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The Dragon's Tail Octet - Live at the Regiorra Cafe (World Music Remix)

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   The Dragon's Tail is an Octet that Serge got his start with. This is a gig at the Regiorra Cafe, just 2 months after Serge's departure from the band. After Serge's guitar was destroyed in an incident with a couple friends, he did some soul searching and left the band, giving up music altogether for some time. He would later go on to a successful solo nylon guitar career. He was permanently replaced by a sitarist the band had known for some time from one of the gigs they did on a demi-human isle in the El Nido Archipelago; Guldove.
   The band played a fantastic set of their second collection of songs, which was written in large part by Serge himself. Considerable arranging had to be done to Serge's nylon guitar parts to fit the sitar better, but the consensus among long-time fans is generally positive. This gig represents a full-circle for the band, as it was written with the lands in and around Regiorra in mind, as it's an aural representation of the journey from arriving at Gerzbuehle to the 2 day-long trip to the hidden and secretive Staik Lake, a little known retreat favored by Acacia Dragoons and hippie musicians alike.

low quality previews:

1. The Way to Gerzbuehle (Summer Nights) [remix]01be3ef03656a4fcf7e2ac336950e817[/remix]
2. Regionna, Land of Hustle and Bustle (Tempest) [remix]4bad1697693d3f7927da7c77c2caf960[/remix]
3. Regiorra, Remote Tranquility (Astral Luan Solus) [remix]c1b3f7dc3a16d794b0b14402631687a9[/remix]
4. Kitsunekobuka Forest (Heavenly Goddess) [remix]013c7190b8175b4a71233f1ee161cedd[/remix]
5. The Big House and the Setting Sun (Viper Villa) [remix]5122a837b1f3f0aa674a924847d674c7[/remix]
6. Nightfall (Piercing Passion) [remix]4ddc0b552ed64fb1ad054e43e94434ea[/remix]
7. Nightmare (Portal to Hell) [remix]9651b34564d5800d1487094c3061a745[/remix]
8. The Puppet Master (Meeting with Darkness) [remix]5938e5ef3247b081dc5bf16086b36e0e[/remix]
9. Face to Face (Climactic Clash) [remix]1b60d5738b9f633a216e1d44353e1b88[/remix]
10. Morning Dew (Affirmation from Afar) [remix]0a75c6d3e4406455a0e14b40f47b26a5[/remix]
11. Stories and Breakfast in a Woodcutter's Hut (Epilogus) [remix]c03a7b2f77b21e9ba51dc94d2e54cedd[/remix]
12. Staik Lake (Volpecula Silva Parietinae) [remix]31e4f76e4b48992b1fa36374d3f60359[/remix]

master percussionist-tablas
secondary percussionist-brekete, conga, bongo, log drums
bellist: gankokwe, claves, ekpiri
rattlist: metal, ekpiri, axatse

Nice! It totally sounds like an evening in a medieval pub.

Nice!  :D Though it seems you guys may not have mastered the tracks properly yet, and that instrument at the background in most tracks sounds repetitive and boring (sounds like the same pattern in every track). Though I personally LOVED Regiorra and Face to Face.

How about we use that track as Pollon's theme! :D

it's the drone strings of the sitar/surbahar. that or the uilleann drone. you get used to it, pretty much every culture's music has drone instruments in them (indian and celtic being the prime examples). also, the first sentence in your guys' posts is exactly the same  :P youre certainly free to use any of my stuff, as long as I get mention in the credits or w/e.

Oh goddamnit, the link's broken. How did I miss this over the last 5 updates?


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