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[6000] Chrono Cross sound pack?

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Schala Zeal:
I was wondering if anyone would be able to extract the sound effects from Cross, similar to what was done with CT? I know the PSF sound files can be extracted in some way, but it seems mystifying.

It would be cool to be able to use stuff like menu/battle sounds from Cross, though not limited to those.

Good idea. Moving to the Great To-Do List.

Schala Zeal:
lol I was *wondering* where this disappeared to!

Argh, dan_death actually did this (either mostly or fully) a couple years back. And my inability to remember to archive these things being what it is...

Anyway, a utility called "PSound" should be able to detect the samples. I remember very distinctly that dan_death was able to pull the music track samples, but I can't remember for sure whether all the environmental and in-battle sound effects were easily accessible. Vehek, utunnels, or alfadorredux may have looked into this more than I have by now.

EDIT: Hah, we did save a text file that dan_death made, at least. Looks like a series of file numbers.

Schala Zeal:
*googles rapidly* must...make...project...shiny!!

EDIT: Ok, I have like 1,744 WAVs extracted from the first CD. Unfortunately, even with the best compression format I know, the archive is like.... 83 megs. I might need help.

EDIT 2: I have all 1744 WAVs going on winamp as a playlist and I'm picking out some rather amusing tracks (ambience, as well as a chipmunk-pitched clip of Starstealing Girl (o.o ?))


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