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[1000] Successfully rip "To Faraway Times" in PSF



That's our current PSF rip. To Faraway Times/The Outskirts of Time is broken for whatever reason; good info's hard to come by. Just rip this track successfully, and we'll put it in the archive and keep on marching!

I've been investigating the music format of the PS1 version lately. Mainly documenting instruments, with some (very little) trying to figure out the note data. But not seeing the right data in the expected place for this track made me look into it.
The sequence data for To Far Away Times/Outskirts Times is far bigger than the other tracks.
The ripper failed to copy all the data, so it glitches whenever it tries to play from a missing portion.
Additionally, to fit all its data, its sequence data is placed at an earlier spot of memory than other tracks in regular gameplay (the extras music selection always uses this earlier spot). I haven't found the origin point for the toggle to read sequence data from this spot instead of the normal position. I think there are a bunch of things in memory past the regular position for the data that would overwrite the music data if it goes that far.

I don't know yet whether I can make a minipsf to integrate with the existing collection, or if it'll have to be a separate PSF file, possibly with some nasty hacks to force it to start reading data from the right place.
There are also some unused variants on To Far Away times in the music data that I'm looking into, some of which behave differently when placed at the regular memory address.

Also, while they've never been listed here as missing, I could also rip the variants from the extras music player (i.e. full-length Chrono Trigger theme and Frog's Theme with intro).

While I already made a separate PSF with hacked code, I'd prefer to do better or see if it's possible to do that and make it a minipsf before posting it. For now, here's a minipsf of one of the versions of the track (might not be the one used in-game), still glitched, but not as much. Place it with the other files in the set to listen.

I can go ahead and update the Music pages with this in the meantime. Makes me wonder why Square had to compromise this way.


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