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[ Charon Colony 5 - Southern Sector ]

<An SSDF dispatch commander talks with the colony defenses, pending an attack from Zeal>

COM. DALAND: There’s been ongoing investigations by the bureau of those damned imperials about to attack this colony.
CORP. JENDEL: But Commander, I don’t get it… Why does Zeal want to attack a Plutonian colony such as this? What’s the worth?
COM. DALAND: Colony 5 has been mining a lot of metanium ore from beneath Charon’s surface. Metanium’s a *very* valuable mineral. It can be forged into the toughest of war machines and defense systems.
CORP. JENDEL: But Zeal already has a magically-affinate technology that outrivals anything in the known Solar System!
COM. DALAND: They lack brute force, other than those pushover Vigo creatures. If Empress Zeal gets her hands on metanium ore, Zeal’s army will destroy us -- magic and strength combined!
COM. DALAND: To think… back when our ancestors waged wars with swords, horses and cannons on Earth many ages ago, Zeal was in the neighboring system to the Solar System… learning how to twist the fabric of reality through magic! They’ve even grasped eternal youth and time travel!
CORP. JENDEL: I know… Though… if Zeal’s been around for thousands of years… I fail to comprehend how they suddenly became a systematic empire only but a few centuries ago. You know… when they suddenly appointed an Empress instead of a Prime Minister.
COM. DALAND: Oh yeah… I think I read something in the libraries about Prime Minister Lunarth. Apparently he yielded power to Zeal’s Empress and now serves as her second in command.

<The colony alarms sound as the SSDF dispatch readies assault.>

COM. DALAND: Men, be prepared to fire! No sorcerous scoundrels will get our ore!

<A single rose falls gracefully before them, followed by a male, but effeminate chuckle. Lunarth, Zeal’s general and Dalton’s younger brother, emerges from the distance with a legion of Zealian soldiers.>

LUNARTH: <He glances around at the assault force before him.> Mmm, yes… The Solar System Defense Force… Always making the most trivial of tasks harder than they need to be. <He adjusts his skin-tight gloves and grins at Daland.> Why forfeit your life over such petty defiance? You only live once, after all. <He lets out another chuckle with his effeminate voice.> Peace and love… that is what truly matters in life, do you not agree?
COM. DALAND: I know not who you are, boy, but I know why you are here. You are in Solar System territory and are ordered to stand down! Failure to comply will result in hostile response.
LUNARTH: Aw… <He grins.> The old man in his tough G.I. Joe outfit thinks he’s all brave. Alright then, I’ll humor you “Pops”… <He turned to his own soldiers.> Blow something up. Just be careful you don’t kill anyone.

<One Zealian soldier steps forth and blasts a fireball at an unmanned SSDF squadship right by the dispatch cluster.>

COM. DALAND: <startled and turns around> Damn it! That was 5.2 million of the taxpayers’ gold! Those things aren’t cheap you know!
LUNARTH: <He shrugged> They have your defiance to thank for that, Pops.
COM. DALAND: <enraged, he balls his fists and turns red in the face> Don’t call me “Pops,” you blissfully-oblivious punk!
LUNARTH: I suppose the SSDF doesn’t look for positive virtues when they promote commanders now, do they? You’re getting all whiney over me simply being here.
COM. DALAND: Paws off our metanium!
LUNARTH: Maybe you should take a few deep breaths so you mind your attitude better around foreigners, hm? Soldiers… restrain them.

<The Zealian soldiers begin to channel a barrier to restrain the military as Lunarth walks into the colony streets as a frightened little boy held a basket of metanium ore. Lunarth smiled gently and knelt down to the boy’s level.>

LUNARTH: <He pat the boy gently on the head and yanked the metanium basket from his grasp.> Thank you young man, always appreciated! <He stood up with a grin and signalled his army to move in.> Scavenge the colony and gather any ore you can find. Hurt no one! If you injure a *single* colonist, you’ll be left behind to face the SSDF justice system!

<The soldiers nodded and began to ransack the colony. Lunarth walked calmly down the street, glancing at the ore in the stolen basket.>
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Re: Chrono Beyond -- A space opera sequel to CT/CC (snippets)
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[Zeal City, Zeal]

<On a mezanine overlooking the astral power generators, Chancellor Lunarth and General Kasmir convene.>

KASMIR: Hmph! Lunarth, the Empress is rather disappointed you did not decimate that colony. You left them completely capable of restocking their metanium ore!
LUNARTH: I said I handled the situation as ordered… Zeal has the metanium ore needed to fortify the city if needed.
KASMIR: Kindness does little in wartime, Chancellor. Maybe you should leave the supplies raiding to me.
LUNARTH: <He smirked mockingly.> If you were to raid the colonies, there wouldn’t be any colonies left for Zeal to control… nor the planets and moons they reside on.
KASMIR: Watch your clever mouth, rat!
LUNARTH: Her Highness has expressed primary interest in capturing Earth. If we control Earth, the SSDF will be stranded without resources.
KASMIR: Hah! Earth! Humans have defiled almost all of it! Why not just blow up the planet?!
LUNARTH: Believe it or not, I’ve been to Earth. There’s still plenty of resources to harvest. It’s not like the Earthians will use it. They destroy everything, after all.
LUNARTH: <A beeping tone emits from his wrist device.> The Empress needs to be taken care of now… <He leaves.>

<The Zealian throne is located at the core of planet Zeal. Here, astral energy circulates to different parts of the planet, as well as encases the Empress in a protective atmosphere. Lunarth makes his way down the catwalk to the throne platform, hovering above a fluxuating abyss of astral energy.>

LUNARTH: Your Highness… <He kneels before her silhouette.>
ZEAL: Get on with it, Lunarth. I’m not here to be worshipped.
LUNARTH: Yes, my Empress…

<As he approaches, the silhouette reveals a blue haired, fair skin woman physically about 16 to 18 years of age. She was dressed in platinum robes with glowing energies pulsating through the lining on it. Small tubes portruded from her arms, torso, and head, hooked into devices around her. Her Empress headdress was on a table by her side.>

LUNARTH: <He brings up a holographic keyboard and screen before him.> Exposure levels seem sufficient…
ZEAL: As usual.
LUNARTH: I just wonder when you’re going to unplug yourself from those machines, Schala.
ZEAL: … In time. I am simply not ready to emerge from this protective cucoon yet.
LUNARTH: The SSDF has a high bounty on your head. I wondered if you would fight them.
ZEAL: I doubt the city will be raided. That would be a death sentence for them…
LUNARTH: I just find it hard to believe… your home planet, the planet that held your loved ones--
ZEAL: That’s just it, Lunarth… It *held* those dearest to me. That was long ago though. I doubt I mean more than a Galactic Medal of Honor to Montcrief. I see him purely as a threat.
LUNARTH: And the Earthians?
ZEAL: Earth’s conquest will seal their fate. They must learn… to understand… Earth is a precious gift… not simply a disposable candy wrapper. Here on Zeal, we have learned not to waste, but to grow and prosper. I want to bring this planet’s success… not only to Earth, but to the past. Sometime… somewhere… the timeline went wrong.
LUNARTH: Schala…
ZEAL: <She smiled and placed her hand on his.> You are my childhood friend, Lunarth. Back before Mother sent you into space to colonize, I remember you’d stand up to Dalton for me… and you’d comfort me in times of peril…
LUNARTH: … and Kasmir?
ZEAL: Kasmir is fiercely loyal to me. It is because of me that he is here today. I appreciate all he’s done for us, even if he won’t admit it.
LUNARTH: Allowing redemption for anybody… True kindness, sweet Empress.
ZEAL: Yes, but unfortunately that is not the case with the Solar system, and this war must be waged despite my hesitation.
LUNARTH: <He dims the lighting.> Sleep well, dearest Schala…

<As he walks out, Zeal closes her eyes and the tubes in her begin glowing in the dimmed darkness, circulating energy through her body for the coming day.>

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Re: Temporal Flux series -- A space opera sequel to CT/CC (snippets)
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With Zeal’s declaration of war on all of spacetime, temporal flux has become blown out of balance. Players will once again venture into their favorite time eras to restore the Earth to it’s original history, while facing the cataclysmic changes left by Zeal in its mission to cleanse the planet of those deemed unworthy to grace history.

[ Dawn of Time ]
In Earth’s primitive state, where life was only microscopic in size, Zeal’s forces have set up to genetically alter life and distort evolution. Will the human race exist, or will the planet one day be overrun by genetically altered mutants?

[ 65,000,000 BC ]
The dawn of mankind, struggling to earn its right to live free of the tyranny of the reptites, now faces a new adversary that has allied with the reptites to purge our ancestors from the planet. It’s stone weapons and bare knuckles against foul reptiles and powerful sorcerers from the future, as you fight the Zealian forces to ensure the Chrono team will be able to liberate the human race from the fear of reptites!

[ 12,000 BC ]
In the golden age of magic, the magic kingdom of Zeal faces an invasion by… itself! With the future Zealian forces and air fleets battling those they once regarded as comrades, does the tyrannical Queen Samele still have a chance to carry out the unfortunate though necessary steps to shape Earth as we know it today? Or will the Zeal kingdom fall prematurely? Will the resurfacing of the Vigo purge earthbound along with them in the snowy tundras below?

[ 1 AD ]
Cedric Guardia has fought long and hard against Porre, who seek to turn his dreams of human unity into dust. With the arrival of Zeal forces, Porre’s army is sure to snuff Cedric out and prevent Guardia’s future kingdom from ever existing. But is Zeal really an ally of Porre, or is Porre simply a puppet they mean to dispose of once they finish the dark deed?

[ 600 AD ]
The kingdom of Guardia’s fate is again under attack by Zealian forces. But now they have an unlikely ally: the very Mystics they warred with. The Fiendlord Magus, leader of the Mystics, knows all too well of Zeal and its sorcery -- past or future regardless. Guardia and Medina have formed a temporary alliance to repel these sorcerous invaders -- but they are outpowered. Will Zenan and Medina become a fiery wasteland?

[ 1005 AD ]
With the kingdom of Guardia crumbled, Porre now holds martial control over all of Zenan. However, the conquerer may just become the conquered as Zeal is once again dispatched and seek to vaporize Porre at the root to ensure its descended leadership of the Solar System Defense Force in the 25th century is crippled for good.

[ 2401 AD ]
In the present day, the Earth and its colonies throughout the Solar System face an ongoing battle with the magically advanced Zeal Empire, located in the neighboring Andromeda System. Precious resources are fought over as the SSDF tries hard to defend their home planet of Earth from the Zealian invaders. Empress Zeal herself has become the primary target for the SSDF, while Prime Minister Montcrief is the primary target for Zeal. The SSDF has been struggling lately against Zeal harder than ever, as Temporal Flux itself has become jeopardized by Zeal’s time travel technology. The SSDF must secure a means of time travel to stop Zeal at key periods in the past, lest Earth’s history is shattered entirely.

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Re: Temporal Flux series -- A space opera sequel to CT/CC (snippets)
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[Martian Colony 12 - Outer chasm]

< The colony lies in flames, utterly destroyed and its denizens killed. A Zealian commander watches the flames roar across the landscape. >

COM. VALCOR: An example has been made here today, my brethren. The moment of Lazoth's freedom draws near...

< The heroes with Crowley run in. Valcor turns to face them. >

COM. VALCOR: What, survivors?! Well now... we'll need to fix that!
CROWLEY: It is you who vaporized this colony? Zeal has much to pay for! I'll see to it that I gut your precious Empress myself!
COM. VALCOR: Ha! Empress Schala? What leads you to believe I did this for her?
CROWLEY: Don't be stupid, you motherless bastard!
COM. VALCOR: If you must know, before I end your worthless lives, I've heard the dark voice of Lazoth - He who slumbers under the Seas of Quartzon! I serve him, not that bitch Zeal...
CROWLEY: Another wretched criminal to dispense justice on... You people are endless...
COM. VALCOR: Ah, but Lazoth is no man, but a god!
CROWLEY: Lavos is destroyed, you imbecile...
COM. VALCOR: I didn't say Lavos... Though the two beings have a common origin.
COM. VALCOR: Enough idle dribble though. I will dispose of you!

< Valcor attempts to attack but is restrained. Empress Zeal had materialized nearby with a telepathic hold on him. >

ZEAL: I've heard enough, traitor.
COM. VALCOR: Your Highness! I took care of the settlement as you have asked!
ZEAL: Shut up. I never gave orders to murder the innocent. That was decision by you alone, Valcor.
ZEAL: You seek to awaken a great evil? My mother did that, believing in the empty promises of Lavos. In the end I paid everything for it! Do you know how painful it is in darkness, slowly being consumed by evil? For over 13,000 years, I suffered what no one deserves to suffer! In the end, however, I matured... If you thought I was the helpless princess I was in the Old Kingdom, you're dead wrong.
COM. VALCOR: Empress...
ZEAL: Valcor, you are relieved of duty and will pay in death!

< Zeal almost executes him but Janus stops her. >

JANUS: Schala... he's not worth it. One does not suffer in death...
ZEAL: ...
JANUS: Don't lower yourself to his level.
COM. VALCOR: Weaklings!
ZEAL: ...
JANUS: You are angry now, but you will regret killing him later if you do.
ZEAL: ... Men, place Valcor under arrest.
JANUS: I'll take this miserable cur.

<Janus leaves with a few guards and Valcor in cuffs. >

CROWLEY: I'm not done with you, Zeal.
ZEAL: ... Thank you, heroes. Because of you, I can take steps to eradicate this new parasite and its followers.
CROWLEY: The SSDF will be doing that. You, however, are under arrest. I'll see to it that you get the death penalty.
ZEAL: Darien Crowley... Your parents were unjustly murdered, so it is understandable you hold me in contempt.
CROWLEY: Don't try to soften your way out of this, vile witch!
ZEAL: I have no excuse for what happened to them... You are right. However, now is not the time to discuss this. Without me, Lazoth will overwhelm you. You've read about Lavos... You will know what we face.
CROWLEY: ... If you give me any reason to believe you've double-crossed me, I will behead you myself.
ZEAL: You have my word. Once Lazoth is dealt with, do with me as you wish.

<Zeal begins to walk away.>

ZEAL: Consider this a truce between Earth and Zeal. I will dispatch forces to help prepare you for the challenge we both face. Remember Crowley, fight with justice, not vengeance...


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Re: Temporal Flux series -- A space opera sequel to CT/CC (snippets)
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ooh very very interesting! I like Lunarth  :D

And i'm interested in Lazoth don don don!

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Re: Temporal Flux series -- A space opera sequel to CT/CC (snippets)
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Before the Flux - 2352 AD:
The polar ice caps on Earth have melted, causing a global flood. The nation of Porre stands as government toward all civilization. Many poorer nations like Guardia are under siege by pirates while Choras acts as the market capital of the world, and the rendezvous point for pirate pacts. In the eastern ocean lies the continent of Medina, vowed to be explored by Toma XXXIX though roamed by the dead in dark, gloomy forests and rumors of a Fiendlady spread...

Temporal Flux - 2401 AD
Mankind has taken to space by now, colonizing throughout the solar system. Charles Montcrief, Prime Minister of Earth, has formed the Solar System Defense Force (SSDF) to protect colonists off-world. Meanwhile, Fiendlady Asteria had since traveled to the Andromeda system planet of Zeal, run by an expedition dispatched by the Old Kingdom in 12001 BC, and has risen to leadership, acting as Empress for the new Zeal Empire. Taking to mind the disaster mankind has caused to Earth, she declares war on Earth's history, vowing to wipe man from existence to save the planet.

Temporal Flux - Darkness Beneath - 2411 AD
Empress Zeal had been defeated, but not destroyed. During her retreat in recovery, a rogue Zealian war dispatch, headed by Captain Valcor, leveled a Martian-based SSDF mining colony. Valcor's treachery was tied to a newly formed cult answering to the whispers of a dark godly being named Lazoth, located on the aquatic planet of Aquilos in the Andromeda system. Empress Zeal declares an indefinite truce with the SSDF while both turn to explore Aquilos. Long before man, the denizens of Aquilos erected a civilization far beyond that of Old Zeal and led by Grand Arbitress Nerth'Yma. The civilization thrived while using the energy from "He Who Sleeps Beneath the Seabed." Lazoth had awakened and vaporized 90% of the Aquilite population, with Nerth'Yma betraying her people to feed on more of its power. The remnants of the Aquilites reside in the Last City, led by Nerth'Yma's estranged prince son, Nep'trok. It is revealed that Lazoth, like Lavos, is a malefic elder god summoned with spatial energies strong enough to open pathways in black holes.

Temporal Flux - Montcrief Mayhem - 2421 AD
With Lazoth and Nerth'Yma defeated, Nep'trok, now Grand Arbiter of Aquilos pledges allegience on behalf of his race to Zeal. Empress Zeal, after heavy involvement in the battle against Lazoth, gladly accepts her new friends and allies, constructing colonies on Aquilos to help Nep'trok rebuild his home. However, Charles Montcrief has stepped down as Earth's leader, appointing his son James as Grand Commander. James establishes the Federation, a ruthless government intent on keeping the rogue Earth colonies in line through fear, and reignites the flames of war with Zeal. Disgusted, former General Darien Crowley, Charles Montcrief's former friend and a veteran of the war with Zeal, leaves to form a rebellion stationed on Pluto. Meanwhile, Empress Zeal herself intervenes to confront James, but is nearly killed by the man's surprising power. Though Crowley holds a grudge with Zeal due to Valcor's annihilation of his family, the rebels seek alliance with Zeal. The Empress agrees, seeking the common goal to overthrow the Montcrief family from tyrannical power. Through countless investigations, it is discovered that James and his sister Melissa Montcrief had found a way to harness Zeal's energy... And they intend to use it no matter what.

Temporal Flux - Zeal A.I. - 2422 AD
With the death of James and Melissa Montcrief, Darien Crowley is elected the Solar System's new leader and quickly disbands the corrupt Federation and ceasing all hostilities with Zeal. However, it isn't long until a formiddable familiar foe emerges. Within the course of days, a cunning new virus sweeps the internet, triggering attacks on technology of both Zeal and the Solar System. It is to Empress Zeal's shock that the virus is supposedly her mother, fallen Zeal Queen Samele. This new Samele virus explains that for the last few months, it had been waiting dormant on every computer system in the galaxy, triggering the galactic-scale bot-net attack when least expected. It is immune to all existing antivirus known and with almost everything digitalized, Samele's A.I. is everywhere and everything. It was discovered the virus built a resistance to Belthasar's captivity and soon broke loose. Belthasar explained that, combined with the Sun Stone, it was possible to reach into the time stream and digitally duplicate a person, and that he had a copy of Queen Samele for research archived on an off-moon space station.