you find statues of three of your party members.
What I'd like to know is, how are the identities of the statues determined?

Is it the three characters that first get to meet the reptites in 65,000,000 BC (or something else done in that time period)?
Is it the ones you use to defeat the boss(es) in front of the room with the statues in 600 AD?
Or perhaps the game keeps some sort of tally of which characters completed the various quests in LS and picks those that contributed most?
Or something completely different?

Also, can I safely grab the treasure chests in the past? Or should I leave them be like in the Northern Ruins sidequest so that I can get them twice (once in 600 AD once in 65,000,000 BC)?
I imagine not, since that's quite the stretch of time for a chest to remain undisturbed, but I figured I'd ask to be on the safe side.

Acacia Sgt:
The statues will be the ones who defeated those two bosses back in 65M BC. That's the deciding factor.

For the chests, yes, go for it. Actually, I don't think there are chests in the same place in both eras anyway.

Duke Serkol:
You mean the last boss pair in 65M BC, the Archaeofangs?

Okay. Thanks for clearing that up!
Onward I go :mrgreen:

Manly Man:
Also, the statues that you fight are actually in the Dimensional Vortices, one for Crono, Marle and Lucca. Crono's is in the present, Marle's is in the Dark Ages, and Lucca's is in the future.

He's talking about the statues that can be found inside the tower that you visit in the last quest, where the Master at Arms is.


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