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Radical Dreamers: Character Profiles

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Do you still remember...? How we first met, and all of our adventures since... It all seems like such a dream nowadays... You were a piece of a star that fell from the sky. Whenever I want to return to those days long gone, I close my eyes and whisper your name into the evening sky...

I thought a lot about what to do for Dream Splash. I thought about a fanfic, or perhaps some sprites, but to be honest I had never played Radical Dreamers until yesterday :D. I know least about RD in the Chrono series so the entry i've created is a bit of art to help me get to know the characters better and hopfully a cute short display for the rest of you!

I'm loving that Lynx sprite, very cool! And I think this marks the very first time anyone's ever done fansprites for Shea and the Siren? This is an occasion to celebrate!  :D

Mr Bekkler:
Really truly, these sprites are where it's at!

A most excellent & accurate sprite collection.

Thanks all! If I had had the time I would have gone full out walking sprites for them all but this will have to do for now  :D


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