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An Idea for deleting the DS New Game Plus.

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By now, we all hate ourselves for not being able to figure out that the ridiculusly obscure method of deleting saves on SNES involved a second controller. So I'm hoping to take down this problem on the DS before the newgame + spectre remains permanent.

I found you can erase save files by shutting the game off mid-save, but this does not ever delete the new game plus option. Having just beaten the game, I noticed that at the very end, it asks you to save system data, and informs you that old will be overwritten...Followed by that same delay that lets you corrupt and erase your saves.

I just beat the game and do not wish to try this for obvious reasons, But I had an idea: Might shutting off the game during this system file save have the same effect as the save files, and become corrupted, thus deleting the new game + option (and all other system saves?) Since I just beat it im reluctant to try this on my own. So I ask, is anyone out there willing to take the chance and corrupt their saves for the glory of blank-slate Chrono Trigger?

Manly Man:
Perso.ally, I don't know whether or not that would work. Seems plausible, at least. But, consider this: there are only three slots for saving. If you don't want the New Game+ option going, try making a regular new game and saving over the file that unlocked the NG+. You can only do a NG+ if you have a file to start with that has another to reference for all the extra stuff you'd get.

Why, exactly, would you want to remove the option to do a new game plus?

Mr Bekkler:
Maybe for resale?


--- Quote from: Ciphermind on July 03, 2011, 01:15:21 am ---Why, exactly, would you want to remove the option to do a new game plus?

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For knowledge!


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