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Flute Remakes
« on: July 05, 2011, 09:11:56 am »
During a transfer of some music files between an old hard drive and my laptop several months ago, I rediscovered an old piece of music I'd been working on when I was in the 10th grade in high school. This was... oh... twelve years ago? I arranged the Manoria Cathedral song and Schala's Theme for a flute choir, using Finale to write the sheet music.

In my enthusiasm, I tried desperately to record myself playing all the parts and to put them all together, with only Windows Sound Recorder and a metronome to guide me. I eventually became so flustered with trying to get all the parts to line up perfectly that I gave up. If only I still had the sheet music, I could possibly resurrect it! I recorded each track, and then to get all the tracks together, I had to play the last recorded version in Windows Media Player, play it and then record with Windows Sound Recorder with me playing another track along with the older piece playing in Windows Media Player. If it sounds frustrating/confusing, that's because it was. It was mind-numbingly slow, and I remember how infuriating it became. Days. I spent days recording these tracks over and over again (not including the time it took me to arrange it all and write out the sheet music). But I was so determined at the time! Oh, if only I'd had Audacity at the time it would have been so simple...

I had never intended to share it with other people, and then somehow this track ended up saved in an old folder with the name "Harmony2." I couldn't remember for the life of me what it was, but when I listened to it... Oh man, nostalgia! And now, you can listen to the semi-complete version of it here. I split it into two different files, one for the Manoria Cathedral track and the other for Schala's Theme, as my unfinished flute choir recording left a lot of quiet space in between the two.

Three (maybe four) parts are missing to the Manoria Cathedral theme, and the different parts don't always line up perfectly (I remember spending hours agonizing over adding or taking away half a second, just to try and make it all line up). The intro to Manoria Cathedral sounds incomplete, but I don't remember what I'd had in mind. Also, the middle of the Cathedral song is... strange. Again, I have no memory of what I'd intended to do. Schala's Theme is by far the more complete of the two, lacking one (possibly two) parts.

I don't think I'll ever get around to finishing these since my self-arranged sheet music is MIA, so I'll release them to the community. It was truly a labor of love for beautiful music that had enchanted me. I had never intended to share this at the time, but now, maybe someone will enjoy listening to one of them! Behold, 15-year-old RW's musical work! :)

I couldn't attach the file to this post for some reason (probably the file is too large), so I uploaded it to Rapidshare instead.


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Re: Flute Remakes
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2011, 08:01:16 am »
Even after 15 years they still sound so good! :D

I can really never forget how beautiful the Schala and Manoria music are.