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On the nature of Spiritual Energy
« on: August 15, 2011, 01:45:22 am »
Hopefully I can introduce a little more life into this section!

Greetings, all. I'll skip the introductory stuff, since this isn't really the place for it, and cut right to the point.

What, exactly, is spiritual energy within the Chrono series?

I was cruisin' through Chrono Trigger, just doing a non-spectacular playthrough with no real objective other than to experience the world of CT once more. During this run, I began using characters I don't conventionally use in my main party (specifically, Robo), and some things he had mentioned piqued my interest. Specifically, whatever sensors he has within him detect something he calls ''spiritual energy''. Now, the idea of spiritual energy isn't exactly new, but it's not very well mentioned within Chrono Trigger. There's a lot more emphasis on things such as time, dreams, magic, planetary energy and ''Lavos energy'', so it's easy for it to slip through one's awareness on a casual run.

But, while obscure, it does appear more than once (and, oddly enough, nearly all mention of it is from Robo.. a machine. I just find this funny), and its appearances always orbit connected and central elements to the plot. I went ahead and grabbed the ''Retranslated'' versions of these quotes. Many props and much appreciation to the whole of that translation project.

Robo: It IS mysterious. I CAN sense spiritual energy from the Grandleon itself

When the party reforges the Masamune (using refined Dreamstone) at Melchior's pad, Robo notes spiritual energy emanating from the blade. I found this pretty interesting, being that the subject of dreams (and the dream species) in the Chrono series has always fascinated me, and that there is something palpable, an energy form that can be detected, comes from a blade made from Dreamstone, inhabited by two Dream beings.

Robo: It IS enormous, ridiculously so! I can measure a mighty spiritual energy.

This occurs when the Black Omen rises from the depths of the sea. The Black Omen is the source of the energy this time. Notably, within the Black Omen is the Mammon Machine, and presumably Lavos' power flows through the structure. In this instance, we potentially have a second link between spiritual energy and Dreamstone. Alternatively, it could be linked to the power of Lavos.

Robo: BUT perhaps if the Sylbird's energy and OUR spiritual energy became one.....

Here, Robo not only suggests that the party merge their individual power with the Epoch/Sylbird to break Lavos' shell, he also implies that he, too, possesses a factor of spiritual energy (''OUR spiritual energy'').

Robo: Energy such as I have never seen! Just as though it has amplified the power of the human spirit to a terrifying extent......!!

Occurs when the party fights against Lavos. While the term spiritual energy may not make an exact appearance (though it does in the US SNES release), I believe the message to be the same. Lavos maintains a staggering amount of spiritual force.

There are other references to ''spirit'' in the game as well, some about ghosts, and others that might be more fitting for this topic. Such as the ''aura-reading'' woman in Zeal making a remark about how the party maintains a peculiar spirit, and that they might use the ''art''. She considers it primitive. An old man in Zeal comments on how the Mammon Machine, filled with Lavos Energy, is ''brimming with spirit''

So, I've come here to see what the great minds of the Compendium think about all of this. While I have some personal theories, I can't quite fully wrap my brain around them just yet. Additionally, I've never played Chrono Cross, so I'm short on information in comparison to many of you folks. I looked through the Compendium for an entry, thread, or article.. but couldn't seem to find one.

Might spiritual energy be the ''hidden'' magic of CT? That is, does it explain the magical effects the characters can create despite not possessing the genetic trait of magic?

Might it be a catalyst for all techs, elemental or not, or the very force of life?

Could it be the power which brings dreams to life? Alternatively, is spiritual energy something Lavos can call his own?

Might it be related to Dreamstone? We are told that the Frozen Flame gave humanity the genetic power of magic. Might it have been Dreamstone which gave humans their spiritual power, or even the psionic/psychic power to Azala?

Just a few things that crossed my head...

But what do you think?

All input greatly appreciated. =)


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Re: On the nature of Spiritual Energy
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2011, 06:27:27 pm »
Hah, interesting! Though the talk of spiritualism and witchcraft may have been done before. Perhaps "Spiritual Energy" may simply be "Magical Energy" in CT, akin to "Power Level" in DBZ and "Spiral Energy" in Gurren Lagann? Regardless of the likeness, I can say this:

If you're aware of the fundamentals of spirits, then you probably know the power behind the Kingdom of Zeal. I talked about witchcraft in Chrono a few years ago, and someone also posted a thread between its likeness to ShintoBuddhism. In which case, the "presence" within the Masamune were, of course, Masa and Mune, which were also Dream Spirits (as I'd like to call them). It's the same case for Doreen. Spirit in the traditional sense is also crucial in the composition of life, while in other religious beliefs greater spiritual energy makes you capable of accomplishing "miracles".

The Dreamstone may be capable of channeling magic, while Lavos' explanation can be almost the same as people having the ability to cast magic. "Unlocking the power from your heart" here also seems to be taken traditional philosophies, which may or may not have also dabbled in spiritualism. Basically "Spirit" can also be considered to be the human emotion of "Zeal", which also incidentally is the Kingdom's name.

Hope this brief explanation is useful in any way!
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