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Hey Chrono community, just popping in to drop off a valuable discovery. Someone in Square-Enix must have been thinking about CT, because Kotaku is reporting that a four piece set of Chrono Trigger figurines recreating classic moments from the game's artwork are currently available on pre-order. Maybe there's renewed interest in the series? One can only hope...

EDIT: Looks like it's actually a five piece set; not sure why the Marle one isn't being sold with the rest. Various vendors may have various supplies, or something thereabouts.

I waaaants them!

I want the one with Lucca repairing Robo the most  :o but they are all so cool! I don't think I would be able to get them in my city, though  :cry:

Kara Kazeneko:
Those have been available on various sites for a while now, but SO NOT FAIR - the one with Marle and Crono is most certainly not being sold anywhere. That sucks so much, because that's one of my favorite scenes that Akira Toriyama did poster art of.

Old news...I just searched "figurines", but w/e, I don't recall if it was ever put up as a news piece or not....


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