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Chrono Trigger and the Kingdom of Lud


I have really enjoyed reading and sharing the topics from this web sight.  As an avid Chrono philosophy fan I ran into a blog post that I thought would interest the active community of this web sight.    I all so posted a comment to the author and a linked to here.  I don't want to plagiarize him or steal his view count.  So here is a link to his blog:

I only registered to share this find with the community.  I was shocked to find not many people submitting more Stumble finds. I hope his blog post interests you guys as much as it did me.

On further consideration.  I thought it might be prudent or not to submit a section of the writers work.  Personaly I don't trust links from strangers.  So as not to be blown off as some internet jerk with a strange link.

"The worst example of the Luddite philosophy in Chrono Trigger happens to be in the segment of the game I’m playing through right now (that inspired me to blog about it): the “Antiquity” era. Throughout 12,000 BC, somehow considered antiquity, Lavos and the Earth sleep through an Ice Age while the majestic (and evil) forgotten Kingdom of Zeal floats around the stratosphere (think of it as Atlantis in the air). The citizens of Zeal are such an exaggerated portrait of bourgeoisie elitists, the first time you encounter one of their palaces you discover everyone living inside it is studying the “magic” of sleep, meaning they literally lay in bed around the clock. They’re afforded this lifestyle not due to their own hard work but to two factors: a limitless supply of energy and a massive exploited class of workers. The wonders of Zeal are powered by a device called the Mammon Machine, designed to draw energy from the dormant form of Lavos sleeping Cthulhu-esque beneath the sea. It’s mentioned that ever since Queen Zeal fully endorsed the machine’s creation, a veritable Great Revolution occurred in the Kingdom: the Queen herself becomes “less human….less compassionate,” and dissenters like the Trotsky-esque Sage Melchior are exiled to the aptly named Mountain of Woe to eat each other. Their magical ability also gives the Zealots (heh) the social darwinist justification to enslave their Luddite brothers, the “Earthbound Ones” to slavery and hard labor in conditions that honestly make the Enertron sound kinda awesome. You’d think that these awful, repressive slavers would get some impressive comeuppance from your heroes, right? Well, not really. Lavos does eventually blow up in Zeal’s face and send the whole thing into the sea, but the fall of Zeal completely destroys life for the haves and the have-nots, sending the world into a dark age….EXCEPT of course for Queen Zeal and her closest sycophants, who ride the whole thing out in their secret underwater base and show up later in an airship to torment your party. Let this be a lesson – the super-rich NEVER get what’s coming to them. "  -readingbetweencalls

Mr Bekkler:
That passage you chose is HIGHLY amusing! :-D Thanks for sharing, I'll read away.

Let this be a lesson – the super-rich NEVER get what’s coming to them!

I lol'd I think I shall check this link out!

Boo the Gentleman Caller:
NOOOOO!!! First was it was spammy new threads... Now spam IN the existing threads. NOOOOOOO!!!


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